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  1. No, i can't... i've got an error: ~"Cannot connect ot the session" or smthng like this. Well, that's a bug then, not a problem with the matchmaking itself.
  2. You can just invite your friends to join you via steam... Then they'll join the social tavern, and then you can invite them to your party.
  3. A crafting system already won the influence vote, so they'll probably implement something like this :)
  4. Dmg range is higher than trigger range, that's one reason to be able to pop it.
  5. The V-sync setting often doesn't apply properly. Have you tried restarting the game a couple times after disabling V-sync? :P
  6. This discussion was made for the Pets and Dragons update (Before rerolling stats was possible) :)
  7. I don't think the requirements need to come down that far, but there are costume accessories that have multiple unlocks and you can't get the next stages until you've unlocked the first. If I can't even get half way to the first one when I max out my character, that's A LOT of grinding needed to get the next one or two in line. We only get six characters and I doubt anybody is going to want to stick with a character for an additional 60+ hours just for an accessory. Some people already have them, so there are definitely some people willing to grind as much as needed right now... So my point is, we're simply going to need more accessories, or maybe we're going to have to only nerf some of them, so that all types of players are going to be able to unlock accessories with the amount of grinding they're willing to do. If we nerfed all of them, there'd be nothing to accomplish for the hardcore players, and if nothing's nerfed (or if no new accessories with low requirements are added), there'll be nothing for the not as hardcore players to unlock... There needs to be some for everyone, so i don't think nerfing all of it is the right solution, although i do agree that only having these accessories that are extremely hard to get is a problem that needs to be solved, which i'm sure it will soon :)
  8. Having more slos will make it possible to create better builds and make it easier to experiment with more different builds. Lots of people are ocmplaining about the hero deck, so it's probably getting changed for solo play. If that gets increased, or maybe if the hero deck becomes unlimited or something (For solo games only), being able to purchase slots would be a huge advantage.
  9. I am not saying lower the rarity, just lower the xp requirements By rare i mean hard to get/high xp requirements, sorry for the misunderstanding... Well in about 20 hrs of game play and not getting one level on any item, I think the xp needs to be lowered a little bit The thing is, the soution won't be lowering the xp requirements. If that was done, there would need to be added more items with the high requirements, because there needs to be accessories that are really hard to get. Otherwise, what would the hardcore grinding players do, if everything was accessable by less than 20 hours of gameplay?
  10. I am not saying lower the rarity, just lower the xp requirements By rare i mean hard to get/high xp requirements, sorry for the misunderstanding...
  11. Legendaries drop like 4 times each game, that's waaay too much. If ubers would drop as loot, it would have to be like one uber per 3 games at least...
  12. No , it wouldnt. Im sure they will expand the free slots and its likely that they will have an option for purchasing extra slots If you have more slots, you have the ability of creating more combos and have better builds. If you can buy this for real money, it would be pay to win... Especially if they do something about the hero deck (At least for solo games), which i'm guessing they at some point will, having extra slots will give a really big advantage...
  13. They're probably not adding the ability of buying hero slots, especially not for premium currency, as that would be pay2win. Also, they've said hat they're going to add more characters in the game at some point. With more characters, more hero slots will probably be added as well... The only problem about that is, that with more heroes, we'd just need even more slots than 8 in order to get and builder and a DPS of each hero...
  14. I don't really see a reason for having an afk timer, especially if you're playing solo, and it's really annoying that you can't go afk in a solo game, so my suggestion is that there's no afk timer in private games, or at least that there's no afk timer in private games only with one player in it.
  15. Some accessories are supposed to be really really rare, and i think that some should stay that way. They probably just need to make some mythical (upgradable) accessories that level up quicker as well, so there both are very rare but also easily upgradable accessories.
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