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  1. https://dungeondefenders.com/2/blog/135051/series-ev2-lands-may-19th-new-trailer Right down the bottom of that blog post is this. Some say there are Legendary canisters that have unique firing patterns and effects... So I suppose that implies that there must be at least some different-ish legendary EV weapons at the very least... I've yet to find any however. As Lazerus mentioned, I don't believe that there are specific 'special' weapons for the two (Harb/Betsy drops and the like).
  2. bgoodsell, your intentions were pure, and your efforts admirable. However, despite your most valiant effort to thwart my schemes you (understandably) overlooked one key variable... Myself and DD1's most map breaking, world exploring glitch-o-naught have been reunited, meaning that mere walls are not going to stop us! ;) Having a lot of fun with EV so far! Also, can I just give a a huge shout-out to whoever brought back EV's goggles! Love it!  DaS out!
  3. If there is one thing I enjoy more than playing games... It's breaking them. More specifically trying to find ways to get out of bounds. There is just something really exciting about getting up close an personal with the parts of the level you aren't supposed to... I'm fairly confident that more than half of my time playing the original dungeon defenders was escaping and exploring the maps. And while 100x harder in DD2, I've been having a blast exploring the outer reaches! The detail in even the most out of the way areas is pretty incredible and definitely makes the whole thing worth it. So k
  4. Interesting. My team and I just did this an hour back on wave six, and instead of a dark boss it spawned all four of the dark heroes at once. Could you record it and post a link? Well... this is certainly a new development...
  5. With a bit of time and patience, Getty_ here posted a video here a little while ago about how to do it (see the quote below). Be mindful that it is just the background scenery, so not everything is solid (especially not the uphill part of the path to the house)... but all the rock formations do appear to be, so you should be able to jump on the them to get fairly close (if not inside) the house! I've only gotten over once, and managed to fall off the right hand side rock formations... before I got there, so no promises ;) This is as close as I've gotten
  6. You can already get behind the gate to go and explore the building in the background ;)
  7. Haha, you just beat me too it! I've also been looking at the map... I'm more convinced that the house in the map refers to the one you can see behind the giant gate... Tilting the map seems to align with the actual geography of the map... Not that it seems to hint at anything seemingly useful...  However, in watching the dev stream again... near the end, you see whoever was playing jump onto the giant skeleton hands... The streamers seemed fairly concerned about that given the "Did you just...?" response... Don't know how that fits in with anything we've been told thus far though... Althou
  8. Let the spawn in animation completely finish... I thought this may have been a code at first too... but then when I left the hero deck screen open for a bit longer it happened every time, regardless of the hero EDIT: I take that back... waiting for the animation to end does not seem to affect it... However, there doesn't appear to be a discernible pattern to it... I'll look into this further EDIT AGAIN: Thought that perhaps the noise indicated some form of binary encoded message. But as far as I can tell it's not. Squire seems to make the noise every time, the others do it more or less rando
  9. I have no idea if this is relevant or not... but if you swap heroes while standing in the shrine (and make sure the spawn-in animation finishes), when you exit out of the hero deck, screen a magical sound will play. At first I just assumed that the shrine made that noise when you gained it's holy aura... but after taking several heroes without the aura into the shrine, none of them caused the noise to occur... it only happened when swapping heroes... Probably nothing though... Haven't tried swapping between the 4 heroes inside the shrine on wave 6, but I'm doubtful that would do anything...
  10. Hmm... So I though perhaps this may have something to do with the undead heroes... I attempted to have all 4 alive at once, but that is very near impossible as far as I'm concerned. Even though you can spawn them during the build phase if you happen to open the chest just before the round ends (and can lure them away from the sub-objectives so that they don't destroy them during the next round), they still despawn when all regular enemies are killed after the next round. So since there is only 2 chests max per wave, this is purely down to luck to pull this off (you would need to get two luck
  11. Have you tried not stepping on the sparkle to see if it sticks around?
  12. Ok, so now I'm intrigued... I wonder what this could be? Perhaps it's linked to all the Halloween titles that nobody seems to know how to unlock yet? (as seen in this forum post)
  13. One does not simply speak the name the Old One's most loyal and dark servant... Employ great caution in her presence ye brave-hearted adventurers, whilst thou mighteth seem harmless, do not let such a feeble forme deceive you. She shall incite her harbored vengeance for thou treachery against the Old One when thou least expects it.
  14. No exciting places on the ramparts? I think not!
  15. Well... I can honestly say that upgraded towers never occurred to me ;) Much tea was consumed!
  16. Success! 2/3 areas in dragonfall bazaar explored... time to figure out how to get to the tea room! Ahh this brings me back to the days of exploring the outer areas of DD1... EDIT: Aww... couldn't figure it out... but fear not... I shall have my tea, and drink it too!
  17. Ok... so I am dropping everything that I was previously planning to do to go and do this right now...
  18. I like this... I like this a lot! :D
  19. Thanks Maverik! :) Even though we didn't technically quite resolve anything in this topic, in my eyes I'm just glad that we could bring this to a peaceful conclusion. When speaking of the spark reigniting, I was more referring to myself. My passion for the subject at hand was beginning to bring out the worst in me, so I really appreciate it! ...well in any case, I can now walk away from this conversation feeling that I've done the best I could to state my opinion. :)
  20. I understand that you're giving reasons as to why Playverse should remain, but as soon as he brought up counter-points to those reasons, the discussion changed from addressing the critical points to addressing his name. I'll agree that that was stepping over the line on my part, it was just a little thing that I found amusing at the time (best kept to myself clearly). I certainly never intended for it to become the crux of the conversation. His concerns remain on the table, and the reason his views will not change are simply because no one is making the effort to change them. That is a ve
  21. I don't think Unforgiven mentioned anything about Lord_DaS stating something as hackproof. Instead, he mentioned that simply forcing Always Online is not hackproofing, as in the act of protecting something from the potential to be hacked. His actual point of debate is that the reason for Playverse's existence is to reduce hacking, but mentions the lack of anti-cheat in order to support this notion. This entire conversation seems less like a debate, and more like Lord_DaS and EagleOne deliberately taunting Unforgiven. The comment about Unforgiven's name was obviously off-topic and solely used
  22. I never said 'hack proof', ;) Nothing is ever 'hack proof'... but putting any element of a service into the hands of the consumer will allow for far more of it to occur... :cruiser:
  23. The one thing that basically every dungeon defenders players asked for was the ability to play in an environment where hackers were not abundant. Trendy responded in the only way possible, spent who knows how much to please us in that request, and you want to slam them for that? Have thou eventh seen the possibilities of playverse? Integrate browser game streaming technologies is a pretty massive thing! Even your precious steam can't do that! (I'll point you here, it's a pretty awesome example of how playverse can let you play an entire game of dungeon defenders quality within the comfort of
  24. EDIT *I can't read properly* *awkwardly slides into the background trying to avoid eye contact with the other people in the room*
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