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  1. pfffffffff I bet there is a better set of godlys somewhere lol
  2. @Plane quote: Strongly against. Guardians are already some of the most OP pets in the game, and removing the cap on # of towers boosted would be completely game breaking. Anyone who already uses guardians in end-game probably already realizes this and would be against the change, so I think it's basically not going to happen. Yes but who uses them? Me. They don't stack with buff beams, but they double your LT dps on top of a buff beam, so they massively increase your tower DPS compared to a buff beam alone. They make most maps a lot easier, plus they stack with tower boost. I can't tell you how brokenly good they would be if you could get an unlimited # of towers boosted . . . Moon NMHC surv would be a joke. Well, every map would . . . EDIT: Just to explain how it works: Remote Defense Boost, Tower Buff Beam, and Guardians all use the same kind of boost. None of them stack; if more than one is affecting a tower, the game uses whichever boost is highest. The boost from guardians is by far the highest you can get, so they will always override the other two. If you have a huntress and app guardian on a LT, each with a boost value of 40, you get the equivalent of a buff beam with 40000000 in rate and 40000000 in damage. This is about equal to a remote defense boost stat of 300000. Obviously none of those stats are remotely possible, so in practice no matter how good your buff beam is, you're going to get about twice as much LT damage from using guardians. Example: 136,232 dps - LT 479,931 dps - LT with remote defense boost (7.4k) 555,072 dps - LT with tower boost (7.4k) 567,757 dps - LT with buff (6.2k dmg 3.3k rate) 1,136,223 dps - LT with guardians (40 boost huntress+app) 2,313,307 dps - LT with buff + tower boost 4,629,498 dps - LT with guardians + tower boost Thanks for the run down. A question. What is LT? Could you do a DPS rank for no DLC and say 1200 stats? If uncapping is too crazy, how about 10 towers? I'd just be happy being able to look 90 degrees up and down
  3. Strongly against. Guardians are already some of the most OP pets in the game, and removing the cap on # of towers boosted would be completely game breaking. Anyone who already uses guardians in end-game probably already realizes this and would be against the change, so I think it's basically not going to happen. Yes but who uses them? Everyone with DLC uses EV buff beams, and you can't use the 2 together. Tower cap is 5, not much compared to what a few buff beams can do. Also have to remember there are a lot of DD owners with NO DLC, whats buffing 5 towers going to help on NM? I'm assuming the new maps everyone gets even if they don't have any DLC?? If so can they be beat on NM with the original 4 toons? Just like to see more variety. It's just cats, chickens, seahorses, covering about 90% of the pets one sees when playing end game. Be nice to see some variety, and give those without the DLC something to help with NM. Also can only get 1 tower upgrade every 10 levels, so it's rare you can ever get like 30 tower boost out of it. Then the range, walk across the map to upgrade or repair or get loot and there goes the boost for that group of towers. I agree the pet boost is strong, but limits on those pets I think limits them end game, and if you have the summoner and EV then they are typically shelved. Maybe increase the cap to 15 instead?
  4. My apologies if the following have been implemented already. I think it would be nice if toons could 1. look up 90 degrees 2. look down 90 degrees 3. carry enough mana at lvl 100 to do two 3-star upgrades Also It would be nice if the Guardian pets had the cap removed for # of towers they could buff, and the range. I think the boost amount is fine as is. Cheers
  5. Darn it, missed another one...........sigh........... This working overseas thing in the Govi is really interfering with the DD events ;(
  6. A few more things to add to the list, that I think would be an improvement to the game. 1. Boss Rush - can we just hit G to skip thru the timer or too difficult? 2. Be able to look up and down 90 degrees instead of 45. 3. Lvl 100 toons able to carry 2440 mana in maps so can do 2, 3-star upgrades in one go. 4. Uncap hero pets # tower boost limits or something to make them more appealing. All I got for now. Great job so far, thanks for all the hard work!! Cheers
  7. I have mentioned before, but I feel like reiterating again. 1. for lvl 100 toons up mana to 2440 for two 3-star upgrades 2. make toons able to look 90 degrees up and down 3. remove # of towers to buff limit on hero guardian familiars, and perhaps range also
  8. Thanks CDT nicely done so far!!! As for things I would really like to see 1. Ability to point/aim up/down 90 degrees 2. lvl 100 toons have 2440 mana for two 3 star upgrades 3. Remove tower limit cap on guardian pets. That 5 tower limit really makes those pets limited
  9. One question, since I forgot to test. Can toons look and shoot straight up and straight down 90 degrees??
  10. I never got any guardians in the beta yet, however, Has the 5 tower limit been removed? I think if this is done, it might make these pets a viable alternative over a buff beam. The ones you get at low level and start game typically don't have enough upgrades usually to get even 4 towers so it shouldn't make intro/low end OP. And I find 5 towers end game just doesn't cut the mustard. Dislikes / Things that would be nice to see done/fixed if possible -lvl 100 not having enough mana to do two 3-star upgrades (2440 mana) -guardian pets 5 tower cap grrrr arggg -having HC checked for easy, med, hard, for intro maps spawns lvl 70 pets (probably a bug) Likes Most of the changes so far, as some others mentioned gas trap diameter a bit small, etc. Other Would be really awesome if there was a way to upgrade gear in trial mode, be able to reset, test before accepting. I know you can export to ranked, but it's a bit of a pain, especially when you want to try about 4 different ways to upgrade 1 piece of equipment. Cheers
  11. I mentioned this a few months ago. I ran survivals on easy/med/hard first 5 maps survivals and with Hardcore on pets were spawning at lvl 70, but with lvl 14-20 stats. With Hardcore disabled it was way more "normal". (didn't try this out on the beta yet)
  12. I have a question. When a golden enemy is spawned, since it is pretty buffed compared to a regular enemy, when defeated, can it drop a slightly buffed item?? Like say 15% better than average stats?? Or No negative values? Or is it just run of the mill item? If so would it be difficult and/or would the CDT consider adding a multiplier to items dropped from Golden enemies?? Maybe add the word "Golden" to the begging of the item name to give it that uniqueness or something?
  13. Holy Wow!!! Now that is a long list of changes/improvements/fixes!! Awesome job. So same as always - opt in to beta testing through steam? edit : steam - library - DD - properties - betas - community beta branch
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