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  1. Okay so the incursions are just a flavor of a chaos level?
  2. So I've only been able to play intermittently lately. I get quests to do an incursion, but its locked. Do i have to complete the campaign (again) for it to unlock or unlock prior trial levels or what? I've played for a while now and am not new, but this happened in a semi recent update and i haven't figured out yet what to do to unlock it.
  3. I'd say both are necessary. I've pretty much left the game until they fix these kinds of things. There's no way a new player could manage in the current game economy. I tried. With enough effort and medal grinding maybe. But thats not fun. Which is kind of the point here. The game is stingy with its rewards and that doesn't make for a fun experience.
  4. I hate to do this but im a jerk so...i bought 4 chaos 3 packs with medals and got 1 deadly strikes. Of course i got 3 of that crappy jackpot shard. Wtf is that not disabled? They could make it where every tenth kill you get a bag of 100 gold and it still wouldnt help...
  5. New gamemodes should be optional additions at the moment. They have to make the core gameplay fun first before adding more gamemodes. Another thing I wanted to add was reworking the bosses we currently have in the game. My main concern about the bosses we have right now is that they don't care about their other lanes. Both bosses just attack the core, making the fight a power check without any real tactic. The old base game DD1 bosses had weaknesses we could use (Lightning rods, balistas) and they all never attacked the crystal. Their goal was to help their minions to kill the crystal by destroying defenses or killing the player. Completely agree. That hits the nail on the head. In fact the only boss we have akin to dd1 is betsy. Harbringer doesnt count...that was a wildly uncreative fight. Even the lava boss in dd2 was more engaging.
  6. I was actually thinking of a new game mode: Coliseum where we would fight new or modified bosses. Maybe every few seconds we get 100 DU to build something, but the boss would target the player. The player would be building both to kill the boss but also to give him more targets. You could even orient this for groups in a tag team fashion maybe. Let 2 people at a time take on the boss. Then you just round robin until the boss dies or everyone on the team is dead. The big change here is that the boss's main goal is to kill the player, not some crystal. This might add a kind of urgency back to the game. I just want more fights like the dragon from DD1 or the demon in dd1 where you had to activate the lightning rods to kill. Right now we play to grind shards and relics. It's a grindfest. The latest patch allows you to buy the new shards outright, which is nice, but then that even takes away the grind. Truly the game isn't very fun. But I still keep playing. I'm not sure why.
  7. I miss the big boss battles from dd1 like the demon you had to zap with the 4 lightning nodes and the dragon in the final stage where you had to run around and launch the catapults. I loved the incursion in dd2 with the fire demon you have to hit with the catapult and then burn down while harmed. Are there plans to add more of these types of encounters in the foreseeable future (next month or two)? I'm sure these can't be easy to make but they really add some flavor to the game.
  8. Will you say what part, if any, ascension level plays in the odds of a shard dropping? I'm just wondering because a shard like Deadly Strikes is sooooo rare that the lowest Ascension level I've read of someone getting it is 70. Also on that note, are shards like this intentionally made more rare than other shards in the same pool? If so, are you guys happy with the average drop chance for this shard? Honestly, it seems the grind to get "the" shards is set at an extreme level...one that far surpasses fun and lands soundly in "chore" territory.
  9. My thought on stacking shards is that you treat each shard as the same based on name and # of upgrades. Shift right clicking a shard stack would bring up the regular upgrade dialogue and if you add lvls to it, the UI takes one off the stack. I'm sure adding about 6 new sort options would be easier technically speaking....but those were my thoughts. Regarding the Fissures....man they need to rework that somehow. Or maybe transition to a mechanic more like the Mystics where you get powerups as you destroy mobs. As it is currently, it doesnt make the Lavamancer as a class terribly inviting for multiplayer games. But i really do love the class.
  10. This past week, as the title suggests, I wanted to level up my newly acquired classes, learn how they work, and also get a feel for the progression--from level pacing to loot. To give the reader some background, I’ve got about 200+ hours logged on DD2 and have been reasonably active on the forums. I wouldn’t call myself a veteran, but I’m no novice either. That said, I’ve only beaten chaos 2 using the upgrade NM4 gear, which equates to Chaos 4 level drops from the spreadsheets I’ve seen that detail the drop rate limits per each chaos tier. Some may simply right off everything I have to say at this point and that’s fine. I’m actually writing this as feedback to players in general as well as Trendy. This will be a long post. I’ve tried to format it so it’s not a wall of text, but it’s still quite long. You can skip to the end where I bullet the key points but I wanted to present my experience as I felt it. My piecemeal revelations happened bit by bit. My goal here is simply to try and be as objective as I can while leveling my new characters and honestly answer for myself the many presumptions I had already made based on several chaos playthroughs. I mixed up the classes to learn them as I played through the campaign, but would often use an entire stage to learn a classes defenses. In my latter games, I used defenses from all of these classes except the Dryad. I’ll explain why that was later. So...without further adieu, let’s be on with it. I began my saga by playing the Lavamancer. I didn’t expect to stick to this class too long. He gets a ton of flak on the forums and I can’t recall the last match I played where someone played this class. To my astonishment … holy ***. His Molten Core ability, even at lvl 1 was wiping mobs left and right. I accidently punched the Submerge button and found that I could move faster than any of my chaos level character even with the speed shard. Oh wait, I heal too? Wait...why is this class getting so much flak on the forums, I thought to myself. Slowly I learned how his resources work. You have to have a Fissure of Embermount...and more than one if you want to keep his ability power up. A lavamancer joining a midgame match where most DU is already spent can pretty much contribute nothing. As I played this class I found out that the fissures actually do pretty nice damage when relic’d and sharded, just like most defenses. And I found out that the Molten Core ability can be rehit if you go find it. Strangely, it took many levels for me to realize this. I never used the Harden/Inflame ability because the F6 description didn’t really shed much light on it. Only after reading the wiki (after completing my playthrough) did I realize this actually aids defenses. Over the course of 50 levels, I used the Fissure and Maw of Earth Drake a lot. The latter seemed to scale quite well with Totems, much better than the Mystic’s Viper’s Fangs. As I began playing the Abyss Lord, I found I really enjoyed the class, but my favorite part of the AL is the Colossus. I actually put two of these down on my first stage despite his high DU cost...I mean it’s a freaking colossus. This guy is going to be bad ass, so why not? As the stage progressed, I noticed the Crystal Cart was getting hit. Wait what? I had covered all 3 lanes. 2 Colossuses and 1 Maw of Earth. That’s when I learned something that the game never told me about. I can only have 1 instance of a Colossus. Same with a Volcano. Same with the Obelisk. The game never informed me of this. In any way. I didn’t lose the match or come close to it because I just pulled out my AL and ate some souls. Thankfully, core health while leveling in the campaign is nothing like core health in Chaos. Still, this was my first surprise of many things Dungeon Defenders 2 fails to inform the players about. It’s probably obvious at this point I was pretty ignorant about these classes. And while I had played many matches seeing them, it showed me that I really didn’t have any real clue of their capabilities. My first forays with the Mystic were...confusing. The ability power wasn’t like others and it started half full. I found early that Dark Torment does a crap ton of damage. All #3 abilities do, but this one was really nice because it had no long animation. It does pretty great damage and I was free to move. I found the Lavamancer’s Eruption to have a similar experience. Call to Madness was pretty fantastic. Make the monsters fight each other? That sounds like fun. The thing that struck me most about this class is how slow gaining favor was. I found that, in the early levels, I had to devote a good portion of defenses and the first wave to max out my ability bar. But once I did...I found she crit’d and crit’d A LOT. I was doing what felt like a vast amount of damage and it felt quite good. I also got a speed boost that made things truly fun. I felt the embrace of a powerful entity and felt like I could slay anything in my path. And so I did. In sincerity it tooks many levels to learn this classes defenses and perks. I found that Viper’s Fangs did not scale as well with DH, but bubbled mobs and that bit of CC helped greatly. I found that Snaking Sands is probably the best trap in the game as many on the forums had stated repeatedly. It shocked that of the kills my defenses had, these always had a remarkably high number given that they slow and stun too. For most of the game, I used Viper’s Fangs quite often. Only after hitting level 50 and giving my huntress (NM4 gear removed and replaced with on level gear) and her PD tower a new shot did I realize that the little difficulty I had leveling would have been immensely mitigated by her PD tower. Which brings me to my next surprise. Flyers. It’s something we take for granted, but flyer lanes are introduced...not at all. They just show up. No warning. No fanfare. Just all of a sudden, hey things are flying now. Wtf? A sewer gate’s being attacked! OMG get over there! Something kill the bloody damn birds!! Of the classes in my deck, there was only 1 or 2 towers that would handle flyers with any hope of success. The Mysitc’s Sand Viper became my go to for this. But SV against a group of flyer’s? Well overkill is the strategy I used and embraced with SV’s. I have some screen shots that show the hilarity of my overkill, which may add some humor here. The stage where I encountered flyers was probably just the second one to do so. It was also here that I was experimenting with the AL. I used Ramsters. I used Archers. I used Skeletal Orcs. Ramsters were just okay. I was careful to Relic all defenses as I gained more powerful relics. Archers. Well, honestly? I found them useless. I was hoping for them to be my bread and butter against flyers, but they just never seemed to work out for me in that manner. I was putting 2 sets down to guard the sewer gates, but that never seemed enough despite their rather amazing range. Ultimately, I burned flyer’s down myself with the Mystic’s right click ability. It was only after getting to level 50 and bringing the Huntress back into the fold that I used her PDT for this purpose and many others. Honestly, I’ll use a PDT over a Ramster any day (save for where you can’t in chaos). Now...the Dryad. I confess I didn’t give her the time necessary. I have much better relics and gear now, though, I have kept her gear up. That said, the stage I devoted to her was Dragonfall Sewers. It...did not go well. The Harpy seemed like she should rock. Instead she just died. A lot. I didn’t use Hornets much at this time. The trees did block mobs...but were always badly injured by the end of a single wave no matter how much I had upgraded them. I’m going to give the dryad another shot, but this class is clearly a support class. That does no good at all in single player games. Sure she has corrupt form, but you can’t use it long and while her corrupt form starfall seemed to do fantastic aoe damage, I could never use it long as I think it shares the cool down for Starfall, which is maddening because this forces you to wait a good while after getting your power bar filled before going corrupt and using corrupt starfall to its full extent. This class simply was not fun for me. So...I never used it again after this. That covers my experience with these new classes on the whole. As for leveling, I found the pace was magnificent! I never lost a stage so by the time I beat Harbringer, I was level 49. Most new users will likely lose at least once and that should ensure they hit 50 by Harbringer. Loot progression. I was sure the system was borked. I’ve complained on the forums about the campaign to Hard to Chaos gear gap. What I found was instead...it’s not. Gear acquisition from 1 to 50 is simply amazing. It’s like the world new what I needed and gave it to me. Rarely did I get a new piece of gear that wasn’t an upgrade. And when I did, that was debatable because I only favored gear with AP. Ideally, I want HP and AP gear, but knowing how well ability power scales post Trials update, I knew this would be my most needed stat. And once I got into Hard difficulty, I found the upgrades kept coming. Not as fast, but reasonable. I began to level my gear and sure enough new gear would drop. The stats of the new gear would be roughly on par or a little lower than what I had upgraded, but the new piece had upgrade levels too. I also found that the vendors in the tavern have really good upgrades. I bought several pieces of gear and several relics. I might have spent about 300K in gold and that would have been unrealistic for a new player as the gold acquisition is just not at that level. I used Defender Medals to upgrade gear, relics, and shards. I began with about 7K DM and have around 3K now. Yea, but did you beat chaos? You’re probably asking. I admit, I was intimidated to give this a try. I know my other heroes can handle it, but...I just wasn’t sure. So I tried. It took me 4 tries, but I beat chaos 1. That win was a mercy because the bosses that came were never a siege roller. I consistently got to wave 3 on each try, though. A double siege roller did me in. I just didn’t have the dps to burn down 1.4 million hp. No with any quickness at least. I won’t say this is definitive and means everything is fine here because it will take me quite a bit of time to work through chaos 1 to get to chaos 2’s gear. I know my heroes need to be stronger and have greater dps than the 20K I am roughly averaging. Still my first chaos 1 win gifted me a Piercing Shot shard. That will help my huntress. Speaking of shards, I will say that after going through the whole campaign, I have gotten every standard shard there is. The pool of shards in standard is very small. Giving me a standard shard for my hard won chaos 1 win was...really disappointing. It’s not like I didn’t know that would happen. I’ve beaten chaos 1 many times, but having done the work for new characters this time I found it truly disheartening. Also after going through the campaign, finding any shard even when equipping to a relic or gear piece is more work than necessary. Shards should stack. At the least, they should have an alphabetical sort. Making them all distinct isn’t realistic, I know, so I won’t ask for that. So thus ends my really long post. If you read this far, thank you for your time. I just wanted to give back to the community my experience as it has tempered many of my assumptions. Oh and I also found that the DU limits were reasonable. Sure, I ALWAYS wanted more DU, but found I had enough to get the job done. As promised here are the bullet points to summarize my experience. I also realize that this is still alpha. More work is being done, but I hope a fresh perspective might help: Cases where a defense can only be built once, but can be moved need to be pointed out. Making the Lavamancer's character abilities dependent on Fissures of Emberment, which costs DU is...limiting. I never played this class pre Trials so I don’t know if this is a new change, but there is a real issue that the character simply can’t be used when joining a group match and that’s disappointing. I do wonder, can any Lavamancer in a match use the pick ups generated by the FE? Introduce the players to flyers. Also, note what defenses can attack flyers. There’s simply no indication of this at all. Explain the loot system. Honestly, this works so well that it doesn’t warrant further explaining until the very late levels of the campaign or, perhaps, even chaos. But users still need to be informed. There are several defenses that the training dummies don’t adequately allow for testing such as Obelisk. I honestly think that each class when they’re released needs their own training stage where the abilities are reviewed and any synergies between them highlighted. This will lead to informed players and better experiences. Yep. Gold acquisition is borked. You know this. Please make it as useful as Dungeon Medals are. Right now the ratios between the two are not in the same ball park of parity. The gear gap from campaign/hard to Chaos I is right where it needs to be. That’s better than I thought. I can speak to the gap between chaos I to chaos II. On stages where new lanes can appear, there is no animation lane for the newly opened lane. You just have to see it on the map. There should be a warning to the player after a wave if a new lane was opened. I think there is a warning that happens after the gate is destroyed, but I’ll be a little too occupied to read that then. I realize the Shard system is new and probably not in its final form, but the player is never informed about them. They just start dropping. If I have gear or relic with Shards equipped and replace said item, the shards should automatically transfer. If there are more shards in the present item than the item that is taking its place, slot from the top down and put the remaining one(s) directly in inventory...do not leave it in the item. Shards should stack... Favor relic types I use over those that I do not use. I get plenty of mythical/legendary 3 slot Orbs and Marks. I don't have a single defense that uses a Mark and maybe just one that uses an Orb.
  11. Does fissure of emberment count as a trap or is it affected by the emp?
  12. I can appreciate what you wrote and the thought that went into it. That said, removing DU is just not feasible. Technical issues aside the devs couldnt balance encounters if there was no DU limit. I mean why wouldn't i the cover the whole stage with fire auras, flame throwers, sinking sands, fissures, and blockades. And tuning the game to where instead of fighting im running around uograding even more than now just doesn't seem entertaining. And, honestly, the DU isnt an issue until chaos. I know because i just went through the whole game on normal and hard. The current limits are challenging, but not unreasonable. Chaos is a different animal altogether.
  13. I went ahead and bought the remaining unowned classes. I went through the whole campaign and got them to 50, needing to repeat a stage only once to get the total xp needed. I'm thinking/planning/writting a post about my experience. Short version: the loot system is actually pretty damn good. I think the issue is just the gap in the max attainable loot values pre-chaos compared to chaos.
  14. So I'm a husband and father and work full time. Not unusual by any stretch. I also love this game and just haven't had much time to spend. I'm only ascension lvl 15 atm. I will finally have time to play as my wife and girl go out of town a trip. Im looking forward to it and will likely splurge just to buy the clesses i dont yet own: dryad, mystic, abyss lord, and lava mancer. I'm thinking about just taking this crew through the campaign and lvling them while learning how they play. Still, the grind to get all the mandatory shards that i know awaits me at the end is annoying. While the update solved the builder/dpser issue, it did not help the RNG aspect. It feels like chopping off an arm only to make us work to earn it back. So i guess I'm just imploring Trendy to do something here about the range and other mandatory shards for progression. If you dont want us having them until chaos3+ then lock it out of chaos 1 and chaos 2. But for playersto grind so long for only one or two? Thats sounding less and less fun to me. Guess I'll just see what happens.
  15. let me guess, you got between 50mil to 100mil from the update? If you're not at zero right now, without any nm4 legendaries or new update items. you CAN'T possibly judge how difficulty it is for players without those update free gifts. you just can't understand. you get 25 medals from each win, an item what? 100-300 medals to upgrade? what about farming for new characters? This type of farm is unhealthy for new players... How is farming in a farming game unhealthy for players? Also, lol at ignoring dailies and weekly quests in your medals. 25 per win is actually a lot. That's an item every eight wins. Already halving the cost compared to gold. As for characters... Either you need to upgrade your gear, or you save for heroes. Doing both shouldn't even be hard, as long as you aren't immediately fully upgrading every piece of gear you get your hands on. You get like 2,875 medals a week on average currently. Not including actually completing maps. This can go as low as 2,350 or as high as 3,400. Unless I'm forgetting the ranges for Dailies. Pretty sure it's 250-400, though. And you'll still be gaining gold, so you can even use gold every now and then for upgrades. Pretty sure the strategy a lot of players had been using is just upgrading to like 20, though, because the way the loot works. Basically, if you're complaining about not being able to upgrade, why are you even thinking about new heroes? Because that will just be more gear to upgrade. Because the very nature of chaos mandates the use of a variety of heroes. A certain amount of farming is fine but this lvl is nuts. It just is. Gold is dropped at 1 or 2 per mob when its dropped at all. You can go through the entire campaign on repeat until you lvl 1 to 50 and i would be shocked if you max upgrade even 5 pieces of 30 upgrade armor let alone shards and relics. At this rate, the game will kill off new player after new player. And the only thing you can do to get gold faster is 1 shard that only goes on one armor slot and only gives a 10% of quadrupling gold drop....so thats about 8 gold when that triggers. Its just a fact...the update has helped but introduced serious hurdles to the game. And the dailies are no where near enough medals to compensate.
  16. You'd need to find a way this wouldn't get abused. Friends could carrry the game then leave for solo. and friends can carry the game in multi so it's not a solution really Thats why you'd have a badge for solo and multiplay. And, really, any system there is will eventually get abused. There's only so much you can do really. But it's just a thought.
  17. I think thats the perfrct solution. The idea of the system itself isnt bad. How can this ever be called a "perfect" solution. I guarantee you now that this would lead to a vast majority of players having 1 dump char in the deck that just has as high ipwr as possible. Having 1 deck slot for a "loot pusher" is as far from perfect as having only 1 hero in the deck. This would solve nothing, just make it a little more comfortable to optimize loot --> Having 1 hero slot reserved for the max loot dude instead of after building removing all heroes but this guy Then they need to revamp the gold accrual rate by like 2000%. Seriously, how long will it take a newb to get 1 million gold? And that will upgrade....what...about 3 things? There are 5 gear slots and 4 relic slots. So 36 slots for a whole deck to max out just to get a tiny incremental update. No...thats not fun. Theres no feeling of becoming empowered here. Its a 5th circle of hell grind. If thats really what Trendy wanted, then working as intended. But i some how doubt that. I got 6 million gold from the update. I still have 2.4 million left over. But a new lvl 50 xould never, ever progress like us older players have. The one thing a new lvl 50 has going for them is that they likely have a whole pile of shards already by the time they get to Trials.
  18. You know the solution here is to grant players 2 badges. One for single, one for multi. The badge would indicate the highest diffuclty the player has beaten in single and multi. These wont even get awarded until they've beaten the campaign. Snd presto, instant player evaluation. But we'd need to be reasonable....a player with a chaos 1 badge joining a chaos 2 game is not unreasonable.
  19. I think thats the perfrct solution. The idea of the system itself isnt bad. Its that you have to gear up sooo many slots and max out upgrade all of them in a system that has absolutely no realistic support to do that via gold. And no, using medals isnt the answer. You gove us a good and hard cap on how fast we can get those and most users will want to buy the new classes first with them. If gems or dlc ever actually went on sale this might be different but if your response to new players is use medals to upgrade, you hard block their gameplay progression either through this loot system or by the rather high pay wall of a game still in early access. I love this game. I think you guys are great. I'm not trying to be negative or just talk smack here. This is just my sincere feedback.
  20. This is irksome because i follow both isom and trendy on twitter, check their feeds several times a day, and still missed this. Please tell the TrendyEnt account unpin 4 day old tweets....the timeline for that accounts tweets are always really crazy with 3 to 5 old ones then the newer ones.
  21. Yes,SAS was removed and the points you would have gotten from that are now solely coming from gear and relics, which have been rebalanced to handle this. Additionally, i think each class now starts with a base set of attribute vales that all your gear adds to. I believe the base values may very depending on your class.
  22. Honestly, i think a huge help for gameplay would be adding icons of bosses on the minimap that actually represent what boss is there and also have them be the top most mob icon displayed. Sometimes you get 3 bosses on the stage and it's rather important to prioritize which one you go after first. The black question marks are hard to see much of the time when you have a hundred plus mobs running around.
  23. I think thats an awesome idea. I don't have enough shards to do that but it seems reasonable to me.
  24. I'm also loving ice spike. It seems to hit siege rollers quite hard. And thats without shard to buff it. If i got the 40% dmg shard and the increased resource shard....i could freeze down almost any boss quite fast chaos 2 or under. Haven't attempted chaos 3 yet though i think I'm geared for it.
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