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  1. I'll try to keep this simple. I own every DD game CG has made. My thoughts on them swing wildly and I felt DDA was a pretty big disappointment in it's current state. With that said, and after buying DD:GR weeks ago, I finally gave it a try really not expecting much. To my shock, this might be the best DD game since DD1. It's an extremely well done Rogue Lite. With that said, I have one main suggestion: Communicate stat/skill/ability changes to the player in the spells screen. After I've collected a dozen runes, I'm not sure how much a +10% Attack rune helps. Is this value calculated from
  2. Okay so the incursions are just a flavor of a chaos level?
  3. So I've only been able to play intermittently lately. I get quests to do an incursion, but its locked. Do i have to complete the campaign (again) for it to unlock or unlock prior trial levels or what? I've played for a while now and am not new, but this happened in a semi recent update and i haven't figured out yet what to do to unlock it.
  4. I'd say both are necessary. I've pretty much left the game until they fix these kinds of things. There's no way a new player could manage in the current game economy. I tried. With enough effort and medal grinding maybe. But thats not fun. Which is kind of the point here. The game is stingy with its rewards and that doesn't make for a fun experience.
  5. I hate to do this but im a jerk so...i bought 4 chaos 3 packs with medals and got 1 deadly strikes. Of course i got 3 of that crappy jackpot shard. Wtf is that not disabled? They could make it where every tenth kill you get a bag of 100 gold and it still wouldnt help...
  6. New gamemodes should be optional additions at the moment. They have to make the core gameplay fun first before adding more gamemodes. Another thing I wanted to add was reworking the bosses we currently have in the game. My main concern about the bosses we have right now is that they don't care about their other lanes. Both bosses just attack the core, making the fight a power check without any real tactic. The old base game DD1 bosses had weaknesses we could use (Lightning rods, balistas) and they all never attacked the crystal. Their goal was to help their minions to kill the crystal by dest
  7. I was actually thinking of a new game mode: Coliseum where we would fight new or modified bosses. Maybe every few seconds we get 100 DU to build something, but the boss would target the player. The player would be building both to kill the boss but also to give him more targets. You could even orient this for groups in a tag team fashion maybe. Let 2 people at a time take on the boss. Then you just round robin until the boss dies or everyone on the team is dead. The big change here is that the boss's main goal is to kill the player, not some crystal. This might add a kind of urgency back to th
  8. I miss the big boss battles from dd1 like the demon you had to zap with the 4 lightning nodes and the dragon in the final stage where you had to run around and launch the catapults. I loved the incursion in dd2 with the fire demon you have to hit with the catapult and then burn down while harmed. Are there plans to add more of these types of encounters in the foreseeable future (next month or two)? I'm sure these can't be easy to make but they really add some flavor to the game.
  9. Will you say what part, if any, ascension level plays in the odds of a shard dropping? I'm just wondering because a shard like Deadly Strikes is sooooo rare that the lowest Ascension level I've read of someone getting it is 70. Also on that note, are shards like this intentionally made more rare than other shards in the same pool? If so, are you guys happy with the average drop chance for this shard? Honestly, it seems the grind to get "the" shards is set at an extreme level...one that far surpasses fun and lands soundly in "chore" territory.
  10. My thought on stacking shards is that you treat each shard as the same based on name and # of upgrades. Shift right clicking a shard stack would bring up the regular upgrade dialogue and if you add lvls to it, the UI takes one off the stack. I'm sure adding about 6 new sort options would be easier technically speaking....but those were my thoughts. Regarding the Fissures....man they need to rework that somehow. Or maybe transition to a mechanic more like the Mystics where you get powerups as you destroy mobs. As it is currently, it doesnt make the Lavamancer as a class terribly inviting for
  11. This past week, as the title suggests, I wanted to level up my newly acquired classes, learn how they work, and also get a feel for the progression--from level pacing to loot. To give the reader some background, I’ve got about 200+ hours logged on DD2 and have been reasonably active on the forums. I wouldn’t call myself a veteran, but I’m no novice either. That said, I’ve only beaten chaos 2 using the upgrade NM4 gear, which equates to Chaos 4 level drops from the spreadsheets I’ve seen that detail the drop rate limits per each chaos tier. Some may simply right off everything I have to say a
  12. Does fissure of emberment count as a trap or is it affected by the emp?
  13. I can appreciate what you wrote and the thought that went into it. That said, removing DU is just not feasible. Technical issues aside the devs couldnt balance encounters if there was no DU limit. I mean why wouldn't i the cover the whole stage with fire auras, flame throwers, sinking sands, fissures, and blockades. And tuning the game to where instead of fighting im running around uograding even more than now just doesn't seem entertaining. And, honestly, the DU isnt an issue until chaos. I know because i just went through the whole game on normal and hard. The current limits are challenging,
  14. I went ahead and bought the remaining unowned classes. I went through the whole campaign and got them to 50, needing to repeat a stage only once to get the total xp needed. I'm thinking/planning/writting a post about my experience. Short version: the loot system is actually pretty damn good. I think the issue is just the gap in the max attainable loot values pre-chaos compared to chaos.
  15. So I'm a husband and father and work full time. Not unusual by any stretch. I also love this game and just haven't had much time to spend. I'm only ascension lvl 15 atm. I will finally have time to play as my wife and girl go out of town a trip. Im looking forward to it and will likely splurge just to buy the clesses i dont yet own: dryad, mystic, abyss lord, and lava mancer. I'm thinking about just taking this crew through the campaign and lvling them while learning how they play. Still, the grind to get all the mandatory shards that i know awaits me at the end is annoying. While the update
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