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  1. Steam workshop now supports mod authors All I have to say is GET ONBOARD TRENDY.
  2. I was blindsided by a nasty illness this past few days and I've been laid up in bed, but I've managed to get back on my feet (haphazardly), unfortunately I've fallen behind my intended schedule because of this, so I will be pushing into May, because I want everything to be solid when I push this out the door. But, expect a teaser trailer soon.
  3. Hard work will pay for itself, I believe. Anyway, I just had a thought, that maybe you guys might like to plan a layout for the third Crystal Zone, which will be in the mines. If anyone is interested I'll post a PSD file for making maps with a color chart for doing the height data.
  4. A overview over Zone 2. Hard to see the second crystal location from this spot but the little huts in the distance.. (In case anyone is curious, there's about 700 tree's on this map, hand placed, no paint tool. Wonderful thing about the UDK, it instances models so it only uses up a couple draw calls for mesh and materials. Also as far as ranked is concerned, it isn't the goal, never was.
  5. So just a little peek at what I've been doing this week. This is one part of Crystal Zone 2.
  6. Questions and Answers? So in light of some frustration with how the dialogue between developers and gamers is usually a bit bumpy, I wanted to open this WIP thread into something a bit more in depth. I know a lot of you have some questions about what I'm working with on this project, and I'd like to answer them! So if you've got a question about this map, or even about just working with the DD-DK, ask away and I'll be happy to share what I know. To get things started, I'll answer some things I can think of right off the top of my head, in no particular order: What's this map going to
  7. IamIsom -I am truly sorry that we treated you that way. You worked damn hard on your maps, and you still remain one of the most talented map creators in our community. For that to have happened to you is truly disheartening. The above is as good as it gets I'm afraid. I don't know what story they tell at Trendy about MC3, but all I can say is it wasn't conducted fairly, at all. Honestly, I've moved on to other things. Also when I responded to Isom, I asked in return for the dev team to just give you guys a simple answer. I got a simple " it's been passed on to the team", and that was.. a
  8. I didn't even look to see how old it was. Lol.
  9. Well.. good luck. I hate to say you're leaving too soon, from my perspective, my last map isn't out yet and It'll be the good bye bang anyone could hope for. Anyway, thanks for being apart of, and making this games community what it is. Best wishes to you on what ever adventures lay ahead for you.
  10. Nexus


    Welcome to the PC side, Percueus.
  11. If it ends up not being worth the wait, I'll be surprised myself. There's just nothing quite like what I'm working on, and I'm trying not to brag, honest. My project would literally be it's own DLC, as far as any file size and amount of custom made content is concerned so far. Which is why, I've requested Isom, if there's some time, to spotlight it when it's done. I'm shooting for the end of this month, sans some technical things(special scripting functionality), if I can't get that by then, but will include it in a update afterwords, if its even necessary.
  12. "The vigilant defenders here shall not be claimed by the void as long as I've anything to say about it!" - Master Chaplain of the Valley This place will both be a boon and a curse, if death should find you on the field, when you awaken, you'll find yourself at the Heroes Temple. Side note : I've gotten a hold of a couple instruments and I'll be recording custom music to include into this project.
  13. So.. Crystal Area #1. This is a editor screen shot so some things aren't showing properly (crystal n such.) Moving right a long.
  14. Time for another screen shot update. I got around to making a new sky finally, except this one doesn't work on the boring spherical skyboxes everyone is used to seeing in DD. I did a couple things a bit different to get you this amazing looking sky. Also, I did tweak the lighting around to better suit the new sky. There will be a night time version, as per all my maps, after I get it all put together.
  15. First Two answers : http://store.steampowered.com/app/302270/ http://store.steampowered.com/app/236110/ They have moved on. And that's the reason. Last I heard, they no longer employ the only person who was qualified to make updates to the Dungeon Defenders version of the UDK (which is a 2010 March build I believe.) Therefore, anything they do is on the latest engine version, which requires less changes to the code for any performance improvements or adding new content, which from what I've heard, is overly complicated for Dungeon Defenders 1. That being said, they made a big mistake
  16. So just a little numbers update. I just hit 120 custom meshes for this map. Which is a milestone for custom content.. I recall Palantir being somewhere in this range of models when the first map contest came around. With that being said, I have 80 or more custom meshes to make still to complete the map to it's entirety. And on that note, this is going to be the biggest piece of content for Dungeon Defenders since the last DLC. I got a book off the internet that should be here next week that focuses solely on UScript so I can optimize and make more efficient code for the whole of the maps
  17. Look, I understand wanting Trendy to keep good on their word and getting the content you wanted, the fact everyone has outright said they would pay for it should be more than enough incentive. This whole thread is one big petition to get content. But, Trendy isn't listening, and I'm not going to apologize for saying so. Now if everyone feels so inclined to keep posting their desire to see goonbase added to ranked, to each their own. Just don't do it with any illusions that the dev's are listening. Because as far as we know they aren't. I didn't say don't ask questions, don't keep try
  18. Then Beggars can't be choosers, because the chance of Trendy suddenly giving a damn about DD1 is 0.00001%. Because they have DDE and DD2 to work with to generate revenue, DD1 is old news. Moonbase, any chances of getting it on ranked died a long time ago, and they don't care enough to even say so, or say otherwise. The fact that all of you even want that map, I find to be distasteful, but I have my own reasons for that. Now, I'm putting a lot of work into my map, as I have every map I've made for DD. I'm making everying brand new, from scratch, and adding custom coding on top of that. You
  19. Well I'm developing a big big map. Consider donations to map authors, since Trendy doesn't care about money or anything. (Would help me out a lot. but wait till you have something to play first, yeah?)
  20. The Portal Hub - "Up on a solitary hill.. the only way to get in is by portal"
  21. http://www.nexusmods.com/dungeondefenders/? You can find it there when I put it up. Where you'll find most of my old work for DD as well, I am known as Nightshade on the Nexus Mods site, mostly because I joined it way back in 2003.
  22. The way this is setup I am going to try and have it worked out so that it can be played consistently without having to return to the normal tavern, since there is a tavern ON the map. Unfortunately at this moment in time however, I have a notebooks worth of scripting to do to make it work like that. Each crystal area will be independant, meaning if you're in one area to defend a crystal, the other crystal zones will be deactivated. I need to figure out the best way to detect if a wave is in progress and combine it with some trigger volumes and kismet to keep everything nice and tidy. Pr
  23. If this : "" is a player. Then this is the map: //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  24. Nothing so nefarious. But one thing has to do with another. Keep a blind eye turned to the oncoming train and you're sure to get run over. You can't keep sweeping the "dirt"(players) under the rug before someone takes notice. And you can't keep stacking skeletons in the closet (ignored content) before they start having a bone to pick.
  25. You're looking at it. This is the realm of the hold outs for Dungeon Defenders 1.
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