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  1. The nice thing about the UDK is is practically point and click. Drag and drop, though is what it really is. Content browser has an amazing search bar at the top and mostly all the developer textures are named to the function that they serve. So wall textures typically have "wall" in their naming, and stone and Wood etc. So just be specific when doing a search inside the content browser, there is a check box list so you can filter down what you're looking for. And the same goes for meshes (models) as well, once you find it in the browser, all you need to do is drag and drop it into the le
  2. Getting to a fully finished level takes some time, depending on how elaborate you make your level, and how intuitive you are with the process. I can help you all get started but finishing is up to you. It took a couple months the first level I ever made in the UDK, and it was not small by any scale.  This is a small video of my first project (4 months-ish of time, with some set backs) By no means should you want to make something this big on your first try unless you really like a challenge.
  3. You need to make sure you click on "CSG ADD", which is on the ~left~ side of the view port (after you've shaped your red bsp brush), underneath the brush geometric shapes. After that you need to push "Build Geometry for level"(top of the editor window, right next to a light bulb icon) . This makes your brush setup into a solid BSP surface. If you've placed some static meshes down and fall through them, you need to create a blocking volume (on the left of the view port there is a transparent cube, right click this and select "Blocking Volume" when you've shaped your brush to the space you ne
  4. Well that didn't seem to productive, but I'll stream again tomorrow at the same time. If you do make it, bring questions so I don't just ramble on about this or that.
  5. My Twitch Channel will go live @ 4 PM Pacific Daylight time today and Tomorrow and I'll stream for about an hour or two to give people time to stop in and ask any questions.
  6. If anyone is interested, I can do a live stream over twitch this weekend and do some active Q&A about creating a level in Dungeon Defenders. I can help you cover the kismet, level layout, materials, lighting, smart model placement, Blocking Volumes and BSP usage and AI pathing. I'll link my Twitch page here tomorrow and/or sunday on the times I start streaming.
  7. Few more mountains for your viewing pleasure.
  8. So I take back that they weren't listening, by the way. But I'm perplexed why they couldn't make any statement here on their own forums, since it is possibly pertinent to this very thread.
  9. So as a small modder I wanted to touch back on this topic because I've seen a lot of rage and confusion about the small fiasco that happened with this situation. First and foremost I want to say to a degree that video games are a very intricate art form, and the modding of them is the passion that art inspires people who have experienced it, and want to contribute. You can say in a way that allowing, enabling a player base to mod a game is like a painter creating a painting, and then saying to people at the gallery he displays it at "everyone pick up a sticky note and leave your mark, and
  10. Looking good. Wish I could be showing off my trailer today but, few things aren't quite ready yet, alas. Soon though. Soon.
  11. Make sure you have extrude selected on the geometry edit. and don't click on the corner points, just the face (all four corner points create a face, also known as a polygon. You only want to be in the top down view for making things line up. It's easier to work in the perspective view for doing extrusions and what not. I like the Unreal Engine because it uses standard WADS for moving around in the viewport, so long as you're holding the right mouse button down. Yes I think Gmax lets you export in ASE, it should at least, and that's all you need for creating static objects (walls, f
  12. Just reset your builder block by clicking on the shape selection on the side bar (Square, Cylinder, Cone, Stairs etc). Once you've got it back to a normal thing, you can right click on those shapes to set a specific size and dimension for your builder brush, and if that doesn't fit what you're doing, in order to stretch(used Extrude!) the block from the face, all you need to do is click in the empty space of the face that you want to stretch (with geometry edit toggled on) and then use the directional widget to pull it into the direction you want it to go. You can't rotate the builder bru
  13. Yes, it works better mostly with 3DS Max, the format for static meshes is .ASE and for Skeletal Meshes it's .FBX. There are some plugins for Maya around I think that help port to and from into the UDK environment specifically. I don't use Maya so much, I think the UI is a bit clunky compared to 3DS Max, but to each their own. If you can get max (Students can get all Autodesk software for free) or have Maya, you'll be set for anything you'll ever need to do. But as I mentioned, Blender is also a great free alternative with as many good resources for learning.
  14. Did you start a new level or open the DD_LevelTemplate? You need to base all of your levels off of this one or nothing will work. So open that map then immediately save it as your new project name.
  15. You can ignore that error but there is a setting in world properties (up on the top of the editor under EDIT - go to world properties and type kill-z in the search) and you'll want to set this to -3000 or -10000. Kill Z means if/when something falls off the map it will destroy that actor so it doesn't fall infinitely through the void.
  16. Good find. I'll make note of this for some new models I'm making.
  17. 1.) Green wireframe cube is a volume of one particular kind. You can select it and hit F4 and it will bring up a properties window and tell you which kind it is at the top of that new window. 2.) Notepad actors are blank actors that sometimes are used to either A.) hold pertinent level data (so if you see them on the level template around the camera actors with a [P] about them, that is a level data actor and should just be left alone, it is safe to move them around if you need to but don't change them. and B.) Notepad actors are or can be used as location markers for monster spawns, as y
  18. I have plenty of working knowledge of DD and the UDK as well. So if anyone has questions, do feel free to ask.
  19. We thank all of you for your support and look forward to your feedback. You might see our faces around here a bit more in the coming weeks, with some nifty news relating to the original Dungeon Defenders. Nifty news. I like nifty news. I wonder what it could be.
  20. The first thing you need to know is that DD1, doesn't support custom models for weapons / armor / characters. They will only work in the level that you add them to. That being said, what you'll need to do, if you're not put off by the afforementioned fact, is learn what a Skeletal mesh is, (dynamic model : Characters, Weapons, anything that has an animation typically) Secondly, you can't create custom models in the UDK, not exactly anyway. You could technically use the BSP brush to create a weapon model, but this does not make it a skeletal mesh and you would need a program like 3DS Max
  21. I also updated the main post with some WIP screens, it has a nice "before and after" set to it. Just want to thank everyone for being patient with me to. I've been making all of my own assets and sometimes it takes a bit to get everything just how I want it to be. Going to try to have a trailer out by Friday, maybe saturday.
  22. Number for DD2 is likely to go up a bit from the sale this week. Not a lot, but a bit.
  23. Well from what I read, they singled out a particular and very prominent modder (Chesko) and pretty much railroaded his work all on the account of some small package someone else made. It's not that no one wants to be able to make money on their modding work, I know I do, and I think it's a great way to support the creative community. But they need to make the terms more clear cut about what can or can't be used for paid content, obviously Chesko should've been more diligent about it, it's his own fault for not checking with the other author before publishing his work. Copyright is seriou
  24. Sure DD1 might seem dead but supporting modders might bring it some life. I still see people on twitch now and then playing DD1. Sure it might be more DLC, but I don't see what's wrong with that, content (done well) is still content. But I digress. Trendy has done it for their other games already so no need wasting time fixing DD1 up to support it (ranked rotation of community supported content made by modders.) I was actually hoping they would've done this a long time ago, but it was just another wayside idea at the time. Glad to see Bethesda appreciates their modding community in su
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