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  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aladdin You're not missing anything if you know a bit about Aladdin. Hence the maps themed around Genie's and magic lamps and has magic carpets.
  2. Pray that total conversions are getting a look into. If they are, the sky is the limit, so long as you learn your way around Unreal Script.
  3. Not as complicated as it might seem actually. The only reason Open doesn't universally accept custom models is how the game accesses packages, which is uniquely case by case. Weapons / armor / accessories are all added to a master list. This might be addressed at a later time by the community, and more unique character customization might just yet come.
  4. Well the hope has always been to get people to enjoy Open as much as ranked but there is the taboo about cheating in open and that's a rant I have that can go on for days. But to keep it short, Open is the same game. Despite the really cool and good maps and events run by the community, it has a rift about how it is viewed, and even played on. Events really brought people into open over anything else and the event team(s) gets major kudos for that still. Regardless though, Open is still mostly viewed as that, a place for events and a place for power-gaming. I've always played on open, a
  5. There is a thread here https://www.dungeondefenders.com/1/topic/119573/community-development-testing-and-feedback But of course people are free to post WIP threads and such of maps they've got, even ask for ideas if they so chose.
  6. I made Mystywind Falls in a months time roughly, it's a small map and even has a boss. if I can do it, I believe anyone can, just takes some effort is all. So when I get the updated level template out, which will be next week some time, it should be an even easier process to accomplish. One of the things Trendy typically required (but never actually said it) of the first place maps in their contests was that they create their own content, (models, textures etc.) which was unfair, because it wasn't ever listed in their contest rules, they just slapped it down come judging time. From a
  7. I'd like to just say that prior to the DLC the original DD campaign had a decent arc of gear to difficulty ratio. Then DLC happened and that kind of shot everything into "Ideally, Best stats on your gear, switch out multiple classes to place defenses, or you lose." Which is still a feature I'm not so terribly fond of. Now all the changes to come, any that can actually be made will be done so with a great deal of consideration and done with moderation, inlcuding "How much time should it take someone to get X Y or Z gear?" Some people sink hundreds of hours into MMO's every month just
  8. I have a pretty good reason to simply say, No. While map contests are great and they really encourage a person or a team to push the envelope and create really good and unique maps, I honestly think tagging this as a contest is not a good idea. I would be more in favor for a monthly Highlight of community content rather than cramming "Contest" down the pipe because that brings up some potentially unwanted attention, like rewards for participating in the contest. Which again, I might be all for but I wouldn't expect a lot of support out of Trendy's pocket on that, they might be able to supp
  9. And Taniel Music was someone else right? I appended the list with Daniel Snd's maps. And if anyone else has others, with author approval, i will also add these into the list, that are currently on the workshop. And if anyone plays one of the maps listed and has some constructive feed back, ( Find a spot where monsters get stuck? Really love the light scheme, but it seems broken somewhere? Too easy for certain difficulties?) things like this fall into "constructive" or "Helpful".. do feel free to post it here, or if the authors are in fact on the forums, send it to them in PM too, it ma
  10. I do some stuff inside mudbox, like setting up paint layers for more complex models so I can just port into PS and do what I need to do with the layers to get them textured. Some sculpting with mudbox to, if it really calls for it, also I do use Zbrush, but not for DD, the engine isn't really Hi-poly optimized (doesn't utilize GPU fully for things like tessellation ) so keeping things low poly, it's just easier to work with. I can get the same effects just utilizing the material editor and tweaking textures and some of the models with half the work. Instead of trying to bake down hi-poly to
  11. Good to know! I suspect we'll see a thread or changes to this one that will include potential fixes for the future, to accommodate what couldn't be gotten to.
  12. The event maps were good but are those Author's still active? It's hard to want to possibly add that content without their permission. Which is why this list isn't longer, as there are some other maps up there from past competitions and works in progress that would be good additions too. Just can't consider them to be additional ranked candidates for the future without their authors or the source map files.
  13. So at some point there will be some or a lot of new community made content, and I think it would be good if everyone could have a decent chance at having their stuff played and then be able to have good constructive feedback provided. My experience with getting feedback is typically a frustrating process, and I truly don't want anyone to have to experience the same, or the worst, no feedback at all. Putting this up here, everyone whose played the game knows what they did or didn't like about certain levels and it will not be any different for community made content. Speaking from experience.
  14. I don't feel they will let down everyone's wait. They're putting it to a beta, which is a very intelligent move so that it can be widely tested and refined down to a perfect final polish that will age well for the games lifetime to come. They've already got a good impression of how far to not take it, as DDE taught them plenty in that regard no doubt, yeah? So I think maybe during the next couple weeks I think it'd be great to come up with some reasonable points / requests about what everyone is hoping to see that ~only~ the dev's working on this patch for us all will be able to do in the
  15. You use the spacebar when hovering over the spots you want to create a point and then once you have the shape you want, hit "apply" in the geometry edit window.
  16. Quality of Life fix : Fix the some of the shaders so that people running three monitors don't see triple "Black outline", and in some instances Triple draw calls on static meshes, which has this weird 3D-esque look, but no 3D effect.
  17. If you go into "Pen Mode" for edit geometry, and then go into the "Left View" (or Front / Right) you can draw your own brush shape just use the grid snap to do your points and draw a half-triangle, and voila you'll have a ramp-shaped brush to make ramp blocking volumes with. Just find the Forge Archetype in content browser, which have the naming of the following : "Forge Archetype : Atlantis, Lobby Level, Secret Stash, MossArch, StoneArch, WoodArch, SkyForgeArch, ForgeArch" Pick one and place it in your level and delete the one that previously existed. You can't have two Forges on a
  18. I will try and keep doing some "How-to" live streams over the weekends in the evening hours, if people are interested in learning about setting up levels. I'm thinking I will create a better base Level_Template for people to use that has more Kismet setup already so that anyone less experienced can have a more Plug-n-design experience. Maybe a a variation or two that have spawner's setup already and people can just move them around to their liking however they want their levels to look. If everyone is interested in having such templates, do let me know, the more people interested the mor
  19. Congratulations. Everyone's patience and persistence has brought about a really good turn from the dev's and I applaud them for doing this. It will be a boon to the game's life whatever they bring in the quality of life and community content.
  20. Yes. Ramps are the best stairs because they're very very AI-path friendly. I can cover this in a tutorial. If you wish, there are plenty of Stairs in DD's static mesh library, all you have to do is create a ramp-shaped blocking volume to cover them with for collision, and you're good to go. Some of them don't have rails so the sides look open, you can cover them up with either a wood beam or some stone trim, rotate and scale to fit so that the sides of the riser's don't look void.
  21. Confidence and practice make builds skill.
  22. Edit > World Properties > Search bar "Experience"
  23. I'm perfectly aware of the group and the nature of it and I am also aware of it's practices to help make the games ranked community better than it was, which for a very very long time was plagued with errant hackers who gear-nuked people's taverns, sold dirty gear, or just were just plain out cheats. It is a well intended group on the surface. But that's not what I was saying is it? I can also join the conversation because that's what forums are for, and I can join the conversation because what I'm saying is not out of ignorance, and attacking my credibility for speaking at all is just
  24. Chances just about anyone who trades will have gotten some kind of "hacked" gear. It's no one's business to judge another player who might've accidentally come across it, kept it assuming it was legit. Innocent until proven otherwise.. and even still. It's a freakin video game. Treating people like they murdered someone is pure idiocy over a bunch of 1' n 0's, it only builds infamy and maybe even causes people to quit playing all together. Everyone has paid (for the game) to get in, you don't get to judge them. Either you run "free" runs as claimed, or you don't and change the name of
  25. So it went a lot better tonight and I covered some basics, and streamed a little peek of my final project at the very end. It was fun sharing what I know about the process and I hope I can share some more as well. Just come ask questions in chat and I'll cover them as best as I can.
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