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  1. It's very big but no, it shouldn't require co-op at all, unless on the harder difficulties. I've worked so much on this I want everyone to be able to play it. I have quite a lot of assets, big and small to make yet to complete the whole environment. It very much is a true open world space. Crystal Dimension in its entirety only fills about 70% of this space, and that doesn't even begin to take into account 95% of the buildings and structures are enter-able on this map. Considering that some buildings have 2 to 3 floors, the tavern especially is big enough to be its own level. Been working
  2. So here's an overview. You can see just about everything I've been working on except whats behind the camera and the small small details.. This is all about 814mb of content, by the way. And I'm still not done.
  3. Mine carts have since been filled since I took this WIP screen.
  4. Thanks. : - ) Just a little after shot. More to come soon.
  5. It actually handles it fine when the proper measures are taken. Distance culling and Level of detail streaming. Also I've endeavored to keep the poly count on the models down. Up until I updated the trees, the terrain had the most poly's over everything, but the engine already handles Terrain LOD streaming decently. I will probably be providing a version with the much lower poly trees in place as a performance version for people with slower hardware. It is worth noting however that the better hardware you have, the better this will run. That being said, GPU's with less than 2gb of ram are s
  6. Just a couple new WIP screens. The lower one is the view looking out towards the entrance, pending some hooks to hang lights from. Oh and I've hit 200 models IN use so far. I've built about 230 so far, and scrapped or repurposed that last thirty into useable meshes for environment. Still got a bit to do yet.
  7. You probably dont want to hear this, but a lot of it is not there at all. Most of the stuff that actually is there to see is in : development\src\udkgame\classes\*.uc There rest is either basic stuff that comes as part of the U3DK, or emptied stubs. And lets not forget all the 'protected classes' voodoo. Basically you get to see part of the code, not all, they are not promising the full source tree. Just enough to do a bit of mod&map testing in the shallows, on the 7.47 testbinary. Nowhere enough to locate, let alone fix, any bugs. You get to see all of the necessary code for the game.
  8. So you have the content but content is missing. If you're refering to the Treeoflife errors that show when the editor loads up, you can dismiss these as they truly affect nothing.
  9. Boss fights, ideally are supposed to be designed to be accomplishable by everyone, which is the very reason why they seem easy mode. DD is admittedly very casual friendly in that respect, and I have to agree with such a practice, from a design stand point. As a modder however... Harder boss fights are do-able.. but you don't get to have your cake an eat it! There is no practice mode for the Dark Souls series bosses, and so tougher fights for DD should not come with a practice mode either, because that just completely defeats the point of asking for a harder boss. You get casual or you get h
  10. Cost + Time + Incentive = Nope. DD2 is their focus still and they've stated before it's to be a PC only title.
  11. So it's been a while since I updated this. Yes, I'm still working hard on this. I've gotten 180 custom meshes made so far, and actually have been going back to improve and modify some of the earlier models I made. As you might see, the tree's have gotten much more detailed! More to come soon! I wanted to be done with this project by now but I've realised it'll be something that is finished when I'm 100% satisfied with it. But I still have goals to have it done by the middle of summer or definitely by the end of it. Addmittedly I've also generated almost 1GB of data between my content and
  12. Zularis Thanks for the feedback on all that. Really appreciate you taking the time to play the maps and post back here. Mischief Are any of your maps original builds or just modded Trendy maps? Rosika Sky Island Feedback - Overall not bad for a first map! - waves 9 to 12, a goblin copter with an ogre spawned at the back of the level and got stuck so I had to wait for them to die. - There is a shrub on the terrain that doesn't have any material on it behind one of the spawned chests. - Lighting, I know this is a WIP so as you change things, you'll probably tweak the lighting arou
  13. Sorry to see you go, hope your travels bring you back some time again. Things for DD and the community are looking bright as the dev's give it a dusting off before shelving it for the foreseeable future. But they're leaving it in capable hands, and there's bound to be more events and unique community made content. Anyway, take care.
  14. Example of a loop. We run a check off the false flag to the entry of the "Is in Volume" if nothing is in the volume. If there is something in the volume we upgrade the towers (which can also be determined if they're in a certain volume.). Right-clicking on the black squares, you can set a "delay" which will control how often this even occurs, specifically, we'd want to do this on the "False to Enter Is In Volume" and set a delay of 5 or 10 seconds or however long you want this event to occur. Note that seconds will equal to minutes after 60. So 120 seconds, is 2 minutes and so on.. you would
  15. Oh, also not a celebration thread without fireworks.
  16. The ratio to which people have Steam accounts and PC's is equal to or greater than the number of people who have and still use last gen consoles on a regular basis. So it wouldn't make much sense to patch a game on consoles, where there's a pretty good chance those players have a Steam account (or possibly acquired the retail non DRM version). Since PC is getting some final love, it would be cool to see some sort of deal for DD console owners to defect to PC and get a 30% off the PC version or something like that. Possibly done through authentication of Console account or something to th
  17. There's literally no difference between UDK and DDK except that DDK has game files compiled already, and that the DDK is a 2010 March build (or somewhere close to that) so it wont have all the same features and fixes as the last UDK version which came out in 2013. So yes, it is worth watching any tutorials about the UDK that you can find. The concepts and skills still apply.
  18. do you think we could add new pet types or new boss types? Anything you can take the time to create a new class type and AI for, can be added. Think of the Total Conversion system as a blank slate to build on. If it already exists, it can be made/copied/modified.
  19. Twitch.tv/Nexussfire Live stream every weekend doing DDK Q&A. Times vary depending on my schedule. I've been answering questions and showing how to accomplish some of the basics. I'll be doing another stream tomorrow at 1 P.M PDT. If you want to come and ask questions about the DDK, I can cover anything from placing static meshes, doing light builds, manipulating and creating materials, wave spawner setup and level completion rewards. I will be also releasing a new level template for anyone who wants it to be able to build off of, it will include more complete kismet setup such as
  20. Another live stream today (Saturday for the US) at 1PM PDT. Sorry I didn't get to stream last weekend, it was a holiday. So if you guys have some questions, do bring them and ask and I'll try to answer them the best I can.
  21. That is what this whole section is about. "Community Development" is the DDDK, it's maps, its suggesting changes, its for posting WIP.. it's for asking for help, advice about anything related to development done by the community. Making another forum section for the DDK specifically would be unnecessary I feel, with such a section as this already here. I'm not the only one who has experience with the DDK, and certainly not an expert. Some of the others who have done stuff for DD, Mischief, Alhanalem, Sanghelios... to name a few, all have experience and different ways to accomplish the go
  22. It's simple project direction, a lot of industries do this, creative ones especially. Typically it's just a designation for internal development, helps everyone on a team keep track of projects much easier with simpler naming structures and assets are easier to compile together for any one project. Instead of naming things ridiculous designations that have to be dug through to find what goes where. And again, a lot of industries do this for their workflow.
  23. I mean, if it were worth it to them I would totally buy an optional DLC with just this feature from DDE. I know, there's enough dlc but it was such an awesome option; to cover characters in armor. I also was really excited for the Adult costumes to be released in DDE so I could set up the super legendary squire with the Dark Lord armor. Sadly they never saw the light of day. If it's not an option to add I suppose I can just play DD2 if I want that much customization. We'll have to wait and see what they do with quality of life. If they don't bring this feature over from DDE, but fix the tota
  24. A re-release would cost more than the possible potential gains, developing and patching the game to run on another console system.. and if you do it for one, people are going to demand it for the other.. "One". So you could call DD on the consoles the "legacy" version.
  25. Total conversions are at present extremely broken and can't be played in the normal game. As I said, hope that they're getting a look into as far as a patch is concerned, because that's the only way they'll be able to be enjoyed.
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