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  1. Twitch no longer sees Dungeon Defenders 1 as it's own game, it uses the graphic for DDE these days. They're lotted together as the same game. So you just have to figure out which version the streamer is actually playing.
  2.  Couple screens. Late in updating this, have been busy with some other real-life stuff lately so work had slowed down on this more than I really wanted to. But I've gotten some time to pick it up again and I've been very busy doing texture work, creating new cleaner texrure's and revamping a lot of models I'd done with newer refined designs. And then there's the castle, which has been a major focus for this project. I've finally gotten floor plan laid out that I like and that will work for the gameplay I have in store for the players. This screen below is an older shot of my progress:
  3. Tweaked this a bit... material has moving bubbles now!
  4. Thanks Mkjo. Across the street... Smoldering Smiths!
  5. Soooo.. after some small real life set backs.. Still some work to do. Tavern sign = The Big Tankard Tavern. If you haven't seen the big tankard you're not in the right place!
  6. I've been redoing a lot of assets, including this section here, and what is behind it. Also did spent a good chunk of time doing lightmass tweaking for the first time on this level. The difference lightmass makes is quite noticeable, and with just a bit more tweaking it'll be right down to where I want it. Also thanks for the comments and compliments. Looking forward to having this off my plate, but it's also been a lot of fun working on everything. I may be pushing release date back a bit again. I had to attend a funeral recently and It's messed with my schedule, in more than a few ways.
  7. So I wasn't happy with the original sign because it couldn't be read to well from a distance and that didn't feel realistic to me at all... so I gave it a bit of a revamp.. and I like it this way better. The second picture is the Hero's Temple. If you're unlucky enough to meet your demise, you will find yourself back here at the temple. Instead of back at the start of the map. I'm currently brainstorming some other decoration to fill the space a bit better. The middle of the floor feels a bit lacking.
  8. Okay so I said this somewhere else, so I'll say it here too. Dungeon Defenders is not very pvp focused, so balancing gear isn't AS important because the rest of the game is designed to be very scale-able with difficulty. And of course every player has their own skill level. I get that some things might seem over powered in this beta right now, and that might change, a little at least by the time it gets released, which again will be soon. For everyone who wants a perfect patch.. sorry, any developer will say a perfect patch doesn't exist. Consider that Trendy has only even taken the time
  9. Just get rid of that childish dance game :) Really? What was he thinking including that in a TWR defence game.Simple... It was the gimmick that sold it for the map contest, don't you know? Because It was a public vote, and the judges *grumble mutter mutter soapbox nonsense* And now for something completely on topic... Treadmill on Treadmill.. Anything on a treadmill is never going anywhere. in all seriousness though, I'd say put the ToT reward out of mind and fix any serious bugs, from what I've read so far, there isn't anything that is red ink to stop a greenlight. If the new stuff se
  10. Just going to say this.. everyone who thinks the new gear is too strong.. have you played other RPG's? Ever get new content in them where the new stuff was stronger than the things you spent hundreds of hours to get? Yeah? Same principle applies to Dungeon Defenders. Also that means with better gear means the difficulty bar gets raised a notch too. And if that's what people are worried about, the game getting too easy, nothing stays difficult forever.. even if your gear is crap. The mind tends to adapt and overcome.
  11. Well the biggest question really is: Do the dev's who have spared their time to work on this patch feel that they've done enough with the time frame they had planned for it? Whatever they don't do is going to fall onto the CDT to do. So keep that in mind. Also whatever doesn't get done, will reflect back to Trendy ultimately. Good or ill. I say, do what you can to get what you @TrendyTeam, set out to do to start with finished. If you're satisfied with it, then carry on. You've got another game to work on. If not, I suggest a bigger poll about what needs doing for a release, and then g
  12. Yeah that would be pretty nice. Unfortunately due to the size and functionality, getting it into ranked would be a very lengthy process, and a lot of the hand placed details would probably have to go, the Quality Assurance team would most undeniably insist on that. There's also a few other reasons of a personal nature that it wont find its way to ranked, and I'm perfectly fine with that. As it sits right now, even with optimization in mind, its a pretty demanding level. I would say it's a hardware issue, but I'm actually pushing the physical limitations of the 32bit code. The UDK without
  13. Best way to reward better gear without actually messing with the games code would to just reward specific items over the course of a few maps, over getting deep into things and tweaking the modifiers for stats. Because when you tweak the RNG it involves a good deal of math, for all of its unique parts. I'm not sure if this is something -everyone- would want to have. We'd have to take a poll and also figure out if it is a viable thing without breaking the loot systems curve. Statistically speaking, the highest stats already turn the game into relative easy mode, even on nightmare, for very
  14. #4. Just from what I know about the game's workings, adding another difficulty will involve updating kismet code,updating every single level (which then has to be tested for balance and performance), Scaling for AI difficulty has to be updated to account the new difficulty modifiers, some of which is done level side, some done in the code (the more important part.) and overall practicality. "Better Gear" is very general, if you mean better gear faster, then that's just silly and goes against the grinding mantra of DD, and also depletes quality of life for DD down the road. If everyone gets a
  15. IMO, the inventory UI could use a complete rework. Might be something I will look at doing, if I don't get lost in the code that manages all of it. -no commentWould require more code on the API end to manage these things. Right now, DD is and always will be a 32bit operation. So updating the API (DirectX/OpenGL) to handle being able to tweak rendering quality would be almost futile. Newer hardware should be sufficient for running the game better. (Mostly because optimizing the game further would cost Trendy a lot of time, and is a hardcode thing mostly.) Technically that is what Hardcore is s
  16. So.. couple things to check... Have you built the lighting?Have you built paths?Are your player spawns above the floor at least 25 units?What light modes do you have it set to? Because there are a few in the UDK. Lit, Unlit, Wireframe, Brush Wireframe, Unlit with texel density, lighting complexity.. just to name a few. The map will look kinda dark because it is a dark map... just saying. Have you deleted anything from the level? What have you changed in Kismet? Messing with the Events (Event Level Loaded.. for example) can break the chain. Finally, which version of the map have you opened, b
  17. Guestimate : Very Soon. That is all. Have a good weekend.
  18. (Lighting not built but this still looked too cool to not share it.) I'm in crunch mode these last two weeks of July. Lots of small details are coming together pretty nicely. This picture above is the Portal Hub for quick travel around the map. Center pad is where players land when using a portal pad placed around one of the 6 main locations.
  19. This would be the Inn section of the tavern. Sort of a shared commons for drunk patrons and weary travelers. ( old European Inns were like this in a lot of cities.)
  20. Just tweaking some things when I moved the camera to this spot. It just begged for a screenshot. Work is coming along... I am pushing this out the door for release come the first week of August. Done or not.
  21. Praise the sun! Because after all this time I realized I hadn't actually done one for the sky box material. Technically, I still haven't!
  22. Not recreating.. just augmenting. Building on what is sort of implied by the games art direction, and turning it into an evolution of what it might've been with an open world in mind. Bringing the sort of Millenial RPG design to DD's world, if you will. Not any small task, but I hope everyone enjoys it.
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