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  1. I know. I was trying to get them to update it for a long long long time. And it's never going to happen. Something that shouldn't ever an issue in the awakening edition. But that's also not entirely true. I've forced the game to use extra memory before, to very unstable results.
  2. This is a memory + shader issue that came up with the new tavern design that was implemented in CDT Update 3. You can try verifying your cache and / or trying reinstalling the game entirely to see if it clears up. But you deffinitely want to make sure you have over 1GB of extra memory to avoid the visual bugs like this one.
  3. What kind of memory do you have available on the system you're using? Also definitely do a verify cache through steam, as that looks like an older issue with some corrupted shaders. If this still persists through doing a verify cache (and you have sufficient VRAM and system memory) back up your saves and re-install the game to a clean location (a second drive for example) and see if your issue is cleared up.
  4. The fog volumes for DD do not work as the version of UE3 DD is on is older and those features were disabled because they're very performance heavy. Use Height fog actors and change their density and start / stop distances. You can also create a type of pseudo fog with a particle emitter, there are a few premade examples in the many level packages if you search for them.
  5. There's no option for a alternate tavern. This was discussed a lot over the last two years this patch has been in the works and it was determined not possible. As far as the performance issues... there are some very outdated lines of code in the game that were for MOBILE optimization and have since taken to becoming more limiting on performance to varying hardware rather than being a benefit. The tavern itself isn't so much the problem as the lack of a good optimization patch on the backend of things. I have been saying this for a long time but for the sake of having it seen one more tim
  6. I am going through what's been done checking for bugs (aesthetically mostly) to make sure everything is tip-top for release. Haven't been active in a while due to other life events.
  7. You may be running a driver set for that card that is too new for the card itself to be running efficiently, which is common for old graphics cards and newer drivers for older games. It's not very likely a memory leak unless one of your own ram modules has been damaged or overheated too much, else it would be a memory leak the rest of us would be experiencing presently. You might want to try rolling your drivers back to something a bit older and see if that remedies the matter. There's another potential issue where you're maxing out your GPU ram running other programs in the background whil
  8. What resolution are you playing it at, and what sort of GPU settings are you running with the NVIDIA software? Forcing high-quality graphics settings can cause lag issues.
  9. It would require a period of updating to the games code to make it compatible with Xbone's OS and a few other things like optimizing it for hardware and renderer settings. Not something that would take long, necessarily, but something that's very complex, too complex for Trendy to spare the manpower right now to do it. At the moment you might want Trendy to give DD1 some TLC for PC and Mac, specifically around some of its hard coded hardware/software limitations to address memory allocation, CPU and GPU performances, going from there, doing console updates would be a bit simpler and quicker.
  10. Changing intensity is fairly easy on the Loot Beams. Just have to parameterize the particle systems material emissive input and link it to the UI, then that should take care of that. There will have to be unique parameter names for each item quality unless it's desired to just have them all be increased / decreased together.
  11. Tavern Item Recovery : Yes basically anything that escapes the confines of the set world boundaries will / should be ported back into the tavern, as before if people dropped things too closely to walls they would fall through into the void and never be seen again. The recovery system should rectify that and dropped items should never despawn from the tavern. Private rooms: Yes if items dropped in spaces where its designed exclusive for the host to enter any items dropped in those spaces shouldn't ever show their stats, this is a prevention to keep items from being duplicated / stolen. Cos
  12. - Walls on the first floor patched to no longer cause collision issues (CDT check out) Available next beta update from this one. - The Diamond Forge should be fixed (current beta) and no longer functions for anyone but the host, to avoid any exploitation or malfunctions, there is also a forced activation delay to remedy previous exploitation.
  13. Similarly the Total conversion system has something terribly broken with it regarding some of the shader systems ( corrupted DX9 references) so.. making anything with it is almost pointless unless you don't mind the trippy rainbow effects from the busted shaders. - On the DDK Note for future updates, that is a whole process the CDT has no hand in. CDT would love to have the DDK updated but Trendy has let be known that's something they can't go back to.
  14. Okay so now that I've stated that the things that are causing problems might be pulled completely, I'm suddenly unprofessional and egotistical. Okay. "Doesn't work like that buddy. You either make things 100% working or don't push it." If you made the decisions for the team nothing would ever get to public beta for testing.. since that's what beta's are for. Funny how those silly beta tests work! "you sound like you are doing people a rather huge favor by adding this Tavern" Realllllly? Whats it called when someone who isn't getting paid does something for someone else for free? OH ri
  15. There are changes coming to the tavern for the next beta update: - Theme's will not be available or enabled (if determined to be the problem, will not be available again.) - Controls for the themes will be available in all secret rooms if themes are not deemed an issue to performance. - Fixes for all Diamond Forge issues - Fixes for missing Trophies. Keep in mind the exterior space, the upstairs and the tower are all optional spaces, they never have to be used if you don't want to use them. If you don't like them.. you simply don't have to use them. There wont be any changes regarding
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