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  1. Oh damn. If you guys can make this happen,DDa will be a better and harder game than DD1 is /was. I'm excited to be a part of this and can't wait to see where it will lead us. Good stuff guys.
  2. I thought they said somewhere that a few of the flex goals could be implemented at a later Date via DLC? But we have 13 days left.... Let's hope for the best.
  3. I was hoping we could reach the massacre flex goal but that seems unlikely. Let's see if we can reach the 2nd flex goal. 👊💪
  4. Some friends told me about the kickstarter. I wasn't aware since I stopped playing DD some 18 months ago. I have seen some old familiair faces on the DDa forums. Let's hope they make the game as awesome as DD1 was 👌🔥👏
  5. Veetoo


    Damn. Didn't expect this. We are almost there :O
  6. Veetoo


    Yeah. During the weekend there has been a lot of people pledigng to this game. Think that we will reach 100 percent in a little more than 24 hours...
  7. I also agree. You made quite a few excellent sugestions.. Let's hope the lads will put it in 👌💪🔱
  8. I had the 75 dollar pledge too but changed to the 300 dollar pledge. Main and well, only reason. I like the secret room, like the costumes voor The Standard heroes (all 4 at the 300 dollar mark) Love the idea of a special tavern. I made my descission based on my off the chart play time in DD1
  9. That's.... Very very very old. Safe to say it won't run it properly since it will use the unreal engine 4...
  10. If you have a new computer you should be fine. No one can say what specs you need since it is still way to early. They are still working on deeper well...
  11. Mana from DD1. It is a good system imho.
  12. Welcome 🤡👊


  13. They don't have the manpower according to their q and a I thought Mac didn't got all of the newer updates?
  14. I think they rely heavily on the console crowds for further funding. It's still climbing tho so who knows how far they can go. We have 4200 ish backers on this moment and 90 k ish likes on the Facebook post...
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