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  1. Heh, It dont hurt to ask, I have a crap ton of event stuff but maybe you can join an event if they are still a thing :)
  2. Welcome 🤡👊


  3. Veetoo

    Welcome to Chromatic Games

    You guys are doing great on the kickstarter. Im stoked to find out what Mark you will reach. Looks to beat the 250.000 more easy than I would have thought. 💪👍👏
  4. It is a buy out, a instant sell if you can affort it, I see you are posting on a lot of threads but if you do not have the currency, stay away from there and stop waisting the players time. If you do have currency, place a bit like 45cv, that makes you at this moment the top bidder. I wonder why no one has told you this before, they were fast to do this with me.
  5. They were buffed to "Lab Assault levels", meaning mostly garbage. Well I havent played that map in ages so I had to come up with some sort of build, didnt even remember that there was that boss and it took me 4 minutes to realize that I was dpsing with melee when I had a ranged weapon, god, that happens when I run a map after the nightshift lol. I do hope the CDT can implement Mambo's suggestion in the next update.
  6. I Always brag about the smallest of things, ask my wife :D :p also 9
  7. Played the map just now and the rewards were better than I remember them, were they buffed (campaign) ?
  8. I too think we need a map with higher end pets and for once buff the old ones, the animus were my favourite pet upto insane, I would love if we could use them more and love it even more if we could farm them on this amazing map.
  9. This idea I like, the hats look rather cool too and if they rolled higher more players would use them.
  10. oO that last one looks expensive, when I was active this would go for a lot of Cubes, min 35 CV, highest? DUnno in todays market, it seems quiet, if i had money to spent I would sure bid on this mate.
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