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  1. woops thinjk i didi it wrong..... here on imgur. http://i.imgur.com/ezHCXm.jpg
  2. plz check just got this today!!! 2nd diamond i ever made from coal!
  3. Would you go lower? if so then i can buy all you have! looking to build a minecraft house out of these cubes lol jk.
  4. cool, whats your steam name? and i will add you tonight and buy some cubes for mana :Dwould you do 80 Bill per? and ill buy all the ones you have for sale?!
  5. Hi guys, I am a long time player of DD and an returning after a 2 year break!. I was looking to have some fun with the community and want to have a small giveaway, this is designed for new players to invite their friends to play to have fun in the dd community! How to enter! I want you to post a picture of you and your friends playing any map just having fun and looking cool! the winner will be the person that posts the best looking and community boosting picture. First Place Prize: 10B mana Second Place Prize: 7.5B mana Third Place Prize: 5B mana This event will last untill the 11
  6. Hi guys, i am returning to DD after a 2 year break! I was wondering what the current ratio for coal : mana is aswell as the Coal: Cubes ratio is. Pleas advise me, i can buy a LOT of cubes and coal, i am willing to overpay slightly as i know mana is not very desirable nowadays. Feel free to respond here and i will add you steam tonight and buy, please lte me know or add me on steam <3. need alot of coal to give bad kids for christmas lol
  7. Well i currently have 15 normal, 9 large, 1 humungos how much would you say each set of sizes would be wprth (how much are 15 normal eggs worth?)
  8. How much are egg's worth ? please comment below how much each size are worth.
  9. Please cheak these 2 items 4r me TY http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=259843733 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=259843388
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