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  1. people cry way too fast on the one hand and people quit playing the game on the other hand imho
  2. Haven't seen it drop in a good while now. But i believe it is still dropping all 4 Malthius-Weapons with an abysmal low chance. Bow can drop 1s,2s,4s. Its an mortarlike shot that splits on impact in 5 or 6 pellets for AoE-damage. That's also where the high dps comes from. Like betsy bow it hits all the mobs around, resulting in DPS only betsy bow can be compared to, hile having a better passive (debuff resistance). Bow is worse DPS on single big targets and a bit awkward vs AIR. All in all i prefer Armored Cleanser over Betsy Bow and there are very little exceptions i switch to a 4s-Ele-Burs
  3. you can stay in round1 (or 2) for as long as you want. So if you decide to upgrade every defense you placed to "star-level", you could do that while a squire tanks the boss in a sernity aura. Makes handling mob waves 2+3+4 easier than just with the few upgrades from the chests.
  4. I'll just put it here: Since most feedback ist negative,i'd like to say that the new boss fight was well designed and i actually enjoy it. Sure, the current implementation needs to be "fixed" but design-wise i like it and i am perfectly fine with the fact, that not every encounter is catered for solo play but some requires a group. The encounter (i think) wants us to use certain roles and types of defenses and i actually look forward to try it after fixing. Loot composition however is bad. You promoted your changes to useful loot so much and yet you see the many drops that make no sense and
  5. it will drop for you on december 14. on december 15th patch, drop rate will increase by factor 100 and it will drop every other run... :D
  6. thanks for the efforts. hopefully to be fixed soon then [[4370,users]]
  7. oh... let me translate that: it sucks.
  8. 15sec CD, PBAE damage (enough radius for all 6 dummies) 704 magical damage@5035HD 2791 magical damage@19940HD pet level 11, Bitterwick, Earth damage, can crit http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=571078982
  9. Imps = Imphamy/Imphant? If so, by far not, i'm like 0/10 on those
  10. and even tho it is frustrating to loose somewhere in round5, it is the only endgame map/encounter that somewhat satifies you as a team when succeding. So, if you roughly meet the requirements, grab your buddies and give it a try. It's a welcomed change from the more or less challenging maps for ipwr650-players. i cannot imagine doing the map in a public game though :D
  11. all weapons still do drop there. chance is low as has been mentioned.
  12. just to be more precise: highest SINGLE TARGET auto attack damage. For the hightest autoattack damage overall: Malthius Rare drop "Armored Cleanser"
  13. spooky maps: event chests or not... will the 4 new legendary weapons will be in the loot tables after the event?
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