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  1. Hi, I am just wondering if there are any plans to add DD-1 to the backwards compatabile list on XBOX One. From what I've heard it's all run on an emulator so you wouldn't have to reprogram the game for xbox one of anything. It can just stay the same and be brought forward for us old players to enjoy the old game. It would also be nice to have a DD game on XBOX One, since I presume we wont be getting DD2 anytime soon. TIA.
  2. When using a controller, the UI should look like what it does on PS4. Easier controlling of the controller, because I'm still using my mouse in the forge.
  3. Would that include XBOX ONE controller support?
  4. We all love playing games at 8-10 fps....right? I need help. I keep skype closed and use Razer Cortex to boost my FPS as much as possible. Nothing seems to help. It's quite scary. Graphics are at lowest settings. Here are my specs. Processor : Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 877 @ 1.40GHz RAM : 4GB ( 3.84 usable ) OS : Microsoft Windows 10 (build 10240), 64-bit Video Card : Intel(R) HD Graphics Sound Card : Yes Free Disk Space : 105 GB
  5. You're right XD I wish they had loot! By the way, can you do sky city on insane? I need some advice for sky city. Do you need all of your SEVEN tower characters to do sky city insane? EDIT: Didn't see you just started again on XBL. lol You just need a monk, apprentice, and squire. apprentice - tower HP build Monk - aura build Squire - HARPOON DAT SHET Figure out a good strategy, i've only played sky city 3 times.
  6. Wait, so you're saying there is a glitch where you can hit the Goblin Coptor, the ogre can fall, and the ogre would stay alive? And I thought the Depth Charge glitch was bad on monster fest - some of the mobs would apparently stay inside their doors when I had the depth charge, and I would run out of time. Oh trust me. I died on the apprentice room because of that. On insane+ with 3 people.
  7. Crystalline Dimension? Before I reset, I got rekt because of the Ogre Glitch - when an ogre is stuck outside of the map and you can't kill it.
  8. A great map for loot. [SPOILER]No, i'm just kidding. It's complete poop, if you get what i'm saying.[/SPOILER] What ever happened to the DLC-Specific weapons? Was it size limitation? Or was it the fact that Insane+ isn't like nightmare, so we can't get OP as hell weapons?
  9. Its pointless. The multiplayer is the only good part of DD on android. Gamespy, the multiplayer provided for android, is shut down. If you want to download it, you would go on the dungeon defneders 1 website to download the udk. I dont think you can anymore though.
  10. nah ,i'll just go for the 70^ one.
  11. i'll trade something for your shai, add me and i'll invite you to my tavern Matriix Cahill
  12. morrago on easy/medium Erm... Morrago is only profitable on hard.
  13. Just curious. What level on what difficulty do you plan to level these people on? Because my 78 huntress could get a bit up to 80.
  14. Back then, I had Legendary Defender, and all level 78s. Then some random guy joined, had a j-tagged xbox, and hacked me for some reason. My game save was replaced with a KingofKingMods save, with modded characters and such. I deleted 6 of the characters, except for the huntress and apprentice. Those 2 characters, helping me farm DLC maps, are what makes me the player I am. I know i might not be 100% legit, but i swear on my life. They will be deleted once my squire can build a good insane morrago build. I ask people to take off their modded equips. That includes armors, pets, and weapons
  15. I just got a 67 upgrade blasticus for 90. Oh lord, the game hates me.
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