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  1. The problem is that the boost is going to be around 40%, so boosting 1 tower makes boost useless. But boosting 20 towers makes the boost equal to 8 towers. Making turtle builds much better than any other build and making the tower feel too strong. With that being said the issue is that: a) the game would be too easy if they ignore the boost aura because people would use the boost aura. b) the game requires you to use the boost aura to complete, so it becomes a necessary defense. Note: When i said 40% it was an average we'll probly be seeing 50% ( this is ignoring the boost aura special stat bug'cause with 100% boosts it's a insane double number towers, so a boost on 20 towers counts as 20 more) anyway that's the issue for me. Limit the amount of Towers it can boost. Causing Turtle Builds to be situational. Since auras can only Boost... 4-8 towers (Rank 1-5) Extra towers placed within the Aura wont be boosted. Players will have to choose wisely about where they place towers in that manner. Towers Traps and Auras can all have their own limit that don't affect the count for the others. Towers: 4 Traps: 2 Auras: 2 Then you'd still be able to place 4more towers at Rank 5... Any tower is Necessary for any build. Just because one Aura is pretty much universal doesn't mean it is too OP. Most people use Lightning Aura's as well. Essential for keeping Ogre's at bay players usually need some sort of barricade. Which they use the squire for. Boost Aura has it's uses and limitations. (Can't overlap with other Auras) Put more limitations on it. Or The more towers placed within the Aura makes it's Damage Proc weaker. Nobody wants to just Boost 1 tower. If they have it at 100% Damage Proc but place 8 Towers. 2auras and 2 traps within the boost, then it'll drop down to... 50%?? Random numbers. Also the higher the Tier of the tower the higher the Drain causing it to proc even lower damage?? Of curse upgrading it will still enable it to grow in Damage. This will allow more player based customization with their builds instead of simply looking for Gear that strengthens the Damage output on the Boost Auras, and turtle builds will end up putting out less damage from the Boost Aura, but depending on the towers there will be more targeting one Mob. It is a very good support item. It helps people who don't have enough DPS to have a slight easier time. which is what it is for. End Game. This is far from end game. It is our current end game, but i dont' consider this end game at all. The difference between beating the current end game maps with and without Good Gear is very noticeable. Which means Mobs are too strong but not enough for the extra boost, or Towers are too weak until boosted. To me it just means that there are in need of more Mobs. Ones that don't directly attack so they stay away from your Defenses, and they boost the defense of Mobs within a certain area. Some with Shields Etc. Causing players to have to react and deal with said mobs themselves or their Boosted towers wont mean anything.
  2. I understand your frustration and i agree with some of your points. I just noticed that the cursed sections only cover those dark areas. So i tend to only have to move my towers up a bit because i have my PDT at a good range with my Geysers at a good mid range and electric auras right behind them, and a Boost Aura in the midst of it all. Granted i'm using double of the highest Range Spheres on both my monk and huntress so the Boost Aura covers a pretty large area. My side Mid side lanes are usually heavily built while my mid slacks a bit but i focus on mid lane so it never falters. Then after wave 1 the lanes are pretty equally built with my side lanes having priority since i stay in mid. I've been doing this for Normal Incursion for betsy. (only because i've gotten annoyed playing publicly on hard and people don't want to build but Control the mana...) The cursed areas sometimes Miss my Towers because i don't place them near the eggs ever. Mid lane is close to the fork in the mid lane. Right 2 side lanes are right under the bridge near the hero forge, and right next to the first big stump if you travel down the lane starting from the right egg. Now at times she does Curse those areas, but then all i do is move them up a bit and upgrade them back to rank 2-3. Btw it is only 3 towers in those lanes, 1 Geyser, 1 Electric Aura, and 1Boost Aura. for each lane. So that doesn't take up that much mana after i sell them anyways. You also don't need that much Sky Guard Towers. 1-2 in the beginning is enough. 1-2 more later on is more than suffice. Just focus on Your Defenses on the Betsy fight. Make sure they are in Top Notch performance before you try to deal with Betsy (If you haven't already setup Towers/Traps near her) They will fight on for a very long time giving you more than enough time to tend to the towers near her nest when she lands. Every time she lands rush to her nest and check on your towers up there. She wont fire at the egg. She will fire at the egg if you are too far or dead. Your lanes don't really need that many towers, just some that will keep Mobs still and not attacking the Eggs and you're fine. Once you think your towers aren't going to die then tend to your lanes and make sure that the Wyvers aren't Demolishing them. Which is why you upgrade them first, even traps and auras. (Don't waste Mana upgrading a Boost Aura to Rank 2 Ever until the Betsy fight. Complete waste) I've beaten her before, i'm having trouble now because i can't really play efficiently at the moment and i kept forgetting to tend to my Geysers and Auras before i Placed towers near betsy.
  3. Her Medallions are pretty retarded. There is another Legendary Ring that should assume the stats that the new medallions get. Just as how Totems usually have around a rotation of specific stats for other classes the same should apply to the Huntress. Trap Damage Radius Increase by x% (and it actually noticeably increases...) Poison Dart Tower Attack Rate Increase by x% A Special stat for her Geysers... Active a lot longer?? To keep mobs shot up for a longer duration, but it doesn't take away from it's speed. x& Traps don't consume a charge. Etc... Ps. Ik this goes else where but it's more a complaint more than a suggestion...
  4. I always dislike the idea of suggesting they roll back the game to a previous system. It's always a short sighted response to me. "I don't like it, so changed it back" is all I hear. If we go back to what it was before, sure, the Huntress may be useful again but we'd still have the same cookie cutter builds that lack customization or the ability to add new choices. Yeah, placing a point or points every level was good, it also felt pointless at times. I'm always going to put it into the same place and once you played the game enough, you would also end up doing the same. Sure, you could make maybe 1 or 2 different builds but ultimately it wouldn't change from that. There was nothing new that could be added due to the amount of work it would take every time. After leveling you would have to change your items around and now you have to add or change your Skill Spheres around. It hasn't really changed, it just added another thing to manage, buy and make use of. All they have to do is remove the cost for unlocking slots, give us more dailies and give us more spheres that are interesting. It would end up being the same as before with the only issue being Large Spheres and Ubers. Well the problem is only large and Ubers. Mediums only have 1 old spec that didn't really enhance anything on a hero's build. The main issue is that you can't use more than one large at a time, but then turn around and swap out Ubers infinitely while still maintaining each previously used Uber. That's a huge flaw on my part. I am not advocating for that mechanic to be removed, but more expand on this. This allows players to switch between each Uber and still maintain standard Tower Versions if they want, but it just craps on the old system since you can only use 1 Large. There should be a balance between the old system and the new one. For one it is weird to level up and then have to Buy a slot. Before it made sense why you used spec points because you earned them from leveling up. Now you don't earn anything. Skill Spheres seems like it should be more like an ability changer where the smalls stay small, mediums stay at their current theme, larges gets reworked to other game Tower/Hero changing stats, and ubers stay Ubers. Then along side this system the old Spec nodes should be also reworked Once new Combos abilities and mechanics/Gimmics are introduced (like stunning to me is considered a Gimmic.) That way players don't feel that either side is lackluster. You still will be able to achieve feats like before but also gaining new possibilities with the simple rework of the old spec nodes, and then ontop of that the skill spheres will change the visual side of things (Ubers, and Larges.) Say if Larges were reworked to work better with Ubers for instance, all fire damage has a chance to ignite which will make the apprentice uber just ignite Groups of enemies easier than flameburst towers could. Mobs Electrocuted by lightning are stunned for a short duration after, or Mobs hit by lightning damage become conductors and will pass on a charge of lightning to a nearby enemy. Making it so that since the Uber only has one lightning bolt surging through mobs, that as it passes through them it charges them and causes weaker bolts to surge through the mobs and cause even more damage. There could be a Sphere that doubles all the effects of the next attack after an enemy is drenched. Which can work with those lightning effects up there causing that 1st lighting bolt to possibly split into 2 bolts doing equal damage as the original would have, and Mobs will have 2 charges. so that first Mob hit is sending off 4 different bolts out, 2 powerful and 2 a bit weaker. That would be insane. As of now there is no real reward for leveling up anymore. Everyone is pretty much level 25 so now it seems like we've been given a seperate sheet that will give us some stats and special effects, like other games when you upgrade gear there are things on them that once leveled up on that Gear you have to pay out a currency to use it. Lol Destiny Again All gear and weapons have said feature. You level them up and then you pay to use them. Each of those Circles are upgraded by Glimmor and materials collected. But these are the Class upgrades that you can interchange whenever you wanted. This is how the Spec Nodes were. Interchangeable whenever you wanted, and you didn't pay anything to use them after you've gained enough experience for each slot. Now DD2 only had 6, obviously that wasn't enough, but this new system isn't suffice. All that had to happen was expanding on the spec nodes so players have something that they have the ability to switch between without any penalty and Cost. It felt like the Heroes were unique and there was more to than just having 2 huntresses. Essentially one could go for Defense Health and speed while having Specs in the Geyser Damage increase and Possibly anti air?? or explosive traps. While the other could Spec into Increase in crit damage from a range and Explosive trap Spec and have Defense Power and Speed with 100-200 more in defense health for the Explosive traps. Now you can sort of do that but it is a very lackluster version of what it was. Since you can only use one at a time there will be even more Static Builds. Highest damage output and range. Some health if needed, and every single Uber collected at the time.
  5. You can handle two ogres quite easily with decent gear but it requires a hero stacking defense health for blockades. Placing two or three blockades with decent health should provide enough time to deal with one. I understand not everyone wants to do this. I agree though, without using this very specific method to slow one while killing the other players with lower stats will find it very difficult, hell its difficult with good gear! As for loot drop rates between solo and multiplayer, my preference would be to have the same drop chance on both. Ultimately the player will decide whether they want a solo or social experience drop rates shouldn't dictate which mode they select, in my opinion. Right now players that choose the former are being penalized. Even if the increased drop chance is negligible, it feels like your wasting your time knowing the drop rates are higher in multiplayer, and that should never be on the players mind. Promote the multiplayer experience by providing engaging group content not by arbitrarily throwing out more loot. Screw the squire. (Jk) Players can solo maps with cannons and flamebursts and frostbite towers alone. Just those 3 Towers can defeat any map at any difficulty. I've seen it happen so far (Except all 3 new Maps b/c i am sick of matchmaking) At least you know yourself how difficult it is. Not everyone wants to do a static style of play Just to be able to efficiently complete a difficult map. The thing is, the people who are saying they don't see the problem at all are probably players who have high end gear and know every single map and can tell you how many of any specific Enemy will spawn at a specific time or wave on any map. This is not just for you experienced players who have high end gear already. This game is for beginners as well. There may not be a huge problem with 2ogres spawning at the same time, but it shouldn't happen on normal difficulty. Especially at such early stages in gameplay. I assume there will be more areas after betsy, why are we fighting end game stuff on the 5th level?? Co-op is So easy mainly because you usually end up finding one player with extremely good stats and another player who knows the map. It is too easy. On the flip-side Solo is too difficult. If a player solo'd throughout the whole game they will never get through a good portion of the game, or will have to repeatedly farm the same Ol' lower stages until they finally find a good piece of gear a few weeks later. Even then there are maps that require your attention in every lane and subcores are oddly placed infront of a lane that spawns closer to the Core. Enabling Mobs to backtrack and kill subcores. People say Decent gear like Decent Gear pops up often enough for a good portion of players to actually use. Most people go from Multiplayer To Solo play. Causing them to have good enough gear to solo. I highly doubt anyone has 2k Defense Speed or Defense Power. So going from 900- 1k is one piece of Very good Gear. So why do people casually go around saying you can have Decent Gear. Decent would be below 800 or 700 for all stats and do Good. not ok. Good. But Everyone knows that is not the case. It is very annoying that the waves are exactly the same for solo and Co-op. It should increase the more players you have. Currently it is annoying soloing because of the Forge system mainly. I don't even care to use other Heroes anymore. Please Trendy. Revamp the difficulties since you guys don't want to change the Matchmaking yet. Which is the Biggest gripe i have. Bugs don't even come close to how annoying matchmaking is. Not including the annoying players.
  6. XRDX

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    This is exactly what i want. Why has it not been done yet. I can live with every bug that's happened so far if this was implemented. I used to play a whole lot and stopped simply because of an annoying bug and matchmaking. Due to it selling a Maxed out bow i had and i can't stand being thrown into matches already done or with 3others who don't want to build. With this i'll be able to choose what i want to do instead of hoping for the best and being repeatedly thrown into the Same session with the same people over and over. I don't even care about pet re-roll stats or Ubers or any of that. This is priority. Cmon Trendy. Copy, and Paste & we're done. (lol i know it's not that simple)
  7. The Forge system is the greatest disadvantage for solo players. Just because a game is designed for mutliplayer does not mean it has to Hinder solo. The game is also supposed to be supportive of Co-op & Solo play. If you hear them in the dev streams they mention both not just Co-op. People have a right to complain about the game hindering solo play because the Devs want to know how to make it viable for New people, Experienced people, Solo play, & Co-op. Nobody is scared of anything. It is a challenge to play a game alone when it is designed for multiple players. I'll be referring to Destiny Again. Fireteams consist of 1-3 Players for 90% of the game, and 1-6 for a few select game modes. Like Raids and PVP Team Deathmatch. Placing a similar hindrance to Destiny. You are able to carry 3 Weapons with you. DD2's Solo is like the game Taking away one of your Weapon slots. You can of course get through the game with your remaining two weapons. Sometimes you can go through a whole stage only using one gun. That doesn't mean it is ok for the game to purposely take away one of your slots just because you choose to play alone. For some modes like the Weekly Nightmare you will always get high end loot. it may not always be the best, but it may not be the best for 3 players either. If they implemented the same loot system nobody would ever farm for loot alone ever again. They would be able to do weekly nightfalls and heroics and gain Exotics every single time. While people who take the challenge to do it alone get rewarded with a crap weapon in a weapon category they hate using. You can't promote a playstyle and then have systems built that only hinder that playstyle. It is like you guys saying we should play together but unless everyone has built 1 of every tower, everyone's tower will only do a percentage of their total DPS. Meaning if you have 4 players, if one person builds 1 cannonball. it will do 1/16 of it's maximum damage, but when you play solo it will only be 1/4. So you can easily just setup a useless defense (Blaze Balloon) somewhere so that your good Defenses (everything else) will play normally. Which obviously takes more mana to do with 4people.
  8. It doesn't make sense that there is only 1 large skill sphere. There is only 1 Uber slot and if anything every other level (Small - Large) should get at least one more. Additionally you will eventually have multiple Ubers and can use an Uber for each specific Defense and then trade them off. Technically you can have an infinite amount of Ubers, as many as they make you can use all of them per map. It doesn't make sense to have the ability to have an infinite amount of the selling point for switching to spheres. The lastest Dev stream they mentioned they might allow players to buy more slots, but they also might just downgrade some larges to mediums. The problem isn't just that we can only use 1 at a time now, the percentages are very miniscule. So now we get a few hundred on whatever stats we choose, more experience/gold or range, a much weaker version of the old Spec system but only able to use One Spec at a time, and an infinite amount of crazy changes to Towers. Please trendy this isn't a proper system. Even without knowing about the Spec system the fact that you can trade off as many Ubers as you want with no penalty but you can't add additional Gimmics/special stats to your towers isn't really good.
  9. Sweet. Thanks. I knew it wasn't my towers -.- So essentially i had better stats than the other builder >.> Fml
  10. Currently DD2 only allows you to choose a map if it doesn't find a session that is already running. Or if someone else somehow didn't find a session and it throws you into the tavern with them. Instead you should have the ability to view all the sessions going on and select which to go into. (View Sessions) It could be specific to the level you are currently looking for and there could be a checkbox for the window that pops up that says "View All Sessions" so it isn't specific to Campaign/20+/25+/25++/Incursion25+++ Also if you just want to host one for a specific difficulty you can just start your own tavern. (Create Session) Hopefully it doesn't look as bad as that, but there is space for it. Lots of space. It would completely solve the matchmaking problems. Except for the in-game Campaign problems. (There needs to be a Next button and if players select continue it doesn't find a session, it looks for new ones that are starting or simply "Continue" with the others you have now if they continue as well. Any open slots are free game of course.) Edit: I forgot to mention players who create a session can also Write up their intentions or what they need/want from other players. Or just what they themselves have so it is more in depth than looking at player names. So that players who want specific things from other people for a grand preferred playstyle can get that while players who don't care and just want 3 other people and will build everything and just watch as their towers destroy everything can have a higher loot chance. So when players (View Session) they will know what's to come instead of everything being random like Gear. Enough randomness from the Loot. Some stability would be nice.
  11. Or not?? I'm not feeding my Gato to my Creeper. Animal cruelty Bro. But, i don't want to feed them to my other pets. Them turning isn't what i was talking about
  12. I don't know if it's the same reoccurring bug or not. Please move this to the bug report section if it is or i can. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ These are obviously my current stats. I have the Date for both Pictures so everyone knows it is the current patch. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I'm not understanding why it continues to read as DPS 355 Mentioned by syclic x8 of that is what the DPS truly is, but i am unsure if his towers base stats are 3528 or if that's after the multiplication. So truly it's 2840?? Cannonball towers base stats are higher than that at rank 1... Is this still the stupid PDT bug??
  13. Or not?? I'm not feeding my Gato to my Creeper. Animal cruelty Bro.
  14. [[3957,users]] So.... Don't place a Poison Dart Tower unless fighting an Ogre or highly armored Orcs?? That's a very slim line of use. Literally every other "Tower" can be used in every situation so why have one tower that has the least bit of use. I still think they need their Turning Arc. It apparently excels at applying a lot of damage to high health enemies and is supposed to be put at the side of the lane, but they will simply walk by them and will be finished off by the other towers that are in lane. I could simply place a Canonball tower in that same spot and it will end up doing more damage since it will get that initial front end damage and it will turn to finish it off.
  15. I find mainly Creeper eggs lol. Though i can never hatch a Flickerwick :/ Also is it a bug that some of them come with elemental damage (I've only found 2 with Lightning) but they don't proc the Electrocute Combo?? What's the point of them shooting lightning. It only becomes aesthetics then.
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