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  1. RVP and Robben spanking Spain.
  2. So the world cup is upon us, and after watching yesterdays match ( dat own goal ) with my family, i am now very interested in the upcoming matches. 1) Who do u think is going to win? (Germany) 2) Which team r u supporting? (America, F*** YEAH!) 3) Are any of u lucky enough to go and see a match in Brazil? (Nope) 4) Which 2 teams do u think r going to reach the final? (Germany vs Spain)
  3. * Going off topic for a second, I never noticed that Rangerz became a "Forum Moderator". Nice job. When the update came out I farmed a 103^ mobile moxie for 90, but I gave it away. If you need a mobile moxie I can farm you one. I think I even have one with around 74^ that you can have. Wow thanks for the offer. I have since pulled a 124 (lvl 83)^ Kraken and a 122 (lvl 78)Chrisknife. I love the aesthetics of the Moxy, however, and will continue to weave Insane + No Towers into my play list. =)
  4. If your 100% legit, I'll play it with you, I only play with my brother, and he can't handle a side on his own. Edit::: I saw you on the legit list, so we're good! Add me if you like, GT: SupRfirebird Sent!
  5. GT: D DR34MSHAKE Hope to see ya'll around, and happy defending.
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