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  1. Would the DoT's from Ballista Bite, Lingering Hellfire, and PDT count as a Crowd Control for the Crowd-Controller Servo? Trying to get a good Ballista build going and would like to know if the Crowd-Controller Servo would proc itself with Ballista Bite. Also using Ramsters to deal with shields, and their potential CC with Lingering Hellfire would be useful as well.
  2. The problem with steps 3 and 5 is that once you sell gear, whoever bought it can't sell it. Although I do have a friend who could theoretically carry me after I reset, I'd have to get him up to C7 first. On a side note, thanks all for the replies! Gives me a little better idea of when I should start resetting (although Onslaught always feels so long even at the point where I am.)
  3. So I'm coming up to Ascension level 250 fairly soon, currently at 238, although I've been slacking on Onslaught and have only reached floor 11 on Onslaught. I've been slightly interested in using Ancient Power for the talent caps and all that, but how should I begin doing this? I'm aware that all my gear will revert to about campaign level and all my unguilded shards will be set back to 0. Is it a good idea to begin Ancient Power once I reach 250 to keep some Ascension when trying to level back up or to go further in Onslaught before I begin resetting?
  4. Wasn't there also a feature in DD1 where it sold all uncollected items for mana after a map? Would be nice to have that implemented in DD2 to help with grinding gold.
  5. I'm unable to make a game, it always tells me "Failed to create game". This sucks because i just got halloween spooktacular and WW. Anyone got any solutions?
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