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  1. Results have been posted, check the initial post for the results! Love you all <3
  2. GIVEAWAY HAS FINISHED! Any entries after this message will not be counted, give me a little bit of time and I will edit the initial post with the winners! :)
  3. Heads up people! TOMORROW THE WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED! Ginger and Eternity have only been asked for once, by the same person, so if you enter and ask for one of those, you'll get one guaranteed! Tomorrow at around midday GMT I will edit the initial post with the winners and post a date for my other gear/coal giveaway which will just be held in my tavern and I will throw some items around, might make a game out of it, not sure yet. Either way, final call for entries! Have fun and good luck to all contestants!
  4. Oh my gosh I always assumed it was Madrid oops x) Yeah its a typo I'll sort that now!
  5. Whatever you like! As long as I can see it, I'm happy :D
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