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  1. Yeah I should ve got them done early! I just thought it would go the same time as the carnival oh well there is always next time..........
  2. I agree I would really like a couple more days or even a day to complete this, me and my brother were so close to completing it and getting the carnival ticket, pet affection and title I thought it was going to go when the carnival did but it didn't ........and now I feel like an idiot :c Please we just needed one more day here on ps4 to complete the monthly thanks! :D
  3. So to clarify will that hotfix be coming out today? :D
  4. Thanks for the update! Can't wait to know when the update is finally! :D
  5. Keep up the amazing work I love to hear updates! :D
  6. I would like the ability when comparing the stats of towers etc to still click in the L3 button but not have to hold it in as it is tough on the thumb! I think you are doing a great job keep up the amazing work! :D
  7. That would be more helpful for you and for us as you will get much clearer feedback and so will we! :D
  8. I have a problem where I can't get the dungeon defenders game to run on my iPad is there anyone who can help me its just stuck in the loading screen.?
  9. GT: Bright 31 (my brother) Lets have fun playing legit ill be there too playing legit as well
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