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  1. I'm not sure if the following words are even helpfull but let's just pretend I can contribute something. I did stop playing at some point because it was nearly impossible for me to play the way I wanted and cover all lanes before the enemies walk over my barricades. Even on maps like forest poachers. I see two problems in this matter, the defenses have way more health comapared to the earlier version meanwhile the enemies have more health but still about the same attack damage. This leads to enemies building up a crowd in front of barricades, meanwhile towers can be too bad to actually finish them off in time. Some enemies like ogres bug over the barricades, some get pushed out of the aggro range of them. Increasing the aggro range was said to be worse for the AI, so what about a script that leads to make enemies not stuck in each other - a lot of work but could be adapted with invisible walls for the movement on lanes and remodeled enemy hitboxes. Anyway, the clue would be some sort of second aggro system, once an enemy is in aggro of a tower, it will make others in it's range also focus said tower. Like a pandemic effect. For further problems, when two towers are near each other, the script will prioritise whatever signal it got first. If the enemy got the aggro from a guy on the left side it will attack the left side, even if standing on the right side. The base is already implemented as the PDT spreading by explosives script. It's still the old bug, that enemies then will get routed to the barricade from the beginning inside their spawns. Also another problem would be building defenses near the lane and watch enemies wlk back the other lane to attack the once aggroed tower. Implementing a timer or a shut-off zone is one option, would just lead to further, new lines of codes and more possible bugs. Just a thought: 5 lines a day I was told is proper code work nowadays.... horry ***.
  2. Filithy amateurs. I already reached C6 with secret towers. Tremendous towers. Your family will be shocked if you learn what those towers can do not even Trendy does speak about.
  3. I believe every tower works very well but the amount of time you need to invest in farming the ascension or the shards is just too dull. Grinding up with more viable towers makes them more viable later on, too. Can't understand this logic.
  4. Has anyone else expirienced a large amount of enemies just walking by defense walls, over them or bug themselfes out of the aggro range of them because of the hitboxes of other enemies? It sucks, so far I couldn't complete any map because the majority of the enemies were bugging through the defense and just hitting the core before I could even react to. And no, my walls hold for quite some time, so Chaos II is fine for my gear.
  5. "Waiting for content after two years" ... (forgive the spelling it's too early for me)
  6. I don't think the idea of disabling a tower is that good. Having them weakened is totally fine, even by a harash amount but 100%. Why? The game offers a large scale of towers. Even if you want us to use our heros, and this update will let us do so, a gamer still loves to see his build work against enemies and just disabling it is not really that satisfying. Edit: After reading OP's statement I feel like Trendy Devs are a bit overworked. The Dyrad seems strong is a correct satement. I feel like this happened the same reason I can't concetrate after learning for hours. I can only remember my latest topics and have to sleep for a while to get back to the old stuff, too. Trendy makes new things and builds it around the latest content released. Maybe, maybe not. Who knows. Even if your conference or group meetings take another hour to talk about all the stuff, do so, I think it's worth it. Also the offer of sending cake is still up. I just have no idea if I can send it over from europe ...
  7. Wonderfull. Magnificent. Awesome. Why don't we just start insulting us as a matter of greeting. Who's Josh? How do I befriend Trendy staff on skype? I also thought DD2 would be more of a game like COD or Overwatch. I mean, where's the movement. I also miss the assasinations DD1 had, smoke grenades and hacking the enemy spawns. Also, where can I farm my ressources? They also did not implement it. Suck this! Iamisoms friend said, all this would be in the game when he recommended it on steam. AAAAahhhhhh, blame my ***ing imagination. I'm just not able to see the other things. I might just have played the same way all day. Yeah, what a wonderfull way of blaming the developers for my lack of comitement to experience new stuff. Why did you never make me play in another way Trendy? Why did you always make me play the way I'm currently playing? Filthy brainwashing goblins you are. I guess you all got magical power.
  8. Ha, I knew Zimmerman abuses some sort of bug for his aura builds! Confirmed!
  9. They announced a wild western themed map a while ago but also stated, that they need to finish it first. I was hoping that the GW 750 weapon would drpo there aside with the 750 totem. But w/e, people are pacient these times^^
  10. One of the first posts I ever made in here, I mentioned how awesome it is jumping around on the map. The old maps don't really have those features, and looking at how the four bosses on forest poachers won't even get displayed any more or disappear once their wave starts, I doubt they want to have such things in their map designs any more. So the joy of jumping got reduced to how effective it is for the movement. Not to speak about my all time favorite map with the chess theme. If there's any chance to get back this map, tell me!
  11. I just guess it was a short answer to whatever he wanted to say. Though about a proper answer and just gave up on a long one because of time reasons. Having 300 shards will not make them think of any of them. Even if the comco system got busted a little bit in the last year they can't think of all the effects. Maybe they should combine Frosty Power and Snowstorm into one and name Blizzard. All in all the shard system is also important for the development, because it's a super easy way to implement new effects into the game and overlook all the other effects in some sort of library, maybe even having a small alogithm about the effects of the shards. (Hell I think I just got a small project for me to run at the end of the exams....)
  12. I tried an oil geyser, pheonix build once. The problem is that the dmg is lacking, the oil geysers take a ***load of DU and cover a small area only. Implementing oily harpoon did nothing, too. Yes the enemies were slow, yes they got dmged hard at the end but any stronger enemy or the crystal beasts would just walk through the lines and break them for others to follow up and the build was gone.
  13. If they implement it into shards they need to most likely write a new code to do so. Just copy paste for 300 codes would not work because their variables are diffrent, their classes won't match or the algorithms would not work for the shards. Pretty sure they will change that with the update. And if not, they do just not read the forums as they said they'd do :P
  14. It's like noone really even tries to look at the effects of enemies or their weaknesses. The roller doesn't receive status effects like burn or anything else, thus the PDT was totally countered. Besides this was one of three points.
  15. I don't think the enemy is that bad, I think it's bad implemented. The community in general wanted faster gameplay for higher difficulties. Totaly not what to expect from the roller.They're designed to crash a lane even when there are multiple heros in the lane and it's possible for three of them to appear at once. Whoever made this decision wants to troll us!!! (Cut this guys toilet pauses in the office, let's see who's gonna laugh then!) The first few at it's design is just a better version of the ogre, tanking and damage dealing when standing in front of a defense.Can't be affected by status effects. Who thought in a game that once made combos a pretty big deal, an immune enemy would be a great idea? Toilet pause cut or steal his lunchbox! What's well done: Can't approach it directly, you need to think about what you're doing.Tower placement gets more important.360° attacks while moving forward to pressure.So what's the general idea behind this enemy? It's first of all to end the PDT spam. It's not said loud but sadly that's the real deal. Balance does not work this way, one tower beeing good against 99% of all odds does not get worse by creating a nearly immune enemy. The second part is to create a challenge. There was often talked about variety in the earlier days of this forum but it got somehow lost in all the trouble Trendy had either internaly or went missing because the community did not care any more. So variety creates challenges but also for the programming. There's not something like an algorithm magicaly adressing balance. This takes time and a few patches, and so far I believe Trendy knows this pretty well and works with it. Third are upcoming things we might not know so far. The main problem just seems, that only a few heros can deal with the roller well enough to not feel frustreated when playing. I think that should be the main focus in a rework. Bringing all heros in shape to battle this enemy. Reworking it's weak spots, immunities or attack patters, speed or whatever. I can imagine at least 5 ideas right away to change it.
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