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  1. Don't worry :P I've got the Huntress uber already =) But I see your point. To add to what I wrote in the OP; I tried using Flamebursts AND Flamethrower towers, when I ran a projectile setup instead of trap setup. I tried using just the Flamebursts, just the Flamethrowers and in a 3rd attempt; a mix of both. They die too quickly, because Drakins shotgun spread barf takes 1/8th of the tower's 17000 health. While I'm busy trying to repair a blockade taking damage all the time, they're being killed without me being able to do anything about it. If I stop repairing the blockade, it'll get to a point where Lady Orcs simply cut thru it like butter. My trap placement is the following; 2 traps infront of the Barricade covering the entire lane, so that mobs can't get stuck to the side of the barricade, attacking it without getting hit. Where those traps trigger area stops, I place another trap in the middle, to get some damage on Warboards and the smaller thrower goblin thingies. Further down the lane I place 2 traps to cover the area where I know Drakins are standing, as well as Javelins. On magic res lanes I place 3, because of the smaller trigger radius and the complete crap damage the explosive traps do. (15000 at Tier 5, 3000 at Tier 1 compared to Elem Chaos traps that do 27000 at Tier 5 and 5400 at Tier 1). With 1 Frost tower active near the Elem Chaos, it does 7500ish, with 2 it does 8800ish. The biggest problem that I have is the damage output on magic resist lanes, since I would need 6000DP to even get close to a reliable setup. I base that on the fact that my Explosive traps damage is the same as my DP; 3005 to be exact. If I waste my mana on wave 1 to upgrade explosive traps on the lane with the toughest enemies, to get that 6010 damage that they do; I'm left without Boost auras and/or stronger blockades. do you have a purging evil polearm? waller squire can fairly easily distract mobs long enough for defences to kill them (and have them explode) when backed up by a serenity aura (just keep moving) and definitely helps with dps via the fight me not sphere, if im not running dps huntress in my deck then i put serenities in every lane (even magic resist) I'll farm NM2 for that polearm then I guess. Betsy exclusive or is it dropped elsewhere? afaik drops anywhere in endgame, sadly difficult to specifically farm any of the build items currently Noted. But right now my options are; level my 2nd apprentice to 50 or farm that polearm. As it stands, the latter is the better option, if only just to test whether or not it will help.
  2. do you have a purging evil polearm? waller squire can fairly easily distract mobs long enough for defences to kill them (and have them explode) when backed up by a serenity aura (just keep moving) and definitely helps with dps via the fight me not sphere, if im not running dps huntress in my deck then i put serenities in every lane (even magic resist) I'll farm NM2 for that polearm then I guess. Betsy exclusive or is it dropped elsewhere?
  3. I'm at a certain point in the game, where I just can't progress any further. I'm stuck between low-tier NM3 (The 460 iPWR ones) and whatever else lies beyond. My squire has a respectable 184,000HP Blockades. It's far from what others have, but they do tank quite a bit of damage. I've got 7 heroes in total at lv50, 5 builders, 1 dps and 1 reserve I don't really know what to do with yet. All of these heroes, including the 2 extras have all reached the same basic gear level (Ranging from 517-570 Avg iPWR). The Blockades I have easily tanks ogres when they're buffed by my Monk and upgraded somewhat. I completed Gates of Dragonfall NM3 Incursion with relative ease, but only because I had my Huntress to DPS.(I did this post-nerf of the whole crit thing). The problem isn't the tankyness of the blockades per se. The problem lies with my defenses' damage output. My Huntress builder has 3005 DP. But even that + 2 upgrades on her traps, a 344 Boost Aura and about 2-3 of those suckers in each lane where the majority of the enemies will be standing and an additional 2 where Javs and Drakins are standing; the damage output is probably 1/5th of what it needs to be. I do have an Apprentice with Frostfire and roughly 30% Frosty Power (He's currently at 2600DP), and while this does seem to help a little bit; I'd say 5 Frost towers per lane is the absolute minimum to consistently CC things like Orcs & Lady Orcs but also get the traps to a half decent level, where they actually start to out-dps SOME of the Mages that start piling up behind the already massive pile of Greenskins. 15 Frost towers is a luxury I can't afford. I know that my Blockades can take a hit or two, but the enemies just pile up and pile up, until they eventually break through 300k worth of Blockade in less than a second. So... Let's try a different route? My Tower Squire, at 2900DP with his 7100 DPS Canons at tier 1 w/o Boost aura and 7900ish with - This will surely do better if backed up by a tier 1 Ballista with a 19000DMG punch and a frost tower to deal as much damage as possible in one go so that the Canon(s) can finish them off. Not in your dreams... If I'm lucky, the Ballistas/Canons survive the first Drakin, and manage to DPS that 500k monster. If I'm quick enough with repairs, then maybe it'll survive the next. But what happens on wave 3 or 4 out of 7? 4-5 Drakins piled up, riding eachother's backs and completely destroys everything within seconds. I could go on, but I won't. Now here's my question; how can I progress when NM3 Incursion drops worse gear than I already have? Even NM3 Liferoot drop worse gear. Not only that; I HAVE TO use my DPS huntress as backup, so any and all items that COULD be kinda good for my Blockade Squire f.ex, all come with Huntress passives. Not Squire passives. I can't do harder maps because there's not enough DPS to mitigate some of the potential dmg to the blockades and I can't get better DPS gear because I can't do the harder maps. Tips? Anyone? Should I skip boost auras and just spam 40 trillion traps in each lane? Should I have just 1 trap and back that up with something else? Love to hear what you guys can come up with, cause I sure as hell can't. I've tried everything I can think of but nothing has gotten me any closer to high-tier NM3. I did manage 6/7 waves on Liferoot, but that was only due to luck as it turns out, since I haven't gotten that far ever since. ~Selfrot PS. I still love the game. But Trendy; plz fix soon™er
  4. Sorry for the late response. But yes, it's indeed fixed. Tested both double-clicking to replace the pet and drag n' drop replacing it, and both works just fine
  5. Accidentally stumbled upon this little bug and I have no idea if it's known or not, but here goes; If you visit the Petrinarian, click the Power Up tab and then switch pets (In the Power Up window): You'll power up the old pet you had equipped, not the new one. Please delete if this is known already. I am way, waay too lazy to look this up since it's a trivial bug. ~Selfrot
  6. I'm stuck with only 4 heroes. I thought 6 heroes was a Defense Council thing, but apparently not. Squire - Stacked with phys res Monk & Huntress lazy stunlock combo and an apprentice I never use. Huntress is stacked with THP and TSPD and the monk is stacked with TSPD and TDMG. Pretty bad gear, but I can still farm Betsy Hard Inc. Can't find any good items tho, so I'll stick with 1k TDMG monk for now.
  7. How does the different maps compare to each other? Is there any difference at all, that you've noticed? Generally speaking, will Betsy drop the same crap I get just as easily on Liferoot or is there actually a point in doing Betsy besides dailies? Here's what I've noticed; The 2-4 player drop bonus is bogus. I get 3-5 Legendaries when I do Liferoot Incursion (Hard) by my self. When I play in a group, I'm lucky if I get 1 legendary. This goes for Betsy as well, but I've only tested this theory 4-5 times and I got a stunning 1 legendary!!!!!!! In 4-5 runs.The legendaries I do get from Betsy are the same old crappy items I just got while watching Youtube, letting my Sky Guards wreck Liferoot. Am I just unlucky or is there something to this?I want to like this game but at the moment, my gear that isn't even upgraded fully, or even consistent (I've got mixed items, such as Earthshatter Range on my Huntress) seems to be as good as it gets really. And all I hear from Trendy is (I'm paraphrasing) "Yes yes! The updates are coming! Don't worry! They're gonna be amazing! Just see what we're working on here (Devstreams)!". Trendy; don't hype the way that you do. If the updates don't turn out the way you hoped, people are just gonna be more pissed off. Wait until you have a working concept before you show things off, instead of dragging it out, talking about all these great new changes that I can't get my hands on for months and months. In the future; announce features when you're comfortable giving an ETA, so we know; all right, they're close to finishing this and it's coming in 2-3 weeks. Not; we've got this and it's coming soon™.
  8. 1) No idea if the formula is known or not. 2) Doesn't appear to be. What's your Sky Guards current "ATK Rate"? Mine is 0.54s 3) Yes. But don't worry about it unless you notice that your auras die before you're able to repair them. I've got 301 Tower Health, and even that is 'too much'. I've found Boost Auras to be more dependent on Tower Health than any other, since [I assume] it's energy is drained for every boosted tower's attack. 4) No. Only certain Relics will improve the Boost Aura... It used to be that you could get, 2 additional items that gave this boost (Head and Weapon I believe). But Trendy removed those from the lootpool, leaving some people with amazing items and any future players with mediocre stats in comparison. 5) I don't believe it does, but I'm not exactly sure. Boost Auras will reduce the damage it receives, but that's pretty much it. I'm assuming that the Health is what you've got to work with. It doesn't make sense to have resistance grouped in with a Health stacked Barricade. If anything damage resistance should be a separate stat entirely (Like with the Heroes). 6) The damage taken is reduced by #%. Meaning; A mob hitting your barricade for 10000, you'd simply remove the #% from 10000. Standard Boost Aura DMG Prot is 10%, so easy enough; the mob will hit the barricade for 9000. I assume this is how it works.. I might be completely wrong.
  9. My (old) setup used 5 boosted Skyguards around the egg (Just like cometmarcher mentioned), 4 Geysers per lane and 1 Lightning Aura in each lane. Geysers were arranged in a square with the Lightning Aura in the middle, so that most enemies got stuck on the first 2 Geysers and any mobs that got through (There's always one) would get stuck on the 2nd set of Geysers. 2.8seconds recharge on the Geysers (Dmg doesn't matter, at all) and I can't remember the exact number, but .80 seconds on the Lightning Auras is more than enough... It was probably even more than that (Same thing here; Dmg doesn't matter). Skyguards were incredibly weak, probably 25000 to 30000 DPS at Tier 5. Dmg on Sky Guards is not entirely useless, but you want to focus more on the DPS. So stack a lot of Tower speed. Even if you've got something like 2500 dmg, the Sky Guards will be able to hit a lot more enemies, dishing out something like 30000 damage each second. With High damage, you might be able to one shot a couple of enemies, but meanwhile 400 Wyverns are tearing up your Egg cart. With the setup mentioned above, even with extra Geysers, there's 200 (or thereabouts) DU left, so add more Sky Guards if you need to. EDIT: You can get away with roughly 40-50 Geyser charges - But you're gonna have to repair them... A lot.
  10. To further elaborate my previous post: The padding has been commented out, and thus the top of the page looks like... Well... You know =) I can't tell if PHP is using includes to append this, but what I found is that in the page head, there's a style tag containing the style properties for several elements of the page, but more importantly; the padding you want. The first line inside this style tag is: "/* ----------[ Less Stuff ]----------- */". There're several properties that have been commented out, and they include; The old background image (The light yellowish one). -30px top position (Which I found to be a very bad thing. It messes the whole thing up. Cutting away the top portion of the Squire's Sword. You can probably delete this property entirely) And of course the body padding. Either these style properties has been edited using stylevars or the additional.css, and simply been commented out, when testing new ideas. I was baffled when I didn't find the normal import query string for the stylesheet next to these properties, so I checked the head, and sure enough - there's a style tag hiding in there. Hope this helped you guys, and if you already knew all this stuff and if you've dealt with the matter in a devbuild of the style which will be pushed later - then you can delete this post =) Regards, Selfrot
  11. "body" is missing it's 100px top padding. Without the 100px padding: With the 100px padding:
  12. Just some testing: If you can read this, then nothing needs to change. And honestly...too much purple. All your purple are belong to Trendy! Another thing, the "Thumb Up" button does not match the "style" of the forums. Love the green colour chosen for the "Amount of thumbs" received, it doesn't burn your eyes out when looking at it. But the little icon thingy could be changed to a glyph, for example: http://glyphicons.com has some great SVG fonts that follows the same style that the Metro is based upon. The Reply to Thread button's little Plus sign with a circle around it. The Reply, Reply With Quote and Multi Quote - buttons beneath this post. They're all a single colour. At the moment, you can barely make out the white thumb inside the green gradient of the button - it's just a blur on a screen with high contrast settings.
  13. Are you referring to the "settings" and "log out" links next to the "Welcome, [username]" link? Just making sure. And thanks for your feedback! Exactly! The links within the "notifications" dropdown seems to be camelcased. I neglected to mention which links I meant in the previous post! =)
  14. The "toplinks" in the sub-header are forced to lowercase. ".toplinks ul.isuser > li" It looks really weird when you compare it to other areas like the 'Reply to Thread'-button, Breadcrumbs and the "Welcome, " message - just to name a few. Other than that, love the changes you've made to the otherwise dull and boring Metro theme! (I don't like Metro (a), but I love this one!)
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