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  1. Bitnight is the only game that comes into mind but you probably haven't heard of that either
  2. Lol i'm back, mostly because I have been playing 7wizards. The game used to be much bigger but then it got shut down because of hacking and stuff, but now it's back and if you join and have any questions message me my name on it is Hammerhead.
  3. To be honest i don't like the idea DD2 is supposed to be more fantasy not wars nowadays with all skins and that stuff.
  4. I was going to play it but it looks and sounds like halo, I love halo (bar halo 4). When you make a new franchise it actually has to be different to any previous games.
  5. Fake orangutans really do smell w d p l d
  6. Ehh some people put in like 2000 hours and still didn't get the beta key if it was their birthday and 100 hours isn't a lot but you never no what the trendy team will do so there is still i small hope that you ill get it.
  7. Drbinman

    Monk AA tower

    Maybe every upgrade the speed of it would increase maybe 5%
  8. First, we have to assume how important xp is going to be. And basically xp is as important as the game makes it. Some games only use xp for lvling you character (low importance), some use it for lvling sub/professions and items also (medium importance), some games after a character is lvled use experiance as a currency (high importance). So lets first speak on the main importance of XP, leveling you character. Leveling your character once again has differant lvls of importance based on the game. From what we know about DD2 so far it should have a high importance. This is because gear has lvl restrictions. But once your max lvl how could xp be made important? Well it can either be made into a currency, there are three ways this could be done. In all these below examples the experiance bar would stay perma-set to a large amount of xp, basically stay perma set to the xp required to reach max lvl from the lvl right below it. So from 69-70 in DD1. 1. When you reach max lvl the xp bar is still present, just now whenever you fill it again you will gain a XP coin/point to spend at a special vendor. 2. When you reach max lvl the xp bar is still present, just now whenever you fill it again you will gain bonus loot chest, this chest could have any random loot in it or some mana curency. 3. When you reach max lvl the xp bar is still present, just now whenever you fill it again you will start to fill reward tracks the lead to exclusive rewards, such as skins and pets that can only be earned by getting more xp in this reward track. This would reward players who put more time into the game than those who don't. Any of these ideas would keep xp from becoming irrelevant, even in late game. -Vys I really like the xp being a currency, maybe you can trade xp for mana in the tavern. The ratio could be 1:4
  9. Dammit, I'm GMT it'll be hard for me to see you streaming- live stream either civ 5 or DD2
  10. This is a pretty solid idea, as far as when the tower is triggered I'm not really sure what would work best there. - Drbinman I do really like the idea of it losing tower health to heal/save a hero though. This adds to the fact that enemy mobs will be drawn to it and will also be doing damage. Therefore it could save a hero with it's last remaining health and die. Meaning the hero would have to constantly repair it each wave or even during the wave. - Drbinman I also agree with this! I feel like this would be completely separate from the defenses that the existing heroes would have. The only hero that might work for this tower would be the Apprentice. But, I feel like an Initiate acting as almost a pure support of defenses and heroes would be a great idea! Possibly giving attack buffs to champs as their defenses. Raising these "Life-Bringer" towers to keep people alive, and who knows what else! Thanks for agreeing with me!
  11. Congrats on your 100th post Drbin, I think the easiest way to fix this would be, if you deal at least 20% damage to an enemy you will get xp from it. If you don't deal at least 20% you don't get xp. This is basically the way it is in GW2, the most anti greifing mmo I know of. -Vys Good idea, I hate when that happens.
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