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  1. I haven’t been active on DD2 in quite a while, but with the new update and characters I wanted to jump back in. I was in Chaos 7 and had done 2 AP resets (ultimately what exhausted me… didn’t have the resources to keep resetting and got burned out). I’m not going to do more resets, but I am overwhelmed by the relics and Servos in my inventory. So, my community friends, as I clean out my inventory to try an start again. If you had to pick 5-10 relics for builders and for DPS characters what would they be? Also, if you had to pick 5-10 servo’s for builders and DPS wh
  2. Still not able to join. Any other suggestions? It would be really appreciated!
  3. Thank you for responding! It now says “Failed to Join session because there was an error retrieving the sessions address” Same response if we do a personal invite through the Switch or if we try to join each other’s public games. We can join other posted public games, just not with each other. We can connect on other games - Smash Brothers and Mario Kart, it seems only DD:A we can’t seem to connect. Thanks again - the Ancient Dragon needs defeating!
  4. We were early backers and got 2 keys for Switch. We each used a key at launch and initially we were able to join games together. We had the similar problem of only the host getting XP but just alternated hosting the game. Starting this week it says: ”Failed to joined session because an unknown error occurred.” This happened before the patch, and still after the patch. Anyone know what is going on or a work around? We love the game - bugs and all, just hoping to play together again! Thanks Chromatic!
  5. I’m working on massacre fusion sets - just wondering what are opinions for a solo 4 fusion towers. I’m sure there is some variation based on map, but in general what 4 should I be shooting for? Currently, I am using: Boost Monk w/ Ancient Set for Fusion Ensnare Aura Builder Monk w/ Guard Set for Fusion Lightning Aura EV:A w/ Primitive Set for Fusion Overclock Beam Builder Apprentice w/ Primitive Set for Fusion DSTs I’m only in the 4K - 5k main stats, but I’m still struggling through wave 23 starts on most massacre maps. Any other solo fusion tower combina
  6. Patch mores say you can reforge by talking to the blacksmith, he tells me about transmog but not reforge. Am I missing something?
  7. I had the exact same thing happen on Monday. I submitted a ticket on the chromatic.zendesk and haven’t heard anything for 3 days. I would love to play my peeps again (I’m quarantined for COVID exposure...). I’m new to Discord, could you help? How do I send a message on it? Thank you so much!
  8. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I just wanted to say thanks for an awesome game. I played for a couple hours with my son and we laughed and had so much fun! We both got some Ancient Power and for the first time in my life I was thrilled to have Green Beans (Level 10 Mods) on Thanksgiving. (We thought we were pretty funny.) Our favorite things are: 1. Replay on Onslaught - it has helped me learn (and this is hard to admit...) that sometimes I spam Auras. 2. Citadel Pirate Map - it brings back so many fun memories - the details in the map are just awesome too! 3. The Adept - Seriously, the
  9. We love the game, and really appreciate the communities responses to other posts! I understand the need to sale inventory bags, that’s fine. It’s just the sorting of shards gets so strange, on PS4 if you auto sort a bag with shards I can’t figure out if it is by chaos level, upgrade levels, alphabetically, or order they were found. It seems like each bag has different sorting rules. Any thoughts of ways I can organize the shards better without spending hours sorting/moving one at a time, by graphic - then name, to various bags?
  10. My PS4 is making weird noises... I have a PSN membership - but it doesn’t look like DD2 data uploads. How do you guys recommend I back-up my data to transfer to a new PS4? I’ve invested quite a bit of time into my dude and would hate to loose it...
  11. Greetings Trendy from one of your youngest, but most fierce, defenders. He is 8 and for his birthday wanted the Protean Polearm (easiest wrapping job I’ve ever had). We are wondering if Professor Proteus will ever figure out how to remove the locked mods on incursion weapons (like Glaive of the Storms). We are excited for the update. With the change to Onslaught we will hopefully be able to complete entire floors within the screen time limit imposed by Mom. Also, we are going as pirates for Halloween. We love our adventures to Etheria. Thanks for your hard work on this awesome game!
  12. Still having this problem... dang...
  13. It won’t let me log into the game on ps4 right now...
  14. Stone shoes - no knock back Float shoes - hover (like the cloud the monk rides with his power surge weapon) Silent shoes- doubles the time before assassins can find you (when you have the purple smoke around you -so you can drop counters if needed) Bare Bear foot - physical damage when you jump on enemies Just for fun, as always- excited for the next developments!
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