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  1. Hi, Yeah we were having problems with it out of nowhere. So we had to remove it from the emporium. As soon as we fix it it'll go back up in a future update.
  2. 5008 is the error message you get when the servers are not up yet.
  3. I can help you. check your private messages.
  4. yeah, we'll take a look at the fire one. thanks.
  5. Oh come on guys! Only 3 spelling bugs??? Psshh, We have hunreads of dem spells errorrs.
  6. Hi, There are 2 things you can try: 1. Even though the game is off, check to see if the game didn't shut down properly the last time and is possibly still running in the background .(Check the windows task manager) 2. There is a file in the game folder that needs to be there to satisfy steam. Its possible that file either got corrupted or deleted at some point. If you right click on the game in your steam library and select properties, you can click "Verify Integrity of game files" in the Local files tab. That will check to see if any files may be wrong and re-download them (although it will p
  7. Hi, 1. Yeah, we got that fixed. Should be released in a future build. 2. Hmmm, do you have an elemental or other passives on it? 3. Yeah, we got that fixed. Should be released sooner than #1. Thanks!
  8. what quest are you guys on? if you guys are on different quest then maps/game modes will be locked based on the highest common unlock. Another change is the go to town and private tavern are blocked if the profile you are on has not beaten the first 3 maps. If you have, hit continue campaign from the main menu and that should put you back to where you need to be. All that info is saved in the configuration files (which sadly is hidden by the console, yay PC!) so if you swap xbox profiles a lot its possible the wrong information is saved in those config files. But they should update properly
  9. based on the icons on screen, the game didn't think you were targeting a chest. looks like it thinks you're targeting a tower. Was this just a one time thing?
  10. ok, let me take a look. thanks for the heads up
  11. HI Kronin, Really good feedback. I can comment and say that your concerns with onslaught have been heard and some changes are in the works. I can't comment on them atm as we haven't annnounced it and actively still working on it but the onslaught feedback has been heard. As for some of the other feedback, the quest and map selection comment, we are also looking into implementing a smarter Quest system to make it easier/more interesting I just don't have a time table for that yet. We know we have some quest that some people can't do because they're not high enough so all of that is being taken
  12. We'll take a look. This bug likes to move from map to map. If somethings wrong we'll fix it up. Thanks.
  13. Doh, you found it! Yeah, that issue has been fixed already and you should be seeing the fix hopefully sooner rather than later. You can see it in the bucket behind the blacksmith npc in the outdoor hub which is where we found it. It's the same bucket asset lol
  14. From what we've deciphered it's the same issue. If you guys had log files available to you on the ps4 you'd see its stuck trying to allocated memory and if you let it sit long enough it'll crash eventually. So again i'm not ready to say this is fixed but it does seem the fix will knock out both these issues. the infinite loading screen and straight up crash. #32GigPS4RAMYesPlease
  15. Thanks! Current Status: We've fixed a general memory problem on the PS4 that all these issue seemed to come from. The game has been pretty stable since but I'm not ready to call it fixed yet as memory issue have a way to pop up in a million different ways. We also got some onslaught changes coming that will help with progress saving to. More to come hopefully very very soon. Bare with us just a little longer.
  16. Hi, Are you talking about the icon on the mini-map or on his health bar? Thanks for the heads up.
  17. Yeah, there was a problem with the cosmetic that require them to change some stuff with it which resulted in a new version of it (although there is no difference at all, just on the tech side of things). The new version of it was put in and the few people that had the old one had a chance to see this weird issue. As LineDrill mentioned, once you swap arm pieces or just re-equip the same one the problems solves itself. Which is a lot easier than us going in and manipulating everyone's save file. It was safer to just let this issue phase itself out over time. I never fixed the issue on my person
  18. Hi, If you see this again can you tell us what map, difficulty, and game mode you were in?
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