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  1. Hey all, Its been a real pleasure being on this forum for a while but business and study came up so I dont think I will have enough time to be a decent tester :( So I will see you all a bit later, but for now I wont have the time to contribute that much :( Have fun and wish you all the best!! Cheerios! Ill be back!
  2. Well in general a map creator and a good platform to share them is a great idea. I really like the concept for The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot, but I dont think that DD2 should go this route. It is a great idea, but it is like you said an entire game concept. So to create this almost means creating a new game. But I think that Palantir was also created by players in a map creating competition or something (though Id heard that somewhere). So I hope that Trendy will open that up again and promote it more. Im not entirely sure yet about the monetizing aspect of this but im also not sober so mi
  3. Netherlands. We got plenty of cool stuff ehre. With the amount of drugs we take (france takes more I know but) we can find the weirdest bugs you can imagine :S
  4. That sounds like an interesting idea, could have potential if properly fleshed out. One immediate problem I notice about it would be the tendency for inexperienced players to throw away 'tower mana' instead of investing in their consistent tower defenses (by upgrading). One way to combat this would be to change the heroes abilities into building temporary towers, sounds silly but it might work. That would leave the question of what their 'real' towers would be... Personally I wouldn't mind a character that was unable to attack if I had abilities that 'summoned' temporary towers instead.
  5. I don't think comparing this game to NM mode in DD1 is fair due to the fact that DD1 was never planning on NM mode so it was not thought out well enough(in my opinion) I think a better example of this would be; running lab assault 50 times and not getting one ult and watching some other guy get 2 ult++ in 10 runs(seen it happen) Yeah I agree. Hopefully it will be better balanced and thought through this time around. The broken part is that NM Deeper Well has worse drops than Hardcore Insane Survival. Oh, and NM Deeper Well is harder. THAT'S the broken part. Endless Spires having easily
  6. My goal is to be such a huge and fantastic part of this community that they *have* to let me hang out with them eventually. :P If that includes any other requirements such as me working/interning at Team Trendy, well then I guess we will get those taken care of first. :) I hear prostitution can open the right doors.... (I dont work at trendy. Im just the evil devil sitting on your shoulder)
  7. It'll be more likely that they release it as an open beta/open alpha or at the very least create more spots in the defense council come the end of spring. By closed geographical area Woquini meant that they may just make the game available to a certain part of the world. Dont they freaking dare..... protest standing on the street only wearing bacon if they don't bring this to Europe ASAP. Wait that might make it even more attractive for them... Scrap that.. GIVE EUROPE ACCESS. Think of the children!! Do it for science. Do it for love. Dont keep this away from meeee.... :((((
  8. Sooo...basically the TF2 Miniturret? Havent played that much TF2, but probably? Like a tower that times out after a round or after a few seconds/minutes. Yeah this is good one... It can be also a type of game you know like a challenge way to finish a map dunno... Maybe a future character could have this feature on but mabye not for all of his turret because this function can be cool but you don't want too much of it i think... Still searching It is an idea to have a hero with jist these towers, but have several heroes have 1 of these is possible as well. If it was developed into a game
  9. Ah my bad. They aren't called totems, but relics (but some relics are called totems): (Click the picture to be linked to the article) So basically stats are gained from these relics that are added onto your cool looking gear. Ahh that stuff. Yeah me likey :D I think the relics will just give additional stats, but again interesting to see if they can be put into sets. Or maybe have them "set up" with weapons. Possibilities :O
  10. Yeah those first few maps didnt really drop myths on NMHC. Kind of strange. But still I feel there has to be a point where the game gets challenging and takes several runs to get past. But this doesnt have to depend on gear..
  11. I'm still unsure on how the totems work though so that could spice things up. Thou puzzleth me my friend. What are these totems thou speaketh of?
  12. I'd wager that the animal is smarter than us. At least he's getting sustenance from the lever at no cost (bar time and effort). What do we get? Ultimately less money than we started off with. A little bit of 'slow progression' is okay (that's what I'm calling grinding now) but I don't want to have to play a single map for multiple hours a day just to get a decent item. To the both of you: I like the hidden messages, so I'm going to keep them that way. When quoting others the background colour changes so you'll have to change their hidden words to [[4580,hashtags]]. Depending on the
  13. Hey all, Another weird suggestion, but maybe it will turn into something. How about a new mechanic for towers? How about a hero that can build temporary towers. Towers that have a timer or only last one round. I havent worked out the full idea yet, but the concept of most towers is building them in specific spots and keeping them alive. How about having towers that work on a different mechanism. they would be there for only one round, quick to build and work as a temporary improvement to a defense or when unforseen enemies turn up somewhere. If you like the idea, hate it or want to
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