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  1. Kk i figured. Thanks for the heads up. :)
  2. I haven't logged in a while but all my characters are gone and my early access items are back in the mail box. Know what's up?
  3. I mean, the barriers are still useful. Set them up to block any kobolts that get through. But ya until you hit level two tower those guys are annoying. :D
  4. So the crits are location based, not rng. That clears up some stuff.
  5. I keep seeing stats increasing crit damage. What exactly is a crit? a secondary attack or what? Where can I see my crit chance. :I
  6. Please bring endless defense back, that was a super fun late game gamemode. :D
  7. I'm SURE this has been stated before, and maybe i'm just missing it in game, but there should be a player trading/drop item in tavern option. I keep getting these items I want to share with friends but I don't think i have the ability too yet?
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