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  1. So you can either host a private game or join a public game, but there's no option to host a public game like in DD1 or DDE. Can we get this option? I'd like to play with others, but so often I join a game and all anyone is doing is building towers in the tavern and not really playing.
  2. just managed to solo most of it with a monk/flameburst mage/barricade squire but it seem so iffy with the boss being to target the core. also, i don't know how you beat this boss without skyguard towers because flamebust just don't seem to have the range or DPS to bring down the boss ( or life for that matter when the boss starts destroying your towers ). If someone is willing to show me a build that works I'd much appreciate it. Also, I'm trying to do this with post Pets & Dragon equipment ( for me, that means no lightning aura/boost aura passives on helment, weapon ).
  3. it would seriously piss me off if my boost aura passives were rerolled after all the hours i spent looking for them. same for my lightning aura passives.
  4. is this even possible? On Normal it seems possible ( with some tricky running around ) but on hard it seems nearly impossible? is this by design? just curious.
  5. Can we get a way during the game outside of the forge to see what our heros are equipped with and what their stats are? in original DD, you could do this by hitting the "I" button and you could even see what other players are equipped with.
  6. i was trying out the emulator dll recommended by ddfreerunsbyrequest called xinput1_3.dll. i was wondering if anyone else has used it and experience odd issues. It works most of the time, but some times, during the initial startup, the mouse cursor acts funny, sometimes character control ( facing ) fails and i have to restart the game, or it seems that sometimes the dll itself doesn't load ( f2 -> o does nothing ). restarting the game eventually fixes it, but i was wondering if anyone else experienced this issue while using the emulator.
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