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  1. Worse than World of Warcraft. Its nothing but self-entitled people demanding to be handed everything on a silver platter. Game is overly easy as it is. The problem with the gaming industry is right here... the people who play this game. You are why videogames are being ruined. You are the cancer that is destroying decent games. I feel bad for the developers. I feel bad for the industry and i feel by for actual gamers. Everything in this game as it is is extremely easy to acquire yet all anyone does is cry about how they want to get it easier. Trendy this is not your player base. Please ignore
  2. It was told plenty of times that you only unlock the costume and weapon for that character you use in the last wave, it would be stupid otherwise. Besides it's easy to solo on hard now. No one told me. I see no sign saying that. I see nothing explaining that to me at all.
  3. Finish halloween on hard and i only unlock costume for one character? Cool. Im pretty mad about that. Flame all you want etc.
  4. I did not scammed. Trading system on DD is not passive to scam. You put the item, and press accept, the other part has to put his item, or mana, and press accept as well. He ACCEPTED. I ACCEPTED. I did NOT ACCEPTED to send him 20 dollars, violating a ToS rule. Trading is not a ToS rule, we had a regular trade. Your skewed since if logic is insane. YOU TOOK SOMETHING FROM SOMEONE UNDER FALSE PRETENSES. You stole an item from him because you thought it was your right to punish him. That is insanely childish and unethical. You are portraying yourself as being a white knight for morality by s
  5. I did not broke any rule. I did not put a gun in his head, he accepted the trade by free will. Read his posts on the old thread, he said it clearly "I took the chances". Oh yeah well I told this old lady i was a nigerian prince. It isnt my fault i took all her money. I didnt force her or anything. I just promised her 1million dollars.
  6. Um thats scamming. You agreed to a trade you knew you werent going to do. Took his stuff and ran away. Even if he was stupid thats still a scam dude. You took his stuff and said you were gonna give him money. Getting busted by the cops for wanting to buy drugs is the same as if you actually bought it. Cop sets you up and you go through with it .... same deal.
  7. Why hasn't PS3(not sure about 360) gotten any updates dice launch to gives us all of the changes made to PC, we dont even get the Halloween map. Feeling pretty left out right about now, especially since most of the changes I wanted have already been applied to PC. Everything on those platforms has to be approved by those companies. Call them up and raise hell. Thats what id do. I hate consoles because of the nazi-ish tactics of the companies that create them.
  8. I like how the only attention in this thread is people who would rather sit on the forums and post QQ remarks than at least go out and try. Get skype. Get on it with a couple people. Roll a mage a squire and a huntress and maybe a monk and keep trying. Its a challenge for a reason.
  9. All i see is crying and people asking for handouts. Have any of you even upgraded your armor and stuff? Have any of you tried teamwork? Ive seen people who have finished it. I havent finished it because I dont have any friends who are Huntresses. Pretty close before though with a 70 turret squire, attack mage working as the turret repairman and a huntress being dps. Its a challenge. If you cant do it yet go farm mana and upgrade all your stuff to max and im sure youll end up being more than enough for it. People have done it and the only reason i see it as being hard now is because its new. Ju
  10. bonus level on hard, and then I just go afk there once I've got it all set up >.> This ^
  11. They will probably implement some graph options to turn things down, but I highly doubt that you'll see anything soon, because this may not be the first on their list. And it is Haloweeeeeeeeen. I don't have such issues luckily, but sometimes even I want to turn stuff down by a magnitude. I just imagined playing you with a motorbyke helmet... >_> Read what i said. Makes the game super mega grey.
  12. Go to options. Click general. Select saturation. Turn it all the way down.
  13. Halloween challenge is ridiculous and Halloween weapons are preposterous. Dev responses? Nope. I gotta give you some accolades here, Trendy - your trolling is as good as always. If you dont like it. Dont play. I love the new challenge mode. ITS ACTUALLY A CHALLENGE. I have laughed through every single other challenge in the game this is the first i didnt win first try. Trendy did an AMAZING JOB. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. If you want handouts why are you playing games? Why are you playing something based on accomplishments? Where is the fun in a game where you are handed everything? If anyth
  14. Powerleveling works mainly if you are the one laying the traps and killing everything off. Sure, end wave exp is nice, but not enough alone. I can see why people want to have shared exp, and I don't have anything against it. Hell, if I get one of my friends to play, I don't want to spend a day to level up a char the normal way with him again. If you have char to powerlevel with, that means you have already beat the game, so why waste eachother's time? Used alternating a lvl 40 and squire and a lvl 40 apprentice and leveled a huntress and monk up to 40ish just letting them soak WAVE experi
  15. I leveled a monk and a huntress to 60 in less than an hour. Sharing experience will only allow people to afk farm and exploit. Its too easy to level as it is. If you wanna play with your friends power level them and then go do it.
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