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  1. That'd be pretty cool. Anything to speed things up would make it better.
  2. After hitting level 60 and getting some random not so great legendary weapon, my Huntress is doing about 500K dps (A little over a million with Boost active) and melts Ogres on the map. I realize people are doing millions of damage, though I'm not using any bugged pets or anything of that nature and trying to stay legitimate. I also know more difficulties are coming, but that doesn't mean our current hardest difficulty should not be challenging. It just feels like the damage scaling on heroes very easily overwhelms the amount of HP mobs have even on higher wave Insane Survival. Hopefully when Nightmare rolls around things are a little more balanced, so you can't roll over the content in just a day or two of playtime.
  3. In ocdgaming90's stream this morning, the Chromatic Games twitch account said they're considering adding a start from wave. So definitely keep up the constructive feedback if this is something we want to see get put into the game.
  4. When I run these Survivals, I more often feel like "can I survive 2 hours without crashing" rather than can I survive the mobs. The system definitely needs to change.
  5. It doesn't take very long to get to the point where the first 15 to 20 waves of the 25 become trivial. I write this now on wave 16 Insane afking in game. In addition, outside of the pet on wave 14, the first hour or so of the grind is unrewarding. On top of this, there are always the potential for things like game crashes, so the longer the run is the more at risk you are from losing your progress. I would like to see changes so that a run is an hour tops. I'd prefer they just made it 10 to 15 waves, make it harder to justify the better stuff dropping early on. Edit: Also just to make it clear, this isn't a post about how much loot you get VS time played. While I'd like the time to run Survival cut in half, I'm fine with getting less loot per single run to balance things out.
  6. Forgive the phone screenshot, print screen wasn't capturing this screen properly for me. What is this locked upgrade that items have at the very bottom do? Also, how do you know when a locked upgrade will unlock? I know you need to put points into other things, but is there a way to know how much?
  7. The sheer amount of mobs makes my usual 80+ FPS turn into 20-30, currently running a 7700K and GTX 1080. Are others experiencing something similar, and is there any setting that helps this out at all? All other modes and maps are relatively smooth for me, it's just the craziness of Survival.
  8. I don't notice this really doing anything, my Huntress still hits the same number of targets, towers don't seem to be affected, the pet doesn't do anything.
  9. I have a 7700K/GTX 1080 and the game is mostly fine for me, except for survival if too many build up at my walls and I'm using something like Enrage Aura. I drop from 70+ FPS down to about 20 in that scenario. Game definitely needs some optimization still, which they have said is an ongoing priority for them.
  10. I tried a number of things and was able to get through the map finally. I booted into safe mode, did a clean uninstall of my GPU drivers and then installed a slightly older set of drivers from 2019, since I was using the latest. In addition, I noticed about midway through wave 5 while trying to see if I'd crash, I didn't place any traps from the Huntress this time around when I had every other time. I would think the issue is more likely my drivers, but in the event it was something else I'm just mentioning that tidbit. So yeah, finally made it through one map without crashing. I'm hoping the crashes are completely gone now.
  11. Still crashing to desktop, can't progress past this map =/ Crash always happens in the middle of a combat phase, also noticed it happens in wave 4 or 5, never 1-3.
  12. I crashed to desktop two times back to back prior to the patch, now post patch I'm having a different issue where it doesn't crash to desktop but the game just freezes and I'm forced to restart my PC. Can't alt+tab or get to task manager to force close the game. I've tried turning off damage numbers, even muted my volumes because the Known Issues List said something about that. I had no issues up until this map, anyone else experiencing anything similar? Edit: Attached is my DxDiag if that helps DxDiag.txt
  13. Towers should look visually better as they get upgraded, not sure if this is planned and just placeholder for early access. Some kind of feature like DD2 had where you can hold Shift to see the range of your already placed towers. Remember last privacy setting used instead of always defaulting to Public when creating a game. Hovering over an item should show what you have equipped for comparison sake. Needs to be easier to see what you can't equip because of level requirements. Map completion progression should be saved per difficulty. If I complete a map on Medium, when I switch to Insane I'm still seeing a checkmark as if I've completed it on that difficulty too. Huntress attack animation is so subtle that if I don't hear the shots, I'm not sure if I'm firing.
  14. I played Dungeon Defenders when it originally launched and got every achievement and the giant *** trophy to go along with it, had hundreds of hours of gameplay time, etc. I loved the game up until the point they started releasing DLC and rapidly making changes to the loot that made all previous things immediately obsolete. My friends and I got a bit soured by that and just stopped playing the game. I understand a second game is in development, but how is the state of this game? Is it worth taking a second look at? Is there a ton of DLC I'd have to buy to really play/enjoy the game?
  15. That's cool that you can start at any wave now. Though, is survival/pure strategy worth doing still? Or do better items come from other means? Thanks for the info everyone, I really appreciate it. Good to be back!
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