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  1. I played for a week or so when the early access first launched. I have some characters around level 65-70, and my DPS character's weapon looked like this after the reset. I don't really know where to pick up from where I left off, what I should be grinding and working toward.
  2. Mary said 5 to 8 days is their ETA on the tool in Discord today.
  3. I was told to message ModMail in the DD Discord with my Steam profile. When I do I get this After selecting any reaction I get this: If I don't choose any reaction it says it timed out. Am I doing something wrong on my end or is there a problem with the service?
  4. I played Dungeon Defenders when it originally launched and got every achievement and the giant *** trophy to go along with it, had hundreds of hours of gameplay time, etc. I loved the game up until the point they started releasing DLC and rapidly making changes to the loot that made all previous things immediately obsolete. My friends and I got a bit soured by that and just stopped playing the game. I understand a second game is in development, but how is the state of this game? Is it worth taking a second look at? Is there a ton of DLC I'd have to buy to really play/enjoy the game?
  5. That's cool that you can start at any wave now. Though, is survival/pure strategy worth doing still? Or do better items come from other means? Thanks for the info everyone, I really appreciate it. Good to be back!
  6. I went ahead and bought most of the DLC I was missing. I tried the very first mission on Nightmare and kept losing on wave 3 or 4. I'm not sure if I'm just rusty or not properly geared to start soloing it yet. Is Nightmare meant to be played with other people or should I be able to solo it if I do it correctly? Also, if it's better gear I need what do you recommend I run as a rusty level 70?
  7. I quit DD back in December or so, I was getting a little fed up with grinding survival for hours for the best items only to disconnect from Trendy.net 3-4 hours into the run. Where do the best items come from these days. How is all the new content that has come out since? Was Nightmare difficulty any good? I need a game to entertain me for a month until Diablo 3 comes out and I'm hoping DD can be that game again. What if anything still frustrates you about this game, and what changes do you like in the last few months? Edit: Also, I'm looking on Steam right now and a little confused what to buy if I were going to play again. There's so many DLC's.
  8. So people have informed you that there are macros, and all you have to do is scroll down in the forum list in order to see them, and yet we're still a "nasty bunch"... I appreciate the helpful comments, I don't appreciate the others. Helpful people are generally smart, they should know it wasn't directed at them.
  9. Maybe...just maybe...he has a health problem? Or hes ...*gasp*...old? I'm 26, give me a break. And I was specifically referring to my left hand having the issues. The not holding the mouse button is just for convenience. I think the issue is going back and forth between E and 3 so much and spamming them. You guys are a nasty bunch, if you don't want to be helpful then **** off.
  10. They added autofire to everyone. Apprentice is the only one you need a script for still if you are trying to max DPS. The script is in the Mod section. I meant so I wouldn't even need to hold left click for the hours I play everyday. And no mashing '3' and 'E'.
  11. I haven't played DD as of late for a pretty sad reason...I find my wrist and hands to hurt and cramp with all the clicking and button pushing I do. Are there any scripts where a simple push of a button would toggle auto fire off and on? The most difficult part of this game is having the endurance to hold down a button for hours and to mash keys =/
  12. Either way, it isn't like obtaining a 70^ weapon is something the typical player can do. So to do the new map, we have to run survival mix mode all the way through? Ug, back to this again. I haven't bothered trying UMF on Hard. Does beating it give good enough loot to start doing it on Insane for those who aren't geared from Survival/Mix?
  13. So uhh what's the difference between a 70^ weapon and a 90^ weapon in dps? 30%? Is 30% really that critical or is the problem that you just aren't building 130 def worth of defenses that you should be? Or is the real problem that your whole team is trying to stand in one place rather than defend in multiple posts near different entrances to make sure the enemies die (and thus the next ones spawn) as quickly as possible? This map was designed more or less to be a gear check. What're towers going to do to ogres with 8+ million HP? So yes, every drop of damage is needed.
  14. Maybe I am just not as good as I 'think' I am, but it still feels like it is imbalanced for the most part. Do we really need a 70^ weapon and 50-60^ armor just to complete it? For Insane you're going to need a better weapon than 70^. I'm fairly certain they'll nerf the difficulty soon.
  15. I doubt the developers designed UMF to be soloed anyway honestly...it SHOULD be really tough to solo if anything. But yeah I also have a tough time soloing it on my hunter. Seems like squires or apps do much better on that tbh. Huntress damage aint what it used to be :p Reread my post =p Its not any easier to beat with more people because of the extra mobs and extra HP the ogres have. Having extra people doesn't allow you to get away with not having the now unattainable weapons. So again I ask, how are you supposed to beat this with 60-70 upgrade weapons, when I can't even beat this with a 94 upgrade weapon.
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