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  1. I do like this idea for both strategy and cosmetic reasons. This would definitely help with soloing maps. Although I will add this side note, it may make it too easy for some players >.>
  2. They just wanted to add suspense haha. Congratulations!
  3. I'd say blue it matches the colors a bit better!
  4. I do have to agree with Tez on this one. There are a lot of awesome ideas coming out of the woodworks, that I feel they may be adding to the game. I can't lie though, I am also a bit impatient for it to come out though. So I completely understand where your coming from. We as the community just need to remain supportive and keep them excited about making this awesome game. That is our job!
  5. I like the idea of being able to control an enemy force. The thought that comes to my mind would be that of Player vs Player. One player being the normal character with towers and whatnot. And the other being the "Dark ones" that can summon specific enemies from specific places. This, I feel, would be a lot more successful then the Player vs Player that was implemented on DD1. As far as the micro purchases go, I would personally be fine with it as long as it remained in the cosmetic side of things. Seeings how the cosmetics in no way effect how well you can play the game, it wouldn't be con
  6. Well Krazzar, unfortunately I don't believe your idea is going to work. The reason being, Trendy has already mentioned on multiple occasions that they aren't going to P2W. This one the of the reasons I like the Trendy team and want to help as much as I can. So I highly doubt there will be a real world cash conversion. If there was a cash conversion, it would simply turn DD2 into a tower defense version of LoTRo, or Rift. As much as I enjoy these games, I hate the fact that can't unlock items using in game currency. I also agree with x1QG1x on this one, I believe any form of 2 different curre
  7. The trade option is a great idea and possibly an addition to the Market idea I had brought up a little while ago. Individual trade would be a plus simply because you don't have to worry about randoms jumping in and swiping whatever it is that you just dropped. On the other hand, I'm not entirely sure how this "item lock" idea would work. I understand having people running around spamming whatever button you use to pickup items just to simply swipe every item on the map can get quite out of hand and annoying. The issue is, what determines what items are locked for what players? One might thi
  8. Whelp Mine switches between backgrounds every 30 minutes haha. It's fun that way. But currently it is:
  9. Oh wow, I only played console so I didn't get to play with the portal gun. Not going to lie I'm a bit jealous of that!
  10. I'm afraid I'm going to have to agree with Vystirch on this one. I feel that a huntress class from this time era would only have bows or crossbows. They feel is more pure and not blended with other characters or times. This could leave it open for a new character wielding mechanic based weapons as well. Possibly something you could put in the suggestion thread?
  11. Yeah I remember this idea coming up in your previous thread. I do really like the thought of having a support character. Buffs, and Debuffs would be a huge part of their role. Especially monster Debuffs, considering the recent news release of the Wither Beast and how it can buff enemies. This would be a great counter to have on your team.
  12. Yeah when I originally created this thread, I had absolutely no intention of making this a Pay with real money auction. And I agree with most of the people who posted on this thread, I don't think that should happen. That would make this a weird version of pay to win. And nobody likes pay to win.
  13. Yeah thumbs up on the the idea here. I like the idea of a faster rotating turret. Almost like the Slice N Dice from DD1.
  14. I do really like the idea of forcing some one to stay active. This has caused many people to be kicked from lobbies. I do agree with the fact that later on the experience is so insignificant that XP sharing really wouldn't affect much. Although the 20% idea is great idea for early levels. The ONLY issue I see with it, is if you have a high level DPS character that feels like trolling. All they would have to do is join a low level game and go through killing everything as fast as they could. This would pretty much prevent these heroes from getting experience.
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