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  1. Banned for not making a proper ban reason.
  2. [Has no idea how to start off this thread without sounding like a pre-recorded message.] The Goblin Rogue was not always working for the light. In fact, he was originally from one of the first spawns of the Old One's army, before our heroes grew up and went to Dragonfall (if they went there, I don't know if Etheria became Dragonfall). However, once he saw the carnage and suicide he would be sentenced to, he went awol. Deserting the battle, he donned a hood and mastered the skill of assassination. Now, he works from the shadows, knowingly risking his life every time he steps into the fight (being a goblin and all). Abilities: Crippling Blow - Goblin Rogue shoots an arrow, with a hex-laced, piercing enemies and crippling them in speed and power. Silent Strike - Goblin Rogue cloaks himself temporarily, equipping his knife. During this time, he can attack with powerful melee, and attacks from behind deal triple damage. True Form - Goblin Rogue reveals his true identity until death. Until death, enemies will not notice him until attacked, where they will become more wary, and the Rogue takes reduced damage. He exchanges his bow for an ax to blend in, however.Builds: Shadowshot Shooter - This tower blends in perfectly with the shadows, shooting arrows that deal extra damage from behind.Shadowtrap - Upon detonation, this trap quickly ceases all movement of its victims, preventing any resistance, and allowing for extra physical/non-elemental damage.MarkAuto-Crossbow Mk. I - This automatic crossbow tower automatically shoots single arrow shots that have a random chance to cripple or shadow-trap the enemy for a few seconds.Vampire Blockade - This hexed Arcane Barrier has extra-sharp arrowheads embedded in the magic thing (don't ask how), allowing the tower to regain 35 - 50% health upon reformation.Weapons: The Goblin Rogue uses an semi-automatic crossbow that shoots highly-pressurized darts, allowing the Goblin Rogue to deal acceptable damage from exceptional distances. Damage also scales based on distance. His secondary attack is a charged shot that cripples a single target. The Goblin Rogue also carries an emergency, somewhat flimsy combat knife. It is old and rusted, however, so it can only deal less-than-your-average-Squire damage before breaking. Using Silent Strike or ability mana will repair it.Passive: Backstab - All damage done by the Goblin Rogue or his towers (sorry, Shadowtrap) deals 1.5x more damage. Tell me what you think of this hero concept! I tried to think of a way he could be both DPS and a builder at the same time. I think this could also make many more viable strategies, as well as a new level of depth and variety to the roster, with an ex-enemy.
  3. Banning myself for faking a necropost, as well as banning the person above for banning the person above them.
  4. Though I do like how random, funny, and strategic times were in DD1, DD2 (in my opinion) has more challenge, stability and just about the same level of strategy, if not more. What I like about DD2 is that the quality over quantity works, since everythig has been re-balanced to a fair point where it is still unique and fun. If you don't like where the game is headed, then you don't have to follow the rrest of the fish, but I personally am excited to see where this game is going. It is turning into the Rocket Bird. But we still need trading though. How else are we supposed to give the Legendary we don't need that's perfect for our friend to said friend? ~Masmagius, of Falcon Regiment
  5. Hello fellow PS4 Defenders, today I am a bit disappointed. I was excited to finally play the Harbinger and Dragonfall Carnival on DD2 (I bought Early Access a long time ago but my PC sucks), so I have been playing nonstop. But I was a bit disappointed with the Harbinger mission itself. The cutscenes and what the guard says are embarassing to read, especially since there is no apostrophes when the guard speaks, and of all the characters, (in my opinion) the Apprentice is the least likely to speak, let alone be so nonchalant about the whole ordeal ("Y'know, that wasn't so bad!" "Wel... I guess let's go say hi..."). I just felt that what the characters were saying was very cringeworthy compared to the rest of what is said throughout the game. Hopefully this will be fixed with the Calling All Heroes update sometime soon. Until then, ~Masmagius, of Falcon Regiment
  6. Synergize - Kill 150 enemies with Synergy.
  7. The conceptPlease keep in mind that the Spiritwalker is just a concept I would like to see in the game in the future. It is not guaranteed nor an official concept, just a fan idea based on the Abyss Lord and Summoner. The concept - explainedI looked deep into myself to think of a character I would really like to see in DD2. I really liked the Summoner from DD1, and it seems he is being brought back in a sort as the Abyss Lord, so I thought of a hero that could be similar to the Abyss Lord but not mimicking the Abyss Lord itself or the Summoner. In doing so I created the Spiritwalker, and his towers' unique enemy system for his spirit towers. What makes him uniqueWhen I first thought of the Spiritwalker, I contemplated a way to make him a similar play style to the Abyss Lord and Summoner yet still not mimicking them, making them unique. I thought of his spirits, giving him his name. He is an unknown entity of unknown origin. He summons spirits of his brethren, fallen in war against the Old Ones, yet still ready to fight again. However, he can only hold them in the Overworld for so long, so his towers do not have HP, being intangible, but rather have the Energy system, where his units deteriorate over time. Energy systemI've established that the Spiritwalker has the ability to summon his fallen brothers temporarily, and now to explain that before you lose interest (assuming you haven't, already). His spirits have an Energy system to balance out the fact they they are intangible and can't take damage. They are semi-transparent and do an AoE (Area-of-Effect) attack, dealing damage to enemies in front of them and leaving behind an effect before they pass through the spirit. As they linger longer on the battlefield, they become more weaker and frail, before eventually disappearing back to the spirit realm. Attack systemThe attack could be expanded on, for instance, I imagined the standard elemental attacks (fire, ice, poison) as well as a unique one dealing less damage but replenishing a small amount of the energy of the spirit, increasing its time on the battlefield. There could be more normal damage, splash damage projectiles, etc. Hero abilities I thought of a few of these abilities that could of course be expanded upon. Ability one,Spirit Energy, would boost the energy levels of nearby or all spirits, costing ~30-40 Blue Mana and having a cooldown of about 30 seconds. The second, Time Snare, would either: a) Slow down all enemies within the area of the spirits' attacks, or b) slow down all enemies in a medium-large radius, both lasting about 5 seconds. The final, Ailment Aura, would effect nearby/all spirit attacks with an affect that would deal small damage to enemies who pass through the AoE for a small extra damage for about 10 seconds. It would cost 30 mana per second, and vary in damage based on your stats. Conclusion (Tl;dr)In conclusion, I have thought long and hard abut a unique and original concept for a DD2 hero and I think this would be a very good implementation to the game. With his towers' unique Energy system instead of HP, AoE attacks, and the huge amount of uniqueness that could be added to his towers, I think DD2 would be very better with this character and I would love to see him in-game, at some point. Thank you for reading this huge post, and I hope you are now agreeing with me and want to see the Spiritwalker in the game. ~PigMayor02
  8. I remember back when it was said that the Dummy as only a sort of temporary placeholder tower and would be replaced. If my memory serves me wrong, then it's still amusing to think what this would have been like.
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