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  1. [SIZE=4][COLOR="[[309,hashtags]]"]Look, I don't cause trouble. I don't mess with anyone and I just want to play games with others online. But Dungeon Defenders has a serious issue with players (probably little kids, to be honest) immediately kicking someone from their game, for no apparent reason. There are PRIVATE matches for a reason! If you don't want to play with random people online, either utilize those, or play local only. It drives me nuts and is very frustrating as an online player not to be able to play with anyone else online because they kick you out the moment you enter. So basically, don't allow players to kick out other players right away. Enforce a time limit, and maybe even have to provide a reason (so you can track how often this is happening), or better yet, don't allow people to kick from a PUBLIC game. If necessary, you can mute or block players, so the need to kick from a public game is not really necessary - though I know there are those out there who may push that reasoning to it's limit. Perhaps the games could be randomly monitored by a Game Moderator and only THEY will have the power to kick, if they see bad behavior? Plenty of ideas/suggestions here guys, I'm begging that you please consider this. Thanks for your time![/COLOR][/SIZE]
  2. Agreed. Modding completely defeats the purpose of playing in the first place - which is to overcome the obstacles and challenges of the game. Modders should not be able to play alongside actual players, who are legitimately just trying to play the game (such as myself).
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