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  1. What happened to the Old Ones Relic you were gonna make???
  2. Anyone wanna play? My psn is k9_Animal. Hmu with a friend request or a message
  3. Is there any Xbox players that would like to play? I make a post about this every few months just to see if I can get any new players to play with. I'd like to play some more legit players because seeing hacks all the time can get really annoying. My gamertag is k9 Animal, just hmu with a friend request!! Thanks
  4. Yeah people have been asking for this for a while... Tbh I don't think it's gonna happen. DD on Xbox is dead, only hackers and people that have "legit" items that have no clue how to play the game are on it now with some actual good players.
  5. Also the gear we have isn't good enough for NM. So if they added NM they'd have to add at least Mythical gear. If the game was backwards compatible on Xbox One I don't think there would be any freezing problems like we have with Sky City and CD on 360 (which is one of the main reasons we haven't completed CD Insane+) I really don't see them making it backwards compatible anyways because DD on Xbox is literally filled with hackers that have no clue how to play the game.
  6. I can help you out. I don't allow hacks in my lobby so if you play legit just message me. Also a mic would be helpful. My gamertag is k9 Animal btw
  7. EU never got Sky City and Insane+ for some reason, I think at least.
  8. I know not many people who play 360 look at the forums at all but maybe there's a chance one of them will see this. Anyways, if anyone needs help with XP farming or just farming in general just post a reply. I haven't really been playing DD lately but I'll try to start playing again if anyone replies to this. A mic would be nice and if you have DLC then I can run you through any on Insane+ (well any of the 3 main ones) Thanks for your time!!!
  9. If I can get enough people I trust the Event items, then I'll start them up again. We're limited on event items, so I'll give away all the extras Reaper gave me.
  10. They've been done with console for a while now. Pretty much they're never gonna update it or do anything with it, so we're stuck with what we have. Most of the DD community on console is just a bunch of people that use hacks and are terrible at the game anyways.
  11. Yeah, it's not gonna happen sadly. If you want to play online console you're gonna have to switch to Xbox or just switch to PC.
  12. I play Xbox. I just started playing a lot more again. If you ever wanna play just hmu and I have a lot of other legit friends too. My gamer tag is "k9 Animal"
  13. Delete it and re-download it. Idk if that'll work but just try and tell me if it helped or not.
  14. Lol oops I just noticed the title said PS3... My bad
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