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  1. Will there be any way to get the Veteran Defender title if you own DD1 on the Xbox 360? Will the loot drop tables for Betsy be adjusted so that she feels more rewarding on incursion?
  2. This is Betsy's victory pose.
  3. There should be a skin of the Ancient Dragon from DD1. I made a model of what it could look like.  I haven't put any textures on it yet, but it would need to have glowing eyes and more of a jaw to resemble the Ancient Dragon a bit better. Edit: I added the jaw. Image 
  4. I don't exactly see a way for nerfing the tower in a way that you explain them to be op. Of course the boost aura are going to be used in every build regardless of there boost. Any tower that makes other towers do extra damage is a good tower to use and you would foolish not to use it for the extra boost. I feel like if there was to be a nerf to the boost aura then it should be looked at a different angle. Nerfing their damage boost to the ground would only make them useless and then no one would use them. So I think if the aura were to be nerfed, then the defense units that the aura uses shou
  5. This is great but she still needs to drop a legendary more often then she does. I've taken her out quite a few times on incursion difficulty, but she still barely gives me any legendaries. All I want is that beautiful bow that she drops. ;-;
  6. I think a great title would be for the people who report a bunch of bugs in the game. Something like "(name) the Bug Snatcher" Maybe this would help encourage people to report bugs that they find?
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