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  1. [Moderator: Please don't describe how to do hacks/cheats/exploits on the forums, thank you]
  2. There is no reason for anyone to ever get near you or ask you to come near them. If they try to get you near them, or try to get near you, they are going to try and take your equipment. Anyone who just wants to see your gear will look in the start screen. Anyone who wants to show you something can do so at a safe distance. You got real lucky that he was willing to give your pet back.
  3. Modded equipment has become the new regular equipment. They compare, trade, covet, and steal one another's mods. It's ludicrous, given that the bulk of mods have the same outrageous stats and only vary aesthetically. But everyone brags about their mods, they look for specific kinds, etc... That is just considered the norm now, even though it defeats the purpose of the game. The new goal seems to be to show off your mods and just grind up your levels. And I suppose troll other players by stealing their gear. Just try to load up your friends' list with legitimate players. You have to recreate
  4. Well, I find myself playing alone most matches... Can't enter a public match because of modders and thieves... Have to kick the majority of people that jump into the games I host for the same reasons. Could use some legitimate players to fight with. XBL - ADiscoInfernal
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