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  1. Nice design, I like it. If you're really looking for criticism there are a few points I could make. The arrow should be longer. As it is right now when the bow string is pulled back the arrow head would sit behind the grip. The limbs could be a little thinner as well, bows normally flex a bit when drawn. The bow itself could be elongated, but only if you're not set on designing a short bow. One last thing, the arrow might look better if the arrow head was a little smaller. Just my two cents, take it with a grain of salt. Keep up the good work~
  2. Family guy. $1000 or true happiness for a day?
  3. He's not trying to alienate people, he's just looking for a spanish friend he can play DD2 with and communicate with effectively. Having said that, this is an english forum so users are expected to accompany their native language with an english translation. If you could do that for me OP that would be great. Gracias amigo.
  4. Sara awoke to faint, incomprehensible sounds. She moaned, rolled over and adjusted to her new sleeping position, hoping against hope that she had just imagined those eerie noises. She closed her eyes and tried to drift back off to sleep. “H-lp me… s-meb-dy.” Sara’s eyes widened and her ears pricked up, did she really just hear what she thought she had? “Help me… Please!” She definitely heard it that time. Sara jolted upright, threw off her blanket and jumped to her feet. This was no figment of her imagination, this was real. The trapdoor burst open and Sara lunged out from beneath the deck. T
  5. Fixed the link and moved the thread to the DD2 general.
  6. Great stuff so far, good work guys. Here's another shot of the pirate and her bud: And one of (I'm assuming) her ship/shop: Hopefully these'll help anyone else looking at writing. [[43252,users]] are you sure the pirate chick sells costumes? It looks more like she sells potions/chests/keys. Perhaps it's her buddy that sells the costumes? I might take a shot of writing something up eventually but for now I'll just leave these here.
  7. I see the squire provoke's movement speed bonus is back (fixed), great stuff. I haven't played any dps squire since the patch so unfortunately I can't comment on the ability power changes. What I really wanted to say though is that I love the new squire unique weapon legendary skin. As soon as I took notice of it I felt I had to come here and comment on it. Please forward my admiration on to the art team, they did a fantastic job.
  8. Favourite improvement so far, awesome stuff. I'd love to see upgradable bags eventually as well, along with item sorting and the like.
  9. Just spred OP's post and I agree with a lot of what you have to say. DD2 could really benefit from some sort of prestige system. I also agree that it's important to emphasize each tower's strengths and weaknesses. Right now almost any tower does at least okay against any mob type.
  10. Example:  The preview looks a little janky atm, the image has been stretched horizontally. Is it possible to instead have black bars down the sides or have it preview only the top half of the picture? Obviously this isn't a pressing issue by any means but if it's easy to fix that'd be great.
  11. There was never a blog post put up for the 6th devstream so here's a thread for it instead. Information: Working on the lag issues extensively. Turns out the lag bug occurs on linux servers but not windowsChrome incursion: Mobs can’t be crowd controlled.Chrome and Dark Mage incursions are balanced around playing transitioning from 25++ normal to 25+++ incursions. Harder content will be made later on.After the normal incursions will be 25++ hard.Working on streamlining the matchmaking process. Less taverns, easier continuation.Item upgrading takes a long time. There should be a hotfix
  12. Thanks for your comments. I tried to keep it vague to get as many people on board as possible as well as allowing for suggestions as to what the 'better' reward may be in the comments. I like your idea. The missions need to reward something relevant and meaningful, high tier items would fill that role. Perhaps the power of the item would be determined by the hero's level that collects said reward (by returning to the old man)? That's true, good point. I suppose varying difficulties work better with a reroll system, that way if you think your challenge is too easy you can reroll for a chan
  13. Right now daily missions feel bland and lackluster. To fix this they should have: a) better rewards to make the dailies worth completing and b) varying difficulties to keep the dailies interesting and unique. Another idea is to implement a short mission backlog. The player will be given one mission per day and be able to save a maximum of 3 missions in their backlog until completed. This system is similar to the quests in Hearthstone shown in this image: Have your say here in the straw poll vote and in the comments section below.
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