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  1. Nice design, I like it. If you're really looking for criticism there are a few points I could make. The arrow should be longer. As it is right now when the bow string is pulled back the arrow head would sit behind the grip. The limbs could be a little thinner as well, bows normally flex a bit when drawn. The bow itself could be elongated, but only if you're not set on designing a short bow. One last thing, the arrow might look better if the arrow head was a little smaller. Just my two cents, take it with a grain of salt. Keep up the good work~
  2. Family guy. $1000 or true happiness for a day?
  3. He's not trying to alienate people, he's just looking for a spanish friend he can play DD2 with and communicate with effectively. Having said that, this is an english forum so users are expected to accompany their native language with an english translation. If you could do that for me OP that would be great. Gracias amigo.
  4. Sara awoke to faint, incomprehensible sounds. She moaned, rolled over and adjusted to her new sleeping position, hoping against hope that she had just imagined those eerie noises. She closed her eyes and tried to drift back off to sleep. “H-lp me… s-meb-dy.” Sara’s eyes widened and her ears pricked up, did she really just hear what she thought she had? “Help me… Please!” She definitely heard it that time. Sara jolted upright, threw off her blanket and jumped to her feet. This was no figment of her imagination, this was real. The trapdoor burst open and Sara lunged out from beneath the deck. The cold night air sent a shiver down her spine. As she looked around she realized her ship had drifted towards a wreck, it was a surprise it was still airborne, a third of the foreign aircraft was completely missing. Sara scanned the wreck for the survivor. “Over here” said the woman in a raspy and lifeless tone. When Sara spotted the stranger her countenance immediately fell. The poor thing looked almost as bad as her former vessel. She had haunting dark bags under her bloodshot eyes, her skin shone a harsh red and her hair was a mangled mess. Shivering and struggling to remain standing, hanging on to what was left of the railing, she waved meekly at her rescuer. Sara brought her ship around and docked beside the other. Leaning over the edge, she offered her hand to the stranger “hey, you’re safe now.” The stranger looked away, fighting back her tears. “The thunder storm… He… He was only 8 years old” she whimpered. Sara paused, suddenly feeling sick to the stomach. She reached out to the now sobbing stranger and gently placed her hand on her shoulder, “come with me.” Sara helped her aboard and set her up in her own cabin, gently wrapping her up in a blanket. She knelt down in front of her and rested her hand on the woman’s knee, “what’s your name sweetheart?” Looking down at her shivering body the stranger mumbled "Cathy..." The kettle began to whistle, piercing through the heavy silence. Sara got up and fixed Cathy a hot drink. She lovingly rubbed her shoulder and handed over the mug. The heat emanating from the cup was a welcome comfort, and for a fleeting moment the poor woman was able to forget and simply enjoy the warm amenity. Before the silence once again took dominion over the damp and gloomy room, Sara squeezed out “you’re going to be okay, Cathy.” Unfortunately, that was only half true. Cathy never fully recovered from the tragic disaster. She remained cold and distant, keeping to herself most of the time. The loss of her son had hardened her heart, and as a result she often appeared abrasive and uptight. Years later Sara still remains Cathy’s only true friend, occasionally meeting with her at the tavern to catch up over a drink. Although grateful to Sara, Cathy continually manages to hide it well. Life is a cruel mistress, and she’ll be damned before she forgives it for taking her son away.
  5. Fixed the link and moved the thread to the DD2 general.
  6. Great stuff so far, good work guys. Here's another shot of the pirate and her bud: And one of (I'm assuming) her ship/shop: Hopefully these'll help anyone else looking at writing. [[43252,users]] are you sure the pirate chick sells costumes? It looks more like she sells potions/chests/keys. Perhaps it's her buddy that sells the costumes? I might take a shot of writing something up eventually but for now I'll just leave these here.
  7. I see the squire provoke's movement speed bonus is back (fixed), great stuff. I haven't played any dps squire since the patch so unfortunately I can't comment on the ability power changes. What I really wanted to say though is that I love the new squire unique weapon legendary skin. As soon as I took notice of it I felt I had to come here and comment on it. Please forward my admiration on to the art team, they did a fantastic job.
  8. Favourite improvement so far, awesome stuff. I'd love to see upgradable bags eventually as well, along with item sorting and the like.
  9. Just spred OP's post and I agree with a lot of what you have to say. DD2 could really benefit from some sort of prestige system. I also agree that it's important to emphasize each tower's strengths and weaknesses. Right now almost any tower does at least okay against any mob type.
  10. Example:  The preview looks a little janky atm, the image has been stretched horizontally. Is it possible to instead have black bars down the sides or have it preview only the top half of the picture? Obviously this isn't a pressing issue by any means but if it's easy to fix that'd be great.
  11. There was never a blog post put up for the 6th devstream so here's a thread for it instead. Information: Working on the lag issues extensively. Turns out the lag bug occurs on linux servers but not windowsChrome incursion: Mobs can’t be crowd controlled.Chrome and Dark Mage incursions are balanced around playing transitioning from 25++ normal to 25+++ incursions. Harder content will be made later on.After the normal incursions will be 25++ hard.Working on streamlining the matchmaking process. Less taverns, easier continuation.Item upgrading takes a long time. There should be a hotfix for that out eventually so that you can skip everything at once.You’ll be able to bring any level hero into private games and be able to use them. You can bring lower level characters into public games but you won't be able to switch to them.Major changes were made to hero kits. Tower range had a massive overhaul. Towers now have rough roles they fit into.Poison dart tower is now a damage over time timerEnemies have quite a bit more healthEnemies should have specific roles that challenge your standard setup, this should be in foundation ⅔The foundation patches work in increments, little steps towards a bigger goal.Questions:Will there be any really hard content, bosses, or incursions that will make you change the way you build? Yes, these are being worked on atm.Will the 2 tavern system be changed? Yes, we’re trying to move to 1. We had 2 because of technical issues which have since been resolvedI’m having trouble connecting to the DD2 servers, what ports do I need open? 51647, 10000 - 12000, and 20000 - 25000. Skype and Spotify have been known to interfere so you can check those programs to see if they’re conflicting.Are you fixing the legendary drop rate Yes! They’re being fixedWhat happened to hero deck leveling and hero deck prestige? Not implementing them any time soon. They like the prestige idea, but hesitant about deck leveling. The ideas definitely haven’t been forgotten.Thoughts on ballistas outranging and outclassing the skyguard tower when attacking air units? Was the skyguard range nerf intended? Yes it was intended. They’re still working on balance.Why did you add campaign mode in before any story/history etc? ‘Campaign means a lot of different things to a lot of different people.’ It was put in to fix the grind. It’s more of a playlist atm. The story is being worked on atm.Why is the flameburst spec node broken? It’s barely giving any extra DPS. We will look into that further.The flameburst spec node makes the tower run through boost HP really fast, what’s up with that? Is that intentional? Yes it is. Boost HP goes down whenever a tower fires within its radius. The more attacks per second, the faster it’ll drain.Will the campaign mode become a real campaign mode? Yeah, but that will be far far in the future.How does defense speed affect the frostbite tower? It should reduce the rearm time (not the beam duration).Why is the electric aura radius smaller? They wanted to fit towers into certain range categories. Lightning auras can now overlap however.Are there any plans to improve the blaze balloon? Yes. That will be addressed in a later patch, the poison dart tower desperately needed the attention so they focused on that instead.What do you think of an end game system where each map is harder than the last, so we get more difficulties when we reach endgame? We’re thinking about a system like that. Right now we’re testing out incursions. There will be a plethora of content for players to go through.When will we see another influence vote. Soon, next week even.What are the chances of a community suggested hero idea being selected to be put into DD2? Right now we don’t have any system set up for new hero feedback (we’re not actively looking for ideas). However we do love to see people’s ideas, sketches, ability/tower suggestions etc. If you have hero ideas post them on the forums. Right now the devs are focusing on the 4 heroes in game.Do you plan on bringing back the old towers from DD1 into DD2? Whether that be for the existing heroes or new ones. For new heroes ‘definitely’. They’re working on improving the current kits of the original heroes atm.What additional elements from DD1 are you trying to bring into DD2? A lot of people want to delegate their level up stats themselves. Right now in DD2 we just have the spec node system. They’re cautious of making DD2 too much like DD1 because quite a few people think it’s already too similar.Are there plans to expand inventory? There are features on the backlog. There are plans to, whether they be purchased via in game currency or premium currency or both is undecided.Are there any incentives to buy DD2 early or should I wait for a finished product? Incentives are to give feedback to the devs, to support the game, to experience the game early.What are your thoughts on trading? Trading is a required feature, it’s on the backlog. It’ll be coming later. Need to be careful not to ruin the enjoyment of the game by implementing trading haphazardly. Would it be possible to quickly switch item sets in game? (e.g. from tower to dps) Good idea, worth considering. If hero deck leveling doesn’t become a thing, can you remove the level restrictions on maps? Working on this now. Instead of removing heroes from deck, they’ll just be greyed outWhy are there no more hard maps on 25++? Foundation 1 was based on balance around normal. Hard mode will be coming back laterWill there be any way to quickly swap hero decks without going back to tavern? Great idea, they’ll take a look at that.Is there any PvP? DD2 is based on co-op experience atm. They’re not ruling out PvP but there are no plans to implement it yet either.Any plans to change huntress defence weapon mods (special stats)? The 30% explosive trap damage increase is OP. There will be more special stats later down the line. The explosive trap damage mod is strong atm.Will there ever be a range stat for towers? Projectile towers can gain range from special stats. Having a range stat isn’t out of the question, but they’re happy with where it is atm. A range stat makes the game harder to balance.Have you ever considered a blockade that stops piercing attacks? They’ve talked about that before. Players can stop the javelin piercing throw with their bodies. If you completely remove piercing from javelins then they become pointlessWill we have a clear way to see our progress? (eg. medals/trophies from DD1) First step is to organize the maps in a linear fashion. Scoring is in the backlog, they have a great system similar to DD1.Will there ever be an inspection feature to check out other players? Yuppo. When are pets coming out? They’re being worked on now. They’ll be out ‘in the future’.Will there be anything bigger than an ogre? There will eventually be a commander ogre (oh boy). There are also bosses being worked on which will be much larger and more impressive.Any word on transmogrification? On the backlog. They’re taking a look at it.Any plans to remove or extend the hero deck when playing solo? Any improvements they make to the hero deck will be given to everyone.Are legendaries every really going to be legendary? They’re thinking about legendary sets and an additional item tier (which will obviously be rarer).Will there be any returning pets? (such as the genie and imp). Both of those pets have already been ‘redrawn’. So yes, they’ll be in sometime in the future.Thoughts on the monk with regard to the DD2 defence pillars? Why doesn't he have a way to effectively take out high hp mobs?Does the boost aura’s boost effect count as a combo? Why doesn’t the serenity aura have any combos? They’re aware of this problem. There will be a revamp coming to the monk. Boost aura’s boost does count as a combo. Your other points are valid and they’re ‘sensitive’ to them.Why isn’t there a raining ogres challenge? Maybe they’ll prototype that. The ogres in DD2 are more challenging than DD1.When is survival coming back? It should be coming back. Survival mode will be a ‘spiritual successor’ to the DD1 version. There will be an influence vote regarding game modes later down the line.Will there be an endless mode? Another great idea for a game mode. There was mention of a king of the hill game mode where you defend a hill until against mobs until you’re overwhelmed.Can you release formulas on the different tower stats diminishing returns? They’ve thought about releasing formulas but nothing yet.When is hard mode coming back and will it be available at earlier levels? Yes it will, it’ll be available in a future update.Will DD2 move closer to or further away from DD1? The community is split between making or more/less like DD1. There will be more ideas ‘mined’ from DD1 but also from other games in the genre.Will map bonuses (no core damage etc) be in DD2? They do want that implemented but it’s on the backlog.Are alternate gender swaps coming back? They like the idea but it does cost a bit. They’re unsure whether they should be new heroes or just different skins.
  12. Thanks for your comments. I tried to keep it vague to get as many people on board as possible as well as allowing for suggestions as to what the 'better' reward may be in the comments. I like your idea. The missions need to reward something relevant and meaningful, high tier items would fill that role. Perhaps the power of the item would be determined by the hero's level that collects said reward (by returning to the old man)? That's true, good point. I suppose varying difficulties work better with a reroll system, that way if you think your challenge is too easy you can reroll for a chance at getting something more difficult and more rewarding. I'd still like to see some more variance in the daily missions though. Also valid points. I'm not pretending the backlog feature would be easy to implement by any means, but I thought it was a neat idea, at least worth bringing up. Thanks again for your feedback.
  13. Right now daily missions feel bland and lackluster. To fix this they should have: a) better rewards to make the dailies worth completing and b) varying difficulties to keep the dailies interesting and unique. Another idea is to implement a short mission backlog. The player will be given one mission per day and be able to save a maximum of 3 missions in their backlog until completed. This system is similar to the quests in Hearthstone shown in this image: Have your say here in the straw poll vote and in the comments section below.
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