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  1. Lol i guess i reopen 2-4, seeing as how they'd just sit in my item box anyway :) 2-4 will run for 3 days ending on wednesday night my time.
  2. Too bad the green one doesn't have hero health, I would love to get my hand son a good green chicken. Best of luck though! Thanks! :D
  3. Auction closed sold to Ezelking, will be on to make the trade some time tomorrow.
  4. Auctions 1&5 have ended. Sold to Keiyu and Rablin
  5. Just wanting to buy some lab runs. 10runs:1cube Ratio (with 3 afks). I need to be able to afk during the runs so i can do other things. Please add me on steam if you're interested :) I would prefer no shady people someone who i can trust not to screw me over for a cube while i am afk. SID Nickytricky
  6. Chickens 1 & 5 will end tonight. I'll run 2-4 for another day before ending. The reserve on 2-4 has been lowered to 2 cubes each. Added some buyouts
  7. 2 cubes o.o Thanks for the bid! :D C/O Updated
  8. SOLD Got this in an aka run. I am not sure if it is of any value so just going to run this auction for 3 days if it gains any interest perhaps more. Due to my lack of knowledge of its worth there will be no buyout and no reserve. I will accept whatever the current highest bid is after the last day (or maybe more). C/O: 2 Cubes Ezelking
  9. 3 cubes on 1 and 5 Thanks for starting the bids! :D C/O Updated
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