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  1. They are automatically added to your Cosmetic panel. Open a character, and click Cosmetics. You will see "Council" skins. Those are the Red and Yellow skins, if that's what you're talking about.
  2. Don't we have enough fire in the game already? Why not scrap the BB and create a new trap? How about something that traps fliers? Possibly making towers more viable in C7?
  3. After watching the DEV Stream, I was happy to hear they are actively discussing Party Leader kicking powers, as well as minimum Ascension fixes. It's 51:50 on the DEV Stream. (It's 5150 Time!) https://www.twitch.tv/videos/160913787
  4. We just want something fun to do besides the same 4 maps over and over and over and over. I miss Incursions. At the moment there is zero reason to do them more than once. Period.
  5. So every single Online Multiplayer game since the beginning of time alienates casuals, using that logic. Solo players will never get Raid loot, and find other ways to enjoy a game. You alienate your game by not giving social players incentives.
  6. I would think/hope they would scale the way they do now.
  7. Now why didn't I think of that? Increased gold drops.
  8. Here are a list of things I would love to see. 1) Unlimited number of kicks from Match creator.So many AFK'ers join public games, and could care less what you think about it. You can ask them nicely to contribute or leave, but few seldom do either. We need a way to enforce this. 2) Special Loot for 4-Player Matches.At the moment, besides wanting some companionship, there is Zero reason to do a public game. It simply makes the match harder. I would love to see special loot, weapons, shards, Cosmetics, that only drop from 4-player Matches. 3) Make Assassins Unable to Damage Cores.The fact that players can run near cores, and kill your game....need I say more? 4) Incursions Scale Up to Chaos 7.I applaud @Trendy for adding 4 "new" Chaos 7 maps, but C7 Incursions are DESPERATELY needed. We are bored to tears! 4-Player Incursion only loot drops?! It sort of used to be a thing! Remember farming 4-man Ramparts for the Armored Cleanser? 5) 4+ Player Only MatchesHow about special Boss fights that you have to have 4+ players to do? Special loot? Betsy, Harbinger? Anything I missed?
  9. I have been attempting to purchase the Risen Ciders costume for the Lavamancer. Each time I click Purchase, I get the error: "The Price is out of date." I have tried restarting the game, etc. Nothing.
  10. I love Ballista. No need to change it. @C7 w/Splody, +Piercing, Deadly Strikes + Oil Geyser = FTW (2+ mil dps) Same with Volcano. No need to change. Love it. @C7 w/Deadly Strikes, +speed, +range gambit +Oil Geyser (and Balllista) = FTW (1+ mil DPS entire map!)
  11. Thanks for the response! So I guess it was just my imagination.
  12. One PDT facing a flying lane only, upgraded to t2, on 4 man C7, fliers getting through, as of this week. Thats the senario I am seeing. I am compensating with an added volcano for now. Max range, to cover entire map.
  13. So, I feel you have missed the point of this post. It feels like something was tweaked without posting patch notes. That's all I was curious about. The exact same setup using the exact same spheres isn't working as well as it was a week ago. Many of you long time players, you know who you are. Have you noticed any changes? Or do things feel the exact same?
  14. Funny thing is I was using those shards, and switched them out as an experiment. No difference. 1 PDT is still not enough. And we are talking about 4 man C7, not solo. All I would like to know is if anything was changed, or am I going crazy.
  15. No, this is the PC version. Here are some screenshots just for reference:
  16. The topic is not if AA towers work.
  17. Since the maintenance the other day, significant changes happened to Anti Air, it seems. Prior to the last maintenance, a single PDT could handle a flying lane, in 4-man Chaos 7. Now? Nope. You must have an AA tower in addition to a PDT. I have been asking various long time players, and they concur. Something was changed. Silent nerf? Buff?
  18. This is also happening to me. Started a week or so ago. FPS drops occasionally when looking around, or moving. Totally random. Causes you to fly off cliffs. GTX-1070, i5-4690k, 16gb ram.
  19. Yeah, happened to us a few times this morning, Chaos 7. We set an initial min Ascension Level to 250 I believe. After the game was over, and we hit continue, only 2 of us remained. The new game started, and 2 players with 0 Ascension joined, in Campaign gear. Had to ask them to leave, and finally kick. Games 3, and 4 same thing. So yes, please make this a priority. Thanks! P.S. Thanks for all the hard work on server stability. Was able to join this morning, without issue.
  20. After doing some experimenting, sometimes sell values don't seem to reflect ipwr stats. So i've had the best success just equipping the highest stat items myself. To each his own I suppose.
  21. Happened to me as well, Ramparts.
  22. I'm imagining someone at Trendy walking through the server room, with a donut and a coffee. ...and they trip over the power cord.
  23. Oh darn. I just realized it was the 19th. Someone throw a pie at me.
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