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  1. I'm not "back" yet. But I have been phantoming around, hope to join you soon. -Vys
  2. Working on a problem preventing me from streaming certain games. I may stream latter today if I fix it. -Vys
  3. Also if a mode could move this thread a more apropriate forum I would apreciate it. Such as dd2 general discussion or to the events forum. Thx, -Vys
  4. I know, for me, this summer has just been ridiculously busy. Mostly my own fault considering I popped the question to the girlfriend two weeks ago ([[4761,hashtags]]), but personally I'm going to make a serious effort to get my top contributor name back :). Congrats bro! I wish you the best in your commitment to each other, bring it under God's roof and be blessed! Hey Defenders, Our forums seemed to have slowed down a bit, so I think it's time to get things shaking again! I have a few ideas on how to reignite some activity, but I want to open the floor to ideas from everyone. How can w
  5. Morning guys! Today I'm going to make a come back to my foruming and gaming habits with a livestream today. I plan on playing some LoL, PvZ:GW, and maybe some Spore. <3 -Vys
  6. I just thought of one problem, the game is F2P so if a person who just wanted to grief other people got banned they could just keep creating new accounts, unless the IP address was banned but.. that has other issues if there are multiple people on the same internet. Any solutions? Teach your brother/relatives on how to be respectful so that you don't get his consequences... -Vys
  7. I said i would so here it is: -Vys
  8. Huntress is my character of choice i hope she gets to use crossbows i can do without the guns though.... I can stand with you by that. Thanks Imm. -Vys
  9. Nice pictures. Can I ask, how did you do that? Does is automatically thumbnail images when there's 2> in a post? I curious also, did you do that, did it just happen, or is it a program? -Vys
  10. Live, join me. You can find my channel by clicking the title on the op. -Vys
  11. Yeah when I originally created this thread, I had absolutely no intention of making this a Pay with real money auction. And I agree with most of the people who posted on this thread, I don't think that should happen. That would make this a weird version of pay to win. And nobody likes pay to win. Perfect summarization of the topic. I would also like to see this feature. -Vys
  12. A chat system would be very convenient. I'd much rather that then have to message someone who I can clearly see is online only to wait 15 minutes to get a response. [HR][/HR] Bring it back for the council first (pretty please) and if it works out move on from there. I find it hard to imagine council users mucking about in chat if they risk losing their council seat. Nice idea. Yes yes, at least bring it back to the council side for us to test out. You can then get a couple of the council members who use it correctly and often to moderate it when you release it to the general publi
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