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  1. My field of view doesn't match yours so they don't look entirely correct but I gave it my best shot :) https://imgur.com/a/WbIT1 Thanks for doing the giveaway!
  2. I like that idea. The people who upgraded their chickens to 6 sps (myself included) only experience very minor dps loss. If chickens were changed to scale all the way to 6 sps, those who only upped to 4 sps would experience far more significant dps loss.
  3. I'm out sadly I just can't compete with these rich players throwing around kg non survival runs like candy
  4. @Zurkov quote: Remote tower boost can't really do that because any scenario where she would be needed, you wouldn't ever want your builders out. You'd want monks with pets out to tower boost and dps the mobs attacking your defenses. Also, as mentioned above, it competes with buff beams, which means it will do nothing even if you have your builders out. I disagree on the second point as well. Make her Enemy Drain cause increased damage to bosses, and she would immediately become a viable DPS.
  5. That wouldn't be a bad change, but I would be seriously disappointed if that's all they did.
  6. I'm a fan of this idea and I would love to see it added in. I'm not completely sold on the use of coal but I don't hate it either. A newly created drop wouldn't be bad. Too lazy to quote but the people who got mad about it being self serving make me laugh. Obviously the changes suggested are going to benefit people, that's the whole point of suggesting them.
  7. For the most part, I'm a big fan of these suggestions. If they went live as is in the OP, walls would be in a significantly better place than they are right now. I also like the SnD change suggested by Plane. However, I feel adding an elemental strip aura to magic blockades is ineffective. Personally, I can't think of any situation where I would put my walls outside of a strength drain aura, which already suppresses elemental affinity. As Plane pointed out in DDRnG chat, it would be great for early game players, which is why I still like the suggestion, but I think Zurkov's suggestion above would be more ideal and make it more useful both early game and end game.
  8. Bumping this post because there are quite a few classes that have underpowered abilities and I'm not aware of any decision being made on the topic. Personally I am interested in the Initiate abilities being buffed. This will largely be a rehash of what Thales said above but I feel a thought out response would hold more weight than replying "+1." First is remote defense boost. This ability in its current form is bordering on completely useless. The only time I could see myself using this is in an all monk survival run. However, because nobody uses initiates outside of their builder and the ability does not buff the caster, this isn't an option. And as Thales mentioned above, it competes with buff beams, so it would only really be valuable on builds without buff beams, which are rare at best. Suggestion: -The ability should buff the caster's towers. This will give the ability some use, and perhaps allow for some experimenting with hybrids. -As Thales mentioned, compete with Tower boost instead of buff beams and guardians. Secondly, Enemy drain. This is a really cool ability that only needs some simple changes to be effective and balanced. At the moment, it doesn't work on bosses, and monks are still preferable to bring against regular mobs because they have both tower and hero boost to help clear trash. Lastly, it is very expensive to use. Like Thales said, it should cost roughly the same as hero boost. Suggestion: -Allow enemy drain to increase damage taken by bosses, the same way it affects regular mobs. -Reduce the cost of the ability. -Alternatively, allow it to slightly reduce damage dealt by bosses instead of increasing their damage taken. Not enough to make difficult fights easy, but enough to provide increased survivability to your team in boss fights. I would personally prefer it to increase damage taken, but if the community isn't on board with that, I feel the alternative suggestion would be acceptable.
  9. I'll give you a cube so I can place it next to my equally sad chain chestpiece
  10. current bid is over 200cv and you go up by 5, lol
  11. npc + pair of glaciers, whatever that adds up to.
  12. 20cv here. I assume 75 runs / 4cv is your max for one order, so 5 orders of those
  13. Genetycs

    WTS Lab Runs 1:10

    I'd like to buy 300 runs
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