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  1. We're actually working on a fix for this that is planned to go into a Hotfix tomorrow morning (programmer is working on it right now). Please stay tuned!
  2. This bug should be fixed in the patch we're hoping to release in a few hours
  3. UPDATE 9:33 AM EDT Servers are up and running, we should be good. Thanks for your patience! UPDATE 9:10 AM EDT Servers are going down now to deploy the patch. Target is still 15 minutes downtime. Stay tuned! UPDATE 8:59 AM EDT Final checks are looking good. We are expecting to patch in roughly 10 minutes. We've set things up so our downtime is limited, so we should only be down for as long as it takes our server network to spin back up. Estimated downtime is approximately 10-15 minutes. UPDATE 8:15 AM EDT Fix has been confirmed and we're running our build process now. Estimated time for the Emergency Hotfix is around 9:15 AM EDT. Estimated downtime is 15 minutes or less. We'll continue to update this thread as we get closer and confirm. UPDATE 7:14 AM EDT We're aware of a new bug where people who attempt to pick-up loot manually are not seeing the loot show up in their inventory, but is instead instantly sent to the Scavenger. We're working on a solution right now and will update you within the next hour. In the meantime, Auto-collect works correctly, and any manually picked-up loot WILL be in your Scavenger.Stay tuned, we'll have an update in about 1 hour.
  4. Regardless of being in a party or not, or being in a private tavern or not, if you select "Quickmatch" in the wartable, you'll be in a Public game that could be joined by other players. Just always select "Quickmatch" from the wartable and you should be good.
  5. There are still a few lingering issues with Daily and Monthly quests. We squashed one of the bugs in this patch which may actually directly relate to what you saw. We know of at least one more issue that may be causing players to not RECEIVE a Daily quest. We've been chasing these bugs for a while now and finally making some progress. Would love to know if you see issues with having your quest wiped after the patch today. :)
  6. The ability to change regions is in this morning's hotfix. Removing sticky on thread! :)
  7. So to clarify - it is a non-trivial amount of work to setup maps for every difficulty in our range. We picked the ranges we knew, based on metrics, would hit the widest player base for the limited time event as we finish balance and setup work for these new map's permanent placement in the maplists. When the event retires, the new maps will show up in Freeplay and Endgame for ALL difficulties, with the appropriate rewards. And yes, you'll still be able to get the unique weapons from them at that time. That said, we've decided to go ahead and add NM4 versions to the Halloween event. The NM4 versions won't be required for any of the event challenges, but it will allow people at end-game to get the weapons at a higher IPWR rating. We had multiple people on this all day today (and some are still working tonight to finish up the loot tables), with the maps going into QA tomorrow, and a target to release on Thursday's hotfix. Also, the Incursion goblins were a bug....a hilarious bug, but a bug none the less. This will also be fixed for the hotfix targeted for Thursday. In the meantime, if anyone is able to beat that thing...well, I'd love to see a video, or at least a few screenshots! :)
  8. Thanks Topler, you beat me too it! :)
  9. For what it's worth, we've talked about this issue a few times, and it certainly isn't easy to fix. We actually just discussed trying to get this into our next milestone, because this isn't as much of a bug fix as it is a major set of work inside of two features. Mostly, that's because this is (at least) 2 different bugs. Bug one has to do with physics, or lack there of. We don't have a real physics engine in DD2 (loooong story), so enemies make a pretty basic check on if they can traverse over a surface or not, usually based on a number of factors. Some barricades, especially when placed on slops, are sometimes viewed as surfaces slopped gently enough to walk over. This is one bug that can change how EVERY enemy traverses EVERY surface, so it can get a little complicated. The second bug involves our AI. We've already done some quick tests to confirm that the AI doesn't always behave the way we've designed it. This includes sometimes outright ignoring towers that attack, or walking right past barricades in certain situations. This also is a pretty complex change, because there are a number of use cases we've seen act strangely, and we have to analyze and make the correct fixes so the AI works correctly, doesn't break in new ways, and doesn't become excessively expensive and destroy performance on the server. Again, this change would impact ALL enemies in ALL scenarios, so it's a much more time intense task. For both of these bugs, we did try a few quick fixes, some which had no impact, and some which broke the game in tragic ways. This IS on our schedule to fix, and we're hoping to fit into a milestone very soon as we know how negative this experience can be.
  10. Thanks to everyone who has helped us research the issues today around invites. To recap: Players are currently experiencing error messages when attempting to invite other players through Steam, most predominantly "Unknown Error 5000." The problem was caused by our changes in today's patch to fix an issue observed during peak hours where players weren't able to connect. We identified the problem early this morning with our European players, and worked to put a fix in quickly, which we deployed around 10:00 AM EDT. All our tests seemed to show that Invites were working similar to before the patch for players in the same region- you could invite in Private taverns and in-game just fine (social taverns were still not working). Since that update, we've been working with players around the world, and in all regions, to identify why were seeing different behaviors. We ran tests with players in different regions directly with our QA team, and many of you also provided info on your own tests This has been a huge help in digesting what is happening. Our team is working in shifts today as we try to identify and resolve the problem, but at the same time we do not want to rush the next update out either and make things worse. Right now, we're hoping to have more info for you later tonight, or early tomorrow morning. Our goal is to have invites working within your region sometime tomorrow. We're still also targeting the ability to switch regions manually early next week, so players who are not in the same region can still play together. As a reminder, we're also planning to return cross-region inviting directly at a later date in the not too-far future. In the meantime, please continue to provide details of your own tests in the thread Iamisom started, as it's been extremely helpful. http://steamcommunity.com/app/236110/discussions/0/490123832543808185/ Again, thanks so much for everyone's patience and positive energy while we work through our Open Alpha bugs. The team is working pretty much around the clock to provide the best experience we can, and the outpouring of support and excitement is better than caffeine at keeping us going. You're all awesome!
  11. For what it's worth, one of the reasons we decided to do the Sphere refund is because it ended up being relatively easy. The data was still saved on the profile and the implementation didn't take that long. When we saw the frustration on the forums and did the quick investigation, it was worth the extra effort with limited risk. Many of the other requests are significantly more complex, and have a ton of added risk, so we aren't able to divert critical resources to addressing them. We always want to do our best to respond positively when you feel you've lost something, but we have to balance that out with the resource cost when there are special requests that come up from the community. So for this request...ya, that's a tad much. ;)
  12. The Collectors Edition will be available for a bit longer. We'll make sure to announce before any of the Early Access packages get retired.
  13. We haven't seen this in internal testing, but that doesn't mean we don't have a bug. I've passed this over to QA. If anyone else is seeing the behavior, or has any input that may help lead us to repro, please please post here
  14. You not being able to buy the $24.99 pack is due to a setup issue we're sorting out with Valve. You should be able to purchase the pack you want on Monday next week, if all goes as planned. :)
  15. I checked with QA; it's supposed to display at the Title Screen if you're just launching the game, or in the center / top part of the HUD if you're in-game. We double-checked this and the system is still working, but maybe a little easy to miss when you're in-game? We'll keep researching to see if maybe there is a situation we don't know if where the message doesn't show.
  16. Ya, deploying a hotfix. There most certainly was a message pushed out to all players before the servers were brought down. We've tested that message a few times; you should have seen it. I'll talk with QA and we'll run some new tests in our staging environment, maybe something with our messaging service broke. You should have seen warnings starting 30 minutes before the servers went down.
  17. Aaaand responded to your post in the other thread, [[95168,users]] :)
  18. Most of the leaks are related to AI problems, and some to physics problems. These are VERY touchy to solve, because AI changes are at the very core of the game, not only in how the enemies behave, but in the load on the server (as AI is processed on the server, and is by far the most expensive thing running). We are looking into this, as we know it's a nasty problem, but we haven't had much luck yet in identifying exactly why the AI is doing what it's doing, and the best approach to fixing it. I know this can be frustrating, as we find it frustrating in our playtests too. We'll have this fixed as soon as we can, but sadly it may take a little while.
  19. It's possible we need to do some balance tweaks at the high-end for the new gear/stat changes we made. That's part of making big changes like this. I'll flag this conversation to the design team to look at tomorrow. Don't be surprised if we're doing balance tweaks very very soon. For the tower size change: this was an experiment, so we'll need to take some feedback from everyone and see how we should adjust it. We're getting mixed feedback so far. For the folks that liked them better small: Is it that people don't like any of the changes, or is it some of them are more enjoyable smaller than others?
  20. Take a look at my response on this thread: https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/125909/spheres-wheres-my-money- ;)
  21. We've been investigating all day how challenging it would be to give refunds for the skill spheres we removed. Honesty, we've been so busy working these new, huge features (the new stats and weapon variety changes alone were a big investment of time very quick) that we didn't appreciate how much this would impact everyone. The good news: it looks like we'll be able to pull the refund off. We have an engineer working on this late tonight (everyone should give him a big virtual high-five for putting in some extra hours on this one), and we're hoping to have the refund working for a patch targeted Friday morning. As always, we may hit a snag as we try to get this in, as it's a new thing we haven't done before and isn't as straightforward code-wise as you may think, but things are looking good. Expect you'll see some updates from us tomorrow as we finish the implementation and go into testing.
  22. That would be a crazy cool feature, and we do have something in the far future called Wave Director, a separate game mode where the spawns DO react to what you place. But no, right now nothing in the spawning logic reacts to what you place in the world.
  23. Ahh, ya, we talked about that some after. He's ProSkills, but maybe a little rusty. ;)
  24. Agreed that this bug is super frustrating and should be fixed. There are actually multiple issues that can cause the behavior you're describing. I have a suspicion that the behavior in OPs post is possible a map-specific problem. We made a run on fixing quite a few of these a while back, but doesn't surprise me if we missed one. I'll flag this over to LD and QA to confirm. One of the other big issues here is a lot more complicated, and has to do with enemies falling off the grid they use to navigate the environment (called NavMesh). When this happens, the AI breaks and doesn't know what to do. We've been discussing, as recently as a few weeks ago, a few solutions to this problem. There is something we're planning to try internally very soon to see if it works. The problem can be tricky to solve without introducing new issues, so please give us a little time to see what we can do here.
  25. He was trying super hard content, but maybe you should give him some pointers, Chappyy! What sweet nothings were you waiting for? :)
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