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  1. ik thats y i want some legit weapons, i dont want to use the mods, im only keeping them cause they look cool
  2. i have all mod equip from a friend but i want legit equupment, so send me a message/friend requedt and ill accept u
  3. SaborToothTaco is mine and xRoboticCupcake is my gf
  4. i still have my heros just i dont have any equipment for any of my heros and my mana bank is totally empty
  5. ill take any lvl lol ill level her up in her sleep if she cant use it yet
  6. so my gf loves giraffes and likes playing this game so i want to get her the pet for her birthday
  7. so my gf loves giraffes and likes this game well enough do i thought id get her a nother bday present...a giraffe pet :)
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