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  1. Likely because after DDE and DD2, as well as previous allegations (remember the Kotaku article?) of treating employees like absolute garbage, Trendy has a bit of a bad name.
  2. Genderswaps, Barbarian and EV2 are a bunch. Especially considering they're probably working on the last 2 genderswaps. Abyss Lord isn't EXACTLY the same, but it IS basically the Summoner. Not even just 'inspired by', even if our summons no longer move around (which was cause for frustration anyway). It is quite literally an evolved and enhanced version of DD1's Summoner, with better flavor.
  3. I'd ask for a shard tab, but they'd probably just charge an arm for that too >.>
  4. Wow. That necro. Spot the 1 post tard =P
  5. And yet we have a bunch of characters from DD1 that basically function as they did.
  6. Jester is devilish, right? Right? :3
  7. I think it's about time we get our hands on the true hero of Etheria. The Jester. There won't be much to this suggestion, as honestly it's late, I'm tired, and a little drunk. That being said, I honestly feel like it's time for the Pure RNG character to return to Dungeon Defenders in the hands of the heroes. Slot machine, random defenses, etc. Even if it's not exactly the same, it'd be really fun to have a character of chaos on the side of good again. Just... maybe without the random ogre, yeah?
  8. I'd love some codes also.
  9. As someone who generally prefers to play entirely multiplayer in games, multiplayer shouldn't be as ruthless as it has been in DD2. Considering it's an online only game (compared to DD1), it's silly that anyone should feel like they're being pushed in to solo just to continue. I have a group of friends I like to play games with, but they're all outright abandoned DD2 due to how annoyingly tough multiplayer makes it (amongst other issues that'll be sorted out soon or eventually). At least in DD1 we didn't feel like we were being completely crapped on for playing as a group.
  10. You're all talking about the chaos difficulty tiers, but campaign is also affected. I hope that doesn't get ignored :\
  11. I just want to chime in here. It isn't just Chaos scaling that is nuts. In the campaign with 3 players, it's normal or bust after a while. Hard becomes entirely unmanageable, yet is challenging but fun with only two people. That's not good for groups of more than two players.
  12. 640!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!\ Path of Exile (not a TD, but then, neither is DD2 these days) doesn't even charge that much for a standard tab. Not even a premium tab!
  13. You really shouldn't have to farm harbinger to still get worthwhile exp. It's just silly.
  14. How much are bags now? I won't be home until later =(
  15. You want a case of "What air defense"? Go look at the Apprentice. Got absolutely shat on in that regard.
  16. Actually, SpiderDanX I was saying to avoid the game for a month. Give it a month, see if the devs can sort this out. There are far too many issues with the patch, from balance issues to full on system and UI issues that need to be solved. The game will either be in a far better state in a months time, or as dead as a Monty Python parrot. For now though, the issues that have been introduced to the game may actually put someone off it. The patch isn't the best example of the game so far. Far too rough for now. A good start, but desperately needs the edges sanded down and the uneven legs brought to an even size.
  17. Figured this out during my first minute interacting with it. It's still awful.
  18. I do have to question why you all want to 'buy' new bags... I'd hold off on spending money regardless until things are fixed. Until then, it's not worth opening the wallet for.
  19. See, I have a feeling that they screwed something up. The abilities are most likely meant to be akin to uniques like the Halberd, where the unique ability was turned in to shards you can't remove. There are a lot of things they screwed up with the patch. What gets me is that they've mostly gone radio silent. Even prior to the weekend proper. Where is the damage control? D:
  20. I'd still say give it a month, see if this can sort this out.
  21. So bs... Oh sorry. I should be more specific to the 90% of towers that don't do anything but show the enemies what a feather duster feels like. Goes from elemental traps and explosive traps with frosts. To PDT's. To angry nimbus clouds and world trees. Real fun to only ever use one tower to do anything ever. Also I'm pretty sure I'm still very much right about hero strength. Or maybe you just haven't touched the gun witch or abyss lord since the update came out. But the abyss lord with standard gear can do 340k dps.. and the gun witch can burst over 700k damage with two spells.. so I don't think I'm exaggerating.. Monk can apparently do 1mil slams.
  22. Yes, heroes MUST have something to do: Because this is a hybrid game. At least it's MEANT to be a hybrid game. The problem is that towers currently feel like crap, bar a few exceptions. I agree that being able to AFK farm is bad, but the way they've gone about that by allowing a wave to make almost every tower worthless with ease is BAD. Very bad. I'm not saying towers don't need counters, but what we have no doesn't feel like the right way to go with the way it's been implimented. That's not to say that these new enemies are bad ideas, persay, but they screw things up far too much together. Towers NEED to not suck. Heroes NEED to not suck. DD2 simply isn't there.
  23. Agreed. Compare DD2 to DD1 and what is missing? Towers that can actually hold the line. I agree that they should be dealing with the trash while you deal with bigger enemies. Towers shouldn't be dealing with EVERYTHING in the game, but they sure as hell shouldn't be unable to deal with much either. And y'know what? Sure you could be lazy and just sit back while your towers do everything, but you can get the waves done a damn sight faster if you're running out as DPS. People say this is a Tower Defense game, but it's meant to be a hybrid. The problem is that they keep shirking on the Tower Defense, only caring about DPS.
  24. So bs... Isn't it just. It's about time Trendy decide what kind of game this is actually going to be. Last Stand or Tower Defense. They clearly don't WANT a hybrid game, because after all this time, the towers are still mostly crap. It's all about the DPS. Don't get me wrong, I love that heroes can finally be both builders and DPS, but now I wonder what the point is thanks to the 'rebalancing' of the game. The tower side is almost completely pointless now, with DPS doing everything. At this point you could probably get away with setting up nothing but walls around the map and having hero DPS do everything. ... But that's not ENTIRELY true. There are a few towers that do something, but they're above and beyond everything else. Like the PDT.
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