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  1. The problem is the full charge is just a pain more then doing anythin positive and the worst part is your got a threadbare area where a stat can be good meaning it has two negatives rather then one. (by that I mean if its negative well that is easy to figure out why its bad for you but when something that goes positive becomes bad... somethings off)
  2. wait till the 3rd countess hit applies 2 times. Although I'll admit I've never had it just not hit.
  3. Personally I think webbing should disable the option to toggle abilties but should not disable them. Edit: well at least disable toggle on, so you can toggle off to prevent mana drain.
  4. I am making big assumptions? The excuses that you gave are things a college student or garage programmer might give. They are not any excuses that a software development team can plausibly give. I gave you industry standard practices. The software development process is standard across the board with only minor differeneces between developers. Either TE follows the industry standards or they don't. If they don't, that explains a lot.someone woke up on wrong side of the bed >_> its called Indy for a reason. While I understand its not a good excuse it does stand to reason that th
  5. hmm this is a two edged thing here I love patch notes but hate when things aren't mentioned I'd either have a complete patch notes or non at all... as for assault I know why it was done but I gotta say they went overboard with it, not to insult anyone at Trendy but its a recurring problem with them that they seem to want to shed but can't seem to do so. (by that I mean going overboard with buff or nerfs)
  6. Please avoid linking to TVTropes. I can almost guarantee most people have already seen it, and you're just gonna get a bunch of people caught in the wiki effect. Yes though, that does fit them perfectly. Was my first thought the first time I played NM. My bad never got caught in the wiki effect nor have I looked into TVTropes much... heard bout it aplenty tho -_-
  7. inb4 ...The F***???thanks for that wonderfully pointless addition to this conversation. since you do not seem to understand what I was talking about since you probably skipped everything. someone made the point that the physics are odd in the game, which lead to its fantasy who cares, which lead to me saying even fantasy tends to have basis in reality.
  8. Taking it out of context? You're kidding right?no I'm not kidding, your telling me if you see fire in a game or movie or something you don't automatically expect it to work akin to normal fire? (and that is excluding the problems of the fire is too close to the one using it or has no fuel) Edit: I'm also using fire as its the most flashy example although there is many others.
  9. But, but... it's such a pretty game xD I played during the beta and it was a bit buggy, but post-release and especially after Back to Karkand, I'm having a ton of fun with the game. But, to each his/her own--I respect people's tastes. Its still buggy I can and can't change my keys for instance and by that I mean even tho I change the keybinds it still activates with the old keybind... I do remember beta tho the terrain was super glitchy an all but it has improved, now if only they fixed the damn keybinds...
  10. *shrugs* I like both. 2 different genre of games both are fun for different reasons.
  11. With that logic, surely the characters should have third degree burns from their fire elemental weapons? I could go on...way to take it out of context -_- Its still fantasy and I'm not advocating everything works as in reality otherwise it wouldn't be fantasy anymore now would it... The point I was making is you wont typically see fire start freezing things for instance you still expect it to act in a similar way, every time I've seen fire do something else usually there is some explanation in the anime/movie/game. hell yes i do, much more to look at. far more bad *** if you ask me. min
  12. This made me laugh and nod.even in fantasy you expect certain things to work akin to reality like fire to burn things etc.
  13. I'm assuming the barbarian won't be anywhere near as tanky as Squire. Squire is the tough nut of the DPS crowd you can't have your cake of high HP and DMG and eat it too >_> . Also you obviously try to max dmg and compete with app but haven't noticed that your baricades have exponentialy more HP. I will admit he could use some buffs but this whining and moaning I see makes the squire out to be some lame turd...
  14. then theres a bug the other way since I have a plate set on my huntress that has one pair of mythic gloves that let her get a set bonus.
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