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  1. Monk Uber : Spirit Palm: Your monks chi blast now uses your wepons attack rate and 130% of its attack power But your melee attacks is reduced by 50% (or Cant melee)
  2. Yes i like this idea too and to add a stationary one that doesnt bend over .
  3. Whould be nice to assign diffrent sets of gear on the same hero. Say having one or two extra set slots which you can swap on the fly without having to drag and drop stuff on the hero and reseting stats all the time. As a side note as a set is locked you cant accidently sell the other pieces of said set thats sits in your inventory.
  4. Whould be nice to change hero's on the fly without acessing inventory.. say f1 f2 f3 you get the point :p
  5. anyone else unable to go online with their registered test account? i get a 5008 error
  6. there really shouldnt be any normal mode of it nor hard it should just be onslaught and scale
  7. to make it perfectly clear onslaught is to easy it should scale from your current ipwr and upwards from thereon and reward you based the progress you make beyond that
  8. Im kind of curious as i have evry builder and dps in the game as of this moment to why you claim that afkers is the problem of your build i never encountered a problem like this by simply repairing things each round or evry 4 waves its fine..so that means ur afk aswell and dont pay attention to your own stuff?
  9. why do f2p players have a voice? that wasnt the deal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oT3mCybbhf0
  10. i agree with this the loader whatever it may load seems to lock you unable to go back to previous pages..
  11. Should have the ability to adjust our crosshairs with rgb sliders. red and white dmg numbers and red / white crosshairs dont work too well together.. i can turn the damage indication off but that takes away a lot of information i whould like to keep
  12. it also means following your guide to get to this test means you are pulling info directly from our old accounts as we dont input that into the form so the risk of loosing account info is regardless so we risk loosing our own progress signing up?.
  13. the problem is that even if you make a new steam account the game will still be in your library though
  14. hyped for loot testing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tE1HDSipRxU
  15. waited for ever 12 hours now with no conf of entry or denial still waiting for the "wave"
  16. You need to loot non gear to get the pet food boxes the pet food is put in the pet food auto loot once u open the box..
  17. Pepole are complaining about not being able to connect outside of private games. Starting a game in public results in crashes etc with rendering errors etc.
  18. Sometimes it works just deleting the config files aswell as its not a big deal you just need to setup your pref graphics res and settings again... Go to folder and dundef2/udkgame/config and delete all configs and verify again worked for me with several issues including my defense view not working..
  19. Its pretty damn simple let us decide our heroes stats instead of throwing something in our face without the option of a reroll . there you go the salad is complete! We dont need dressing just sense cause i obviously missed the influence vote on removing that stat the game we are deciding right ? That makes you think about the build you want to create a balance between tower dps and hero survival or a mix of both maybe? even a pure hp tower build trough secondary stats but purely tower dps on the hero stats or hero dps or maybe a speed defense with critical etc the options whould be endless
  20. 1 - How Frequent do you plan to release content in the future after release like new maps or campaigns And new weapon skins? Possibly a very lottery chance to get an exlusive skinned weapon that only drops once from a chest roll? etc... 1.1 - Will there be any way to customize your weapons looks trough the means of "transmutation" or something similar where as you could use your favorite weapons stats with your favorite weapon skin possibly for a fair ammount of gems ? (wink) 2 - Will the ballista ever get faster targeting? It seems very specificly designed to be used towards the slower flyi
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