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  1. Forgot that some people are in the original Defense Council as well which the import wasn't setup to handle that. However just handled that right now for all DC members and should be good to go. Sorry abouts that.
  2. Contact Support @ preorder@chromatic.games as most likely the email address you have on the forums doesn't match what's in the Kickstarter system. They will need to verify your account manually.
  3. Hello Backer! Forum Titles are now select-able under your profile. Please follow the instructions below: First start by clicking your username in the upper right of this post. Then clicking on Profile in the drop down menu. Click Edit Profile button once your profile page loads. Scroll to the bottom of the profile edit page and you should see a Title section where you can select the titles available to you. All Done! Thank you for being a Dungeon Defenders: Awakened Backer! Special Notice(s): If you are a preorder through preorder.dungeondefenders.com/Xsolla your forum titles will be handed out right after the game launches. If you are a backer and do not see your forum title option please contact support: preorder@chromatic.games Styles and colors to the titles may change at a later date.
  4. For anyone who didn't get a key or is running into any pre-order problems please make sure to contact our support teams directly at preorder@chromatic.games as they can better assist you with these situations. @Andurian In this particular situation you purchased the game only version that did not come with beta access. Please contact support for further assistance on if you'd like to change this.
  5. Beta Patch 4 Notes (11/26/2019): Fixed a bug that prevented pets from dropping on Wave 25. Fixed an issue with the loading screen not closing if it failed to connect to the host. Fixed an issue with losing items in the inventory if the host crashed/closed while transitioning. Fixed an issue where tower names were not displaying correct when interacting with them. Fixed an issue that was causing multiple crashes. This should be like 10 patch notes by itself at least. Beta Patch 3 Notes (11/22/2019): General Improved UI Updates. Better visible upgrade arrow. Lots of crash fixes. Added pet drops to wave 25 survival. Update: This is currently not working correctly. We're working on getting a fix out for it next week. Fixed an issue where defense wheel was mix and matching description data. Item Icon Downgrade is red. Hero Select on escape menu added. Bouncer blockade is now properly scaling its attack and range stats. You no longer gain full ability (blue) mana upon respawning. Fixed an issue that now has memory usage reduced. Fixed an issue with Skill and Boost stat values being swapped in the UI. Fixed an issue where activate tower boost would persist indefinitely. Pet descriptions are now displayed properly. Fixed several bugs where inventory was being lost. Beta Patch 2 Notes (11/21/2019): Added clicking input on the Mission Select interactions on the Crystal in the Tavern. Lowered the Demon Lord teaser cinematic volume. Fixed multiple crashes when closing out the game. Added controls to invert camera. Put in fixes to help prevent profile and inventory data loss. Fixed chat scrolling functionality to be more accurately responsive. Fixed an issue when spawning into the tavern with multiple heroes. Fixed an issue with green upgrade arrows showing incorrectly. Fixed an issue with music playing constantly from the phase a client joined in. Fixed an issue with info provided for various Defenses. Adjusted how the Lightning Aura hit enemies as they leave the aura. Enabled the Armor Set Bonus indicator. The Sell All Button now deletes all non-locked items, displaying a confirmation first. Fixed an issue where blocking would permanently slow your movement speed. Changed the executable icon when running the game. Beta Patch 1 Notes (11/20/19): VR systems activating when DDA launches causing all sorts of fun. Weird tower placement rotation bug. Certain sound effects were not playing at the right sound levels. Loot from chests dropping under the floor. Several common crashes players were running into.
  6. Believe we found the source of the problem so we'll try to get that fixed in the next patch.
  7. Correct. You will get your remaining 3 keys on Friday.
  8. The remaining keys along side the preorder purchases(with beta access) are being handed out this Friday.
  9. gigazelle is correct on this, it is a decision by me and not CDT on the pet. Last minute of all things too of adding in this pet which is something I really shouldn't have done to begin with but I want to keep my promise of getting it in some way. Also regarding the pet directly it is for fun not for usefulness.
  10. We don't really have a server status place. If you want you can always jump into our discord and get someone to check. In this case though what happened is we have been waiting on a patch to be pushed by MS the week before but it went into an extra review state due to required changes per MS. The downfall of this state is there is no timeline or acknowledgement of when it completes so in this situation it completed randomly at night days later. A few hours later I noticed the patch had been pushed live so I setup the servers at that time.
  11. We're taking a look into this issue. It was noticed a few times in the past but was a rare situation for it to happen. However now its happening much more to the point of it almost always happening as some of you can tell. Programming team is on the bug hunt, hope they find the bad bug soon and squash him.
  12. While typically I don't wish to respond to these, I'll make an exception. First off, I joined the CDT? Interesting. I guess I'm an honorary member maybe, I'll need to see if the CDT is okay with thats. I also learned weapons like this drop from The Deeper Well. Must have been in update 6.
  13. Ice

    Data Loss

    Officially we no longer support DD1 data restores as of many years ago however I do restores when I have a free moment. You can either send me a message on the forums directly or join one of the dungeon defenders discords and message me on there, my name is Ice there as well. Just send me a link to your Steam profile and don't log back into the games.
  14. Yes you are free to delete and reinstall as all your progress is stored on our servers. We're also still awaiting a response regarding the broken patch/fix path so EU and US players will still be on separate versions at this time.
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