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  1. Enjoying the new character (And also like that he can use Mystic weapons... had a Draken weapon just vibing in my inventory), also am glad they brought the OG Flameburst tower back on Adept at least(that thing was missed ever since Trendy made its 'upgrade' the default turret, which had VERY FEW uses as a wayward Kobold could oneshot the thing before it could come online)
  2. To go into detail: when hst locks on to an enemy, it will fire until it is dead... or it 'overheats'. Basically what i was saying was when the mob dies before it overheats and there is another mob there have it retarget to that mob (But keep the overheat) without having to reload... and yes i know about the sgt split damage, but when it sees a mob it will begin firing nonstop and if a new one shows up it will just fire another shot off with no pause in between at the new mob, max 3 mobs (Also the SGT does have a slow debuff). Also the two good shards for HST were Glacier (AOE big boy every few
  3. Multi-target, DOESN'T HAVE TO RELOAD AFTER EVERY KILL (aka keeps firing),<--- which allows it to deal with swarms easily whereas when the HST kills a mob, it has downtime (Reloads), allowing a swarm to rip it apart
  4. Probably too late for this, but when they introduced the Adept, the Hailstorm Tower (The only other dedicated anti-air tower) was introduced to the game... except there is a problem: it SEVERELY underperforms when compared against the SGT due to it resetting after each kill (Say you set it up for wyverns and forget it... then a whole squad of wyverns bum rush it and overpower it) and it has some good shards for it, so my idea on buffing it? When it kills an airborne mob have it retarget without having to "reload" everytime, at least until it reaches the end of the burst. That's my only explana
  5. sorry for the late reply, but this started happening around the time Onslaught got introduced (attempt to join game via Friends List... gets greeted with the bug, which is still there)
  6. Honestly, I'm surprised this was overlooked. Whenever you join any random in-game, you're able to... but when joining someone on your Friends List via "Join Game", the download message bug appears, unable to let you join. can a future patch address this or fix it? btw this is on console (XB1, to be specific)
  7. Wahoo, some great QoL fixes!!! Thank you TE!!!!!!!! LOL, I did not know the EF shard was having issues. I have been using it this whole time. i wonder if my FAs just got a lot more powerful... basically last patch bugged the damage modifier of the shard (i think instead of the intended damage it was doing negative value). you stood in the aura, you did less damage than when standing outside of the Flame Aura. hopefully they also fixed the Skeletal orc bug (Direct command just made him look cooler, not make him go nuts with damage and attack speed <--the intended action)
  8. not to mention the orc, when using direct command, isn't attacking faster. just stays at normal pace (But has the damage bonus)
  9. tested it out on Steam (today), it connected slowly, but once connected it sped right back up. same results on Xbox One, it connected
  10. anyone else getting this problem? i even tried reinstalling DD2 to no avail
  11. Hello, Steam-to-Xbox One player here. When the one version released, I was... kinda surprised it had happened (saw some1 playing it while I was on the 360) so I tried it out, and barring the constant "Server capacity full lololol" message it was a fun game nonetheless. Back on point, I think the Harbinger didn't want me having genderswap MalDamba (Mystic) because after The Wyvern Den on Hard... gobus started going ape*** on my defenses (squire walls being 'deleted'). Tried using the mystic walls with the Squire's wall relic... they got erased by lotsa kobolds. I guess the harbinger really hate
  12. As the title says, whenever I launch a game in Tavern, it doesn't crash on me... but when I attempt to launch a map in the online Town area, the game crashes 90% of the time. anyone else getting this?
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