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  1. Still bugged, no dailies after first day completed when patch came out. Really annoying since friends have ubers and I'm stuck at 14 tokens..
  2. Hey everyone im currently lvl 24 squire with ilvl 46. I'm going to be up all night farming and would like other people to farm with. Add me on steam if you'd like to farm. SteamID : omgimant
  3. Title, Need 2 more, atleast 1 monk for the boost aura. Going to be easy mode untill we lvl a little higher. Currently have : 2x lvl21 squires steam name is : omgimant add me or msg for invite
  4. Hey everyone, whats your favorite map and your most hated map regardless of drops. Favorite : Nimbus Reach, been during playtests XD, also the layout is alot of fun and the enviromental traps are so damn strong Hated : Shipon Site D, dark map, fall alot. lol
  5. Restart steam and download the new patch. I am in the game.
  6. yes after the packet core mismatch i restarted steam and there is a download now.
  7. I'm surprised how many games have issues at launch. Not DD2 in particular but even the new Mortal Kombat was a fail launch, seems like now a days you cross your fingers for a decent launch/patch so you can atleast play the game, even if its laggy/dcs XD.
  8. I didn't think update would be today based on how the forums basically shorted out when the patch was "live" lol. oh well tmo is another day.
  9. Thanks Isom, appreciate all the work u guys doing over there..i will wait patiently lol.
  10. I was able to update steam and the game gets stuck when u click "play" and its "searching for session".
  11. Well, just got a 6pack and some nips, all the supplies I need for a new patch lol. Ill be checking if servers are up every 30mins or so....
  12. Hey I'm east cost also and mainly play late at night since i get out of work at 12:30. my steam name is omgimant. hmu if u wanna play.
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