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  1. im not going say no or yes but ill think about it ok
  2. dose it max out and or is there a point it will go in to the negatives ~Sheep
  3. yeah thanks reaper that is what i meant by it and lets face it. Only people with event gear could even have a fighting chance of beating insane+ ~Sheep
  4. ok with CD you wont find much here i dont think and tbh its a waste of time you dont even get anything ~Sheep
  5. NOTE i will be doing a clean of the legit list to keep it fresh with people that still play thanks ~Sheep
  6. im wanting to do some runs atm i can set up i just need you too have about 200k dps i can lend you a staff if needed message me ~i 69D sheep <<<<< gt
  7. Can i please have there names thanks ~Sheep
  8. id like to see some of that even gear going around i missed it all =\ just puting my 2cents in ~Sheep
  9. Hey all im happy to see so many replys hope to see more soon please rember modders will be kicked and removed from this list thanks ~Sheep
  10. ok well thats good to know i thought it was able to be done anytime like in tavern or what ever thanks for the heads up genetycs ~Sheep
  11. i think you will find no one will help if you use mods ~Sheep
  12. how do people steal items anyway??? i dont really want to play with anyone now ~Sheep
  13. im all for this but do you know how long it takes a noob to make a full invo of mods ??? your wasting your time ~Sheep
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